Sisters of Midnight:Dark Moon
Author: Kimberly Diaz

Chapter 13
Chapter 13

Chapter 13

“Let me go, Brock. Or-”

“Or what? You’ll tell your boyfriend to try and kill me too?” He smiled, seeing the fear in my eyes. “You’re right to be scared. Nick’s gonna pay for what he did. And if the police don’t handle it, then I will. Only I won’t be bound by laws.”

“Brock, don’t be stupid!”

“Stupid?” he spat, “I don’t think you get me at all. Tony was stupid, wasting his time with a tease like you. But I’m not taken in by you. I know the way to get my message across to Nick. And you’re going to help me do it.”

I know why Tony hated Nick, but it sounded as if Brock did as well.

“I won’t help you do anything to him,” I told him, thrusting my chin out defiantly. He grabbed it in one hand and pushed me back against my car. I cried out as I heard a click from his other hand.

He held the pocket knife out in front of him and I could see the blade was sharpened to a point, gleaming in the sunlight. “I think you’re going to rethink what you just said.”

My heart beat wildly in my chest as I froze, no plan in sight. I knew Nick wouldn’t show up to save me this time. “Please, Brock, I don’t want this. You have Cyndi-”

His laugh was cold, menacing. “See, you’re wrong again. I don’t want what Tony did from you.”

I let out a shaky sigh of relief. “Then what?”

His stare was hard, uncaring. “Blood.” He placed the knife against my throat, allowing the tip to pierce my skin. I cried out at the pain when it entered my skin and I felt trickles of blood begin to drip from the small wound. A tear to match slipped down my cheek.

“Stop him,” a voice in my head ordered me.

How? With what? My eyes were closed and I felt the knife move away. I opened my eyes to look at him. The knife was still in view.

“Tell your boyfriend, either he confesses to what he did, or I take as much blood from you as he did from Tony. That ‘monster’, as your friend called him, is like a brother to me.”

“But Nick didn’t do it!” I cried.

I squealed as his hand shot over my mouth and he brought the knife close again to graze my neck once more.

“Leave her alone, Brock!”

The ferocity of the voice matched Nick’s but it wasn’t him. I looked past Brock gratefully at Ryan, tears in my eyes.

“Are you trying to get arrested too?”

“Stay out of this, Ryan! It doesn’t concern you.” His eyes never left my face.

“Oh, I’m afraid it does. See, Nick is my best friend like Tony is yours. And I’m not about to stand by and let you hurt his girl. You’re making a huge mistake.”

“No, he made the mistake!” Brock’s voice was full of venom. Even so, he clicked the knife back into place. I closed my eyes and almost collapsed against my car.

“They want you for questioning. Your name was called, and unless you want them to find you out here…”

Brock had a sick grin on his face. “I’ll gladly tell them everything I know.” He released me so roughly I winced at the pain. “Make sure to give Nick my message.”

He stared Ryan down for a minute before turning back to the school and walking away.

My legs became too weak to support me. I opened my car door and fell into the seat. Ryan leaned into my car concerned.

“Looks like I got here just in time. Are you going to be alright?”

“I don’t know,” I murmured. “I don’t know anything anymore. Seeing Tony is the only thing I can think of to help Nick. If you came to try and stop me-”

“I didn’t come to stop you, I came to go with you. Nick wouldn’t want you to be alone with Tony. Especially after what I just saw. I promised him I’d look out for you at school until he came back.” His dark eyes met mine. “Tracey told me about Tony.”

“She did?” I was surprised. I wondered how much he really knew. Although, seeing as how I had disclosed all our secrets to Nick, there was no reason why Tracey couldn’t do the same with Ryan. As Nick’s best friend, I felt he was trustworthy. And he had just saved me from Brock.

“Yeah, she told me Tony said Nick’s name when he came to and now his parents are convinced that Nick was the one who stabbed him.”

So she hadn’t filled him in on everything, like how we found Tony. Depending on what happened from here on, she might have to. I studied Ryan’s face. Would he be able to handle our secret as well as Nick did? He was extremely loyal to his friends, coming after me because Nick told him to take care of me. We needed someone strong to be there when Nick couldn’t.

Ryan was as built as Nick; they often worked out together, but he had a sharper edge to him. His black hair stuck up in several directions and was sprayed into place. His dark eyes were always slightly watchful, dangerous. Next to Nick, he was one of the best looking guys in the senior class. No one, expect for maybe Brock and Tony, would dare challenge either one of them to a fight. They made the football team. I still felt uneasy about having him along.

“Thank you, but I’ve already put Nick in danger. I don’t want to get you involved too.”

