Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 38
Rescue the queen of Hai Bei

          So that night, Logan, Mercer and Sakaru dressed in dark clothes and Zhen transformed into Yuki.

          “Did anyone bring the cameras and recorders?” asked Yuki.

          “I brought enough for everyone,” said Logan.

          “Okay what if we’re caught?” asked Mercer.

          “Fight to the exit, create a diversion, and keep your identity a secret,” said Logan.

          “Okay,” said Mercer.

So Logan went over the plans on which entrance they get and which exit they get as well as their search area.

          “I’m coming,” said Shindomaru as he walked up to Logan in black clothes, “I’ll create a distraction and get Rika.”

          “Need help?” asked Mercer.

          “Fine, Mercer and Shind… wait we need to prove that Rika is being abused,” said Logan, “then we save her.”

          “Okay, I’ll stay hidden until it’s time,” said Shindomaru.

          “Let’s go,” said Logan.

So Logan went into the sky on Drago with Yuki, Mercer went under the moat and Sakaru transformed into a werepyre and Flew into a window with Shindomaru.

          “Stay here until I say otherwise,” said Sakaru as she hid Shindomaru in the shadows.

          “Whatever…” said Shindomaru as Sakaru walked out of the room.

So Shindomaru impatiently waited for Sakaru to return. Ten minutes later, Sakaru ran into the room.

          “We found Rika, and results were bad, so get ready,” said Sakaru.

Then Sakaru ran into the hallway.

          “Werepyre!” yelled a group of guards as Sakaru faced them.

          “It’s my time to shine,” said Shindomaru as he created a mask of bone to hide his face, “time to save Rika.”

Once Shindomaru charged out of the room, he slammed the guards into the wall beside them.

          “Where is she?” asked Shindomaru.

          “In her room, down the hall,” said Sakaru, “uh… that way”

After Sakaru pointed left, Shindomaru rushed in that direction.

          “I’m coming, Rika!” said Shindomaru as he plowed through the guards as he ran through the hall.

All of the sudden, a door opened and slammed Shindomaru in the face.

          “I’m sorry!” said Rika as she helped Shindomaru up.

          “We’re here to save you,” said Shindomaru.

          “But what about the law?” asked Rika.

          “Zhen’s brother, the Emperor Cao Ju, said that if we can save you if we can prove you’re being abused,” said Shindomaru.

          “You have pictures?” asked Rika.

          “I’m sure someone does,” said Shindomaru.

          “Then let’s get out of here!” said Rika.

          “We need to secretly leave this place,” said Shindomaru.

          “There’s an escape hatch on the roof,” said Rika.

          “All right,” said Shindomaru.

So Shindomaru followed Rika to the roof. Once they got onto the roof, a werewolf climbed onto the roof.

          “You were supposed to bring them to the back,” said the werewolf.

          “I changed my mind,” said Rika, “I’m not going to feed your hunger anymore.”

          “Fine, you’re going to join them, daughter,’ said the werewolf.

          “What, you’re her mother, so that means…” said Shindomaru as he looked at Rika worried.

          “No, she got bit last year,” said Rika.

          “Oh, I was wondering why you didn’t change,” said Shindomaru.

          “Enough talk, I’m hungry,” said the werepyre as she ran towards Shindomaru and Rika.

Then Sakaru flew out of the door and pushed the werewolf away from Shindomaru and Rika.

          “Go! We have a job to do,” said Sakaru, “I’ll get her attention.”

          “No, we need to save her,” said Shindomaru, “for Rika.”

          “Fine,” said Sakaru, “Silver Talons.”

After Sakaru put on a pair of gloves, sliver covered her nails.

          “I won’t allow you to do this,” said Sakaru.

          “Then try,” growled the werewolf.

Then Sakaru lunged at the werewolf, but the werewolf grabbed Sakaru.

          “Bad idea,” said Sakaru as she began to ascend upward.

When Sakaru started to scratch the werewolf with her feet, the werewolf bit Sakaru.

          “Oww!” said Sakaru, “that’s it, Silver Slasher!”

When Sakaru kicked the werewolf away, Sakaru slashed the werewolf into the roof with a silvery wave.

          “It’ll take a lot more to beat me,” said the werewolf.

          “Let’s end this, I’m tired and I want to go to bed,” said Sakaru as the moon turned red, “Silver Blood Moon Slash!”

Once Sakaru let out a bloodthirsty roar, she dove down at the werewolf. After a silver flash blinded everyone, the werewolf turned into a female Hume in torn clothes.

          “Mom!” yelled Rika as the light subsided and she ran to her mother.

          “I’m okay, thanks for saving me,” said Rika’s mother.

          “Oh mom…” said Rika as she hugged her mother, “nice to have you back.”

          “Logan, the mission has turned, go to the roof,” said Sakaru.

After Rika took her mother inside, Logan, Zhen and Mercer dropped onto the roof.

          “So what’s up?” asked Logan.

          “Rika’s mother was a werewolf and was overpowered by the werewolf’s angry nature,” said Sakaru, “I expelled the werewolf’s viral conscience.”

          “So where is she?” asked Logan.

          “Inside, changing,” said Sakaru as she turned to her Shakti form.

          “We’ll wait here for her then,” said Logan.

Once Rika came back, her mother was in a glorious dress.

          “She tells me you need a mechanic for your travels,” said Rika’s mother.

          “Yes, ma’am,” said Logan.

          “I guess its okay for her to go, after what I have done to you, my daughter,” said Rika’s mother.

          “You sure?” asked Rika.

          “Its only fair but don’t go messing up our name,” said Rika’s mother.

          “We’ll be honored if we could travel in you care,” said Logan as he bowed.

          “Plus, he’s not a bad catch,” whispered Rika’s mother to Rika.

          “Okay, I guess I’m going with you guys,” said Rika.

          “Me too,” said Shindomaru.

          “Alright, let’s go and fix the ship, in the morning,” said Logan, “let’s rest first.”

          “You can stay here for tonight,” said Rika’s mother.

          “Okay,” said Logan.

So everyone went to their rooms and fell asleep.


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