Sisters of Midnight:Dark Moon
Author: Kimberly Diaz

Chapter 11
Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“Blood,” I whispered in shock. “Oh god, It’s blood!” I shrieked becoming as hysterical as Rachel was.

“Please tell me it’s just a dead animal of some kind,” Emily begged.

“I felt clothing, do dead animals wear clothes?” I pointed the light down and let out a blood curdling scream when the light revealed Tony’s lifeless body covered in blood, dirt and leaves. He was still in the clothes he wore to the dance Saturday night.

Rachel was gagging and Tracey was crying. Emily stood speechless, taking in the grotesque scene right before our eyes. I was grateful that Nick was holding me, supporting me, otherwise I would have fainted. I was sobbing with the discovery of the body of the guy I danced with just two days before.

There was so much blood. “You saw him there, didn’t you Nick. That’s why you stopped and wanted us to go back.”

Nick was as shocked as the rest of us. He stared at the spot in revulsion. “I saw a body, yeah,” he replied wide-eyed. “I just had no idea it was him. Not till you put the light on him.”

My stomach turned and I gagged then when I saw the shiny object laying next to Tony, covered in dried blood. “That’s my athame!” I broke down. “Somebody used my knife to kill Tony! I‘ve been wishing something to happen that would make him leave me alone and now he’s dead!”

“It’s not our fault,” Emily stated calmly shaking her head. She sounded as if she had numbed her senses, her way to deal with this tragedy.

“Tony is dead, Emily,” I yelled. Tracey and Rachel were still in shock while Emily was in denial over our involvement in our schoolmate’s death. We all wanted this not to be real, but no spell would be able to undo this. I suddenly had the creepiest case of déjà vu. “I dreamed about this. Us, in the woods with the dead body of someone we knew. My god, I dreamed about this.”

“He’s not dead.” Nick was kneeling next to the body.

“What?” I looked at him skeptically, rubbing my temples, my head pounding. “How is he not dead? He’s been here for what, like two days?” I thought Nick was trying to do what he could to calm us down.

He looked up at me with solemn eyes. “He has a very weak pulse. He probably will die-unless he gets medical help. He’s lost a lot of blood.”

Emily wasn’t buying Nick’s story. She tried to be the voice of reason. “And what are we going to tell people? That we were out for a midnight stroll in the woods to find Faith’s missing knife and it just happened to be next to the bloody body of a guy we all hate?”

“She’s right,” Rachel surprisingly agreed with her. “Who’s going to believe we had nothing to do with this after what happened Saturday?”

“But we didn’t!” I argued. “I lost my knife out here that night and something used it to try and kill Tony.”

“You said something, not someone,” Emily observed. “What are you thinking happened to him?”

“I wish I knew.” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. “I’m not even sure. I’ve been feeling something, I don’t know-evil, the last few days.” Once I said it out loud, I knew it was true. “I am sure though, that whatever caused that windstorm tonight is the same power that hurt Tony. It must have still been here after we closed the circle and left. If Tony did follow us out here, the thing from the fire most likely hurt him…”

I was unable to speak what was in my head.

“Like it would’ve hurt us.” Tracey finished for me, vivid realization in her wide eyes.

“Nick, what are you doing?” I cried out as I watched him pick up the athame and bundle it in his jacket.

“Look, whatever or whoever did this used your knife, with your fingerprints all over it.”

“Geez, Faith, he’s right!” Rachel gasped, alarmed. “If the police find him, they could trace it back to us. Or even blame you after what Tony did at the school.”

“And don’t forget, everyone saw Nick kick his ass for hurting you,” Emily pointed out. “Some people might think he came out here to finish the job.”

“That’s crazy!” I shouted.

“Damn right it’s crazy!” Nick answered. “I may hate the guy, I even loved laying into him for hurting Faith, but murder?”

We were all trying to come up with some explanation for what happened.

He could have done it, a voice in the back of my mind said. What if I had left my knife in his car? I didn’t see him at all Sunday thanks to my mom. Nick certainly looked like he could have killed Tony Saturday if Ryan wouldn’t have stopped him.

But in my heart, I knew Nick was not a cold-blooded killer. He had just been protecting me. It was the evil-whatever gave me the scar, caused the ominous feeling from the shadows and the windstorm tonight.

The spirit from the fire.

I was still feeling sick even though Nick had stopped shining the light on Tony’s body. Just knowing that someone had stabbed him right where we did our ceremony was enough to make me swear off witchcraft altogether. It could have been us the attacker found instead of Tony.

I made a decision. “We have to keep the knife. Let’s go back to town and call the cops from a pay phone. We know that none of us had anything to do with this but the police might not believe us. Not only that, our parents would kill us if they knew why we came out here.”

Rachel shuddered when I said the word ‘kill’. “Do you mean make an anonymous call?”

I nodded. “Does anyone have a better suggestion?” We all looked at each other.

A thought had been gnawing at my brain. “Tracey, Friday night, you told me Cyndi and Tony went off together. Do you have any idea why?”

“No, how come? You don’t think Cyndi had something to do with this, do you?”

I shook my head. “No, but I’m sure that would answer some of our questions. I think Tony told her about me and Nick after he followed us and I think they were planning something. She started calling me ’witch’ Friday-the day our book was stolen.

I raised an eyebrow.

I was trying to focus on piecing together the holes, to help me forget the sight of Tony laying cut and bleeding that was in my head. I glanced back at the clearing which was now peaceful, all traces of the evil energy gone. It was like it only appeared to lead us to Tony. “It wanted us to find him.”