“I’m already involved. You’re taking me with you. And, we’re going to report Brock for assault.” I could tell he wasn’t leaving me a choice. I clicked the passenger side lock and let him in. “Can you drive?” He asked me. “You still seem pretty shaken up.”

I was.

I moved over to let him drive to the hospital. We were halfway there when I noticed the last two turns he took were in the opposite direction from where we needed to go.

“Ryan, the hospital is the other way. Where are you taking me?”

He glanced nervously at me. “We’re not going there yet. I’m taking you to see Nick.”

I glared at him, feeling tricked.

“If Tracey had been hurt like that, I’d want to know. I’ll take you to the hospital after you tell Nick what we’re doing.” I opened my mouth to protest. “Either you tell him about your plan or I do. He needs to know.”

We pulled into Nick’s driveway and I was out of the car before Ryan had even stopped it. I wanted to see him so badly, to make sure he was alright. He must have heard the car because he was leaning against the doorway, waiting.

Still frightened from having a knife to my throat, all I could do was hold him, grateful to still be alive to do it.

“Faith, you’re shaking.” He looked over my head to his best friend. “What’s happened? I wasn’t expecting to see you till school let out.” He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me deeply, then suddenly pulled back when his fingertips brushed against the dried blood on my neck. His brows drew together as he swept my hair to the side, seeing the dark stains on the collar of my blouse.

“My God, who did this to you?” He held me to him and looked up cautiously, as if the guilty party was still around.

“It was Brock,” I whispered so quietly he could scarcely make out what I said. He looked to Ryan, whose nod confirmed what I said. I could tell he was berating himself for not being there to protect me.

“I found them in the parking lot. Brock had a knife to her throat.”

“That son of a bitch!” I saw moisture gather in the corners of Nick’s eyes before he buried his face in my hair. “Where were you when he did this to her? He could’ve killed her!” He swallowed a cry as he yelled at Ryan angrily. I knew he didn’t mean it, he was just scared.

“Nick, he didn’t-”

Ryan held up his hand. “It’s okay. He’s right. I shouldn’t have left you alone, not after Cyndi’s tirade.”

“What’s Ryan talking about? What all has been happening since I left?”

I didn‘t know where to start. “Brock’s as crazy as Tony is; maybe more. He did this because he wants you to confess to stabbing Tony. I tried to tell him he was wrong.”

“Let’s go inside,” he urged gently. “My dad went back to work.” Nick got a wet cloth to clean my wound.

“It’s only a few scratches. He was just trying to scare me to get to you.”

“Well he got to me. How did he get you alone?”

Ryan and I told him about the scene in front of the fountain and all of the things Cyndi was telling our classmates, how she knew he’d been in the woods. “Somehow she knew things, things she shouldn’t. Everyone’s just running on hearsay. Only Tony knows what really happened.”

“Yeah, he wants to take Nick down for what someone else did.” Ryan was as angry as Nick.

“Maybe not.” That got me a look from both of them that said they thought I was crazy. I tried to explain my reasoning.

“He was unconscious for days and said Nick’s name when he came to briefly. That could mean anything. Do you really think he was well enough to be planning to get Nick in trouble? Maybe the last thing he remembers is the fight and that’s why he said it.”

I could see Nick struggling with the concept. “What are you planning to do, Faith?”

I looked at him with wide-eyed innocence.

“Come on, I can practically see the wheels turning inside your head.”

I took a deep breath. “I want to see if he’s awake, to try to get him to tell me what happened to him.”

“Faith! Unconscious or not, I’m not letting you be alone with him. Not after what he did to you. After my suspension is up, I‘ll go with you.”

“The sooner Brock knows you didn’t do it, the sooner he won’t be a threat anymore. I’m going to offer to drop the charges if he tells me the truth about who attacked him. I don’t think he’ll be willing to talk to me if he sees you.”

“How do you know he’ll help us at all?”

I didn’t. “I’m hoping because he’ll want to make sure whoever tried to kill him won’t try to finish the job.”

“I don’t trust him either, man, but she’s got a point.” I looked at Ryan, surprised at his support. “What if Brock tries to hurt her again?”

Nick was silent, defeat apparent in his emerald eyes before he looked down at the carpet. “Stay with her every second.” He looked directly at his friend. “First, I want you to take her to report what Brock did. He needs to know he can’t intimidate us, that we have nothing to hide. Maybe then he’ll realize what a mistake he’s making.”

Like Tony did, I thought. Someone made sure that Tony wouldn’t be able to do anything for awhile. I looked up into Nick’s handsome face and wished I could do something to calm his troubled expression. Part of me still felt responsible. I had not attempted to do any more magick, afraid of who would get hurt next. I couldn’t let the premonition of Nick laying hurt on the beach come true.

“I can’t believe they suspended you for trying to stop Tony from hurting me. It’s not right!”

“We can thank Tony’s parents for that. They complained to the principal that in the discipline handbook, anyone involved in a school fight gets suspended. Dad tried to fight it, but they showed us the paragraph where it explains there are no exceptions. They also said I should have let school officials handle Tony on Saturday.”

I was outraged. “So you should have gone to get help when you saw him on top of me? What’s wrong with them? If you didn’t pull him off me when you did, I’d be the one in the hospital!”

He looked away, not wanting to think about what-ifs.

“Have you thought about how you’re going to get past Tony’s parents?” Ryan asked.

That was one obstacle I hadn’t considered.

“I don’t know what else to do. I’m scared Nick.” His arms moved around me protectively. “With Tony, I was able to try at least to fight him off, he was so drunk. But with Brock, I froze. He had a knife and knew exactly what he was doing. I really thought he was going to kill me. I was just lucky that Ryan had followed me. I was so focused on going to the hospital, I didn’t know it was him until it was too late. At this rate, my mom will probably never let me leave the house again.”

“Maybe you should stay out of school, at least the rest of this week until I’m back.” Nick was serious.

And what about when you’re at practice? Or in between classes? Nick, we can’t live like this!”

“I know,” he admitted. Everything in me wants to confront Brock, see what the hell he was thinking. But considering what people think I did to Tony, I don’t think it’s the best idea.”

“Hey, at least Tony’s laid up in a hospital bed. I really don’t think he can hurt her. We need to hurry and get you back at school; we have a big game next week.”

I suddenly remembered something I’d heard today. “Nick, can Cyndi’s dad take your scholarship away because of this?”

“I guess so,” he said grimly. “But once I clear my name, hopefully I’ll get to keep it.”

“So let’s not waste any more time,” I said determinedly. Ryan and I stood to go and Nick walked us to the door.

“Take care of her for me.” Nick patted Ryan on the back. “I wish I were going with you.” I was about to follow Ryan out the door when Nick touched my forearm, pulling me back towards him. Ryan went out to the car.

“Please be careful,” he whispered. “I hated the feeling I got when I saw what Brock did to you. I feel so helpless right now. I don’t even have my car to drive if you need me. If anything happens to hurt you again…” He trailed off and swallowed hard, unable to complete his sentence. “I’ve never felt like this before, Faith. I love you. I remember all too well what it feels like to lose someone I love.”

I blinked back my tears, knowing exactly how he felt. When Nick’s mom died, it was the only time I had ever seen him break down and cry. It broke my heart to see him looking the same way about me.

“You won’t lose me.” I pulled his mouth down deliberately to my own, using my lips to convey what words could not. I made a small sound when his tongue touched mine and he held my face in his hands, deepening the kiss.

“Come back when you’re done?” he asked against my lips.

“Mm hm,” I murmured in compliance.

He pulled back slightly to look in my eyes. “I mean after you drop Ryan off.”

My eyes widened slightly, catching the double meaning of his demand. “Your dad-”

“-is working late thanks to having to leave work to pick me up from school. My sister is staying with a friend.” I understood the silent question in his statement. He didn’t breathe as he waited for my answer.

I lifted my lashes. “I’ll see you soon, Nick,” I nodded, telling him my answer to what he’d been asking.

He gave me a look so hot it sent a tremor through me and pressed one more kiss to my lips. The desperation was gone, replaced by something else. “Stay safe.”

He released me and I jogged over to where Ryan was waiting in the car. “I’m driving,” I told him and waited for him to switch places.

“I knew he’d talk some sense into you.”

I feigned a mad look. “Alright, maybe it was a good idea to think things out before charging into the hospital.”

“Tracey and Nick would both kill me if I let anything happen to you. Sorry, poor choice of words.”

At the police department, the younger officer who had been at my house during the break-in was the one who took my statement. Since Tony’s attack, and now Brock’s they were finally concerned that someone had been after me that night. It was hard not to respond with an ‘I told you so’ look.

“So are you heading home now?” he asked.

“To the hospital.”

“That’s a good idea. Stay there until your mom gets off work. You need to be careful. No going off on your own. Call us again if you need to.”

I let him think that my mom was at work. On our way to the hospital, I called the receptionist desk to find out Tony’s room number. His parents were down in the cafeteria. Ryan was going to wait outside the room to keep an eye out for when they came back. I slipped quietly into the room and froze; Tony was looking directly at me.


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