“What?” Tracey asked me.

I was unaware that I had spoken out loud. “Whatever caused the windstorm. It stopped right after we found Tony. Like it just wanted to lead us here.”

“I felt something evil,” Rachel nodded.

“Tony came out here because of me.” Guilt weighed heavily on me. “I hated him after Saturday, but I never wished him dead. I only wanted him to leave me alone.”

Nick hugged me to him, trying to absorb some of my guilt. “Let’s go call, before it’s too late.”

We called from a busy convenience store. Emily, without giving her name, told them she and a guy had come across Tony when they went out to the woods to be alone. We all went back to my house as soon as she hung up, just in case anyone showed up to see who placed the call.

An hour later, we were all still seated around the fireplace in silence. There wasn’t much to say after finding the near dead body of an acquaintance in the woods.

I jumped as the phone rang.

It was my mom calling from the hospital. “Faith, is everything alright?”

She knew, I thought.

“Fine,” I lied. I tried to sound normal, like someone who hadn’t just been looking at her almost dead ex mutilated in the woods. “I couldn’t sleep so I called my friends over to keep me company. Is that ok?”

“I have some news.” Before she even told me, I knew what she was going to say and I braced myself for hearing the words come out of her mouth. “Faith, Tony was brought in just now. He was attacked somewhere in the woods, multiple stab wounds. It looks pretty bad but the doctors are doing what they can.”

I took a shaky breath. Her telling what happened made it real. Before, it felt like a bad dream. I kept expecting to wake up any minute in a cold sweat. “Will he live?” I was afraid what it would mean for us if he didn’t.

“They don’t know yet. Hopefully he didn’t lose too much blood. At least we don’t have to worry about him hurting you. Someone made sure he wouldn’t be hurting anybody for awhile.”

Blood. There had been so much blood, Tony’s white polo had been soaking in it.

“Faith, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Don’t let her know what’s really going on.

“It’s not so much that mom, I can’t believe that two days ago we were at the dance and now this.”

“Stay safe and lock up after your friends leave. I’ll let you know about any changes.”

Thanks.” I managed to say.

The others looked at me expectantly when I hung up the phone. “The doctors still don’t know if he’s going to make it. His parents are with him now.”

My red-rimmed eyes felt sore and dry, like I had been crying nonstop for days. Why did I feel so guilty over what happened to Tony? We only found him, we hadn’t been the ones to hurt him.

It was your fault, your knife, a voice in the back of my head kept saying. What had we called out of the fire? Why had Emily and I been so insistent on doing the summoning? Tracey was right, it was too dangerous.

The phone rang again and I numbly picked it up. This time it was Rachel’s mom, worried that she was out so late on a school night.

“We should all get home,” Emily said when Rachel hung up. “so no one gets suspicious. Rachel, as far as your parents are concerned, we were just keeping Faith company.”

Tracey interrupted her.
Why are we lying if we didn’t do anything wrong?”

I answered her, looking directly at Emily as I spoke. “We didn’t do anything to Tony, but the thing we called up did. That’s why no one can know we were out there. I can think of two people in particular who would love to see us get blamed.” I could picture the smug looks on Brock and Cyndi’s faces if Nick or I took the blame.

While Rachel, Tracey and Emily prepared to leave, Nick lingered behind. “I’m not leaving you alone. Not with everything that’s happened.”

I nodded in silent agreement and walked them to the door. “See you guys at school tomorrow.”

Under normal circumstances, this would’ve given my friends the perfect opportunity to comment on Nick’s staying; but tonight, no one had much of a sense of humor. They left, taking our secret with them.


The last time Nick and I were alone at my house, our feelings had intensified quickly. I knew it wouldn’t be like that tonight. I just wanted the comforting reassurance his presence would give me. Still, I couldn’t help but voice the question that had been lingering in the back of my head all night.

“Nick, you didn’t…I mean, Saturday, after you left the hospital…”

I didn’t know how to finish. Would he think that I didn’t believe him?

He looked directly in my eyes and spoke calmly. “Do you think I did it?” His voice was tired and held no traces of anger at my question.

“No,” I answered honestly without doubt. I knew he didn’t but I had to hear it from him. I sighed in relief. “I know you could never kill anyone-even somebody like Tony. But the only other explanation I have is too horrible to face. What if that thing hurts someone else?”

“I don’t know babe,” he said solemnly. “And that’s what scares me the most.”

We sat on the sectional and I turned on the T.V. to lighten the mood, finding a ‘Friends’ rerun that I had seen enough times to have memorized. It was on for noise but I still couldn’t stop picturing Tony.

I was too on edge to relax. Sensing that, Nick gently moved my hair to one side and began to massage my shoulders. He had no ulterior motive, only to calm me down. Halfway through the program, the local news broke in with a story about Tony being found in the woods. They mentioned that he was a football player for Lincoln High. Even though they never said his name, I knew everyone would figure out it was him.

The broadcaster, doing her job to draw interest, mentioned that police would be looking into the fight from Saturday night to see if there was any connection.

“It just keeps getting worse!” I cried. “It sounds like they’re going to try to blame you!”

He pressed a kiss to the spot where my neck and shoulder met. “It’ll be Okay.” he said, his breath warm on my bare skin.

“Will it?” I whispered, turning my head to see the unsure look on his face. I half hoped to be answered by the helpful voice from the ceremony. Nick’s distracted embrace was the only answer I received. Tiredly, I shut my eyes and fell asleep.





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