Moods and Expressions
Author: njoy1

Chapter 11
The Empty Garden



The sun set to quickly that day

The storm clouds came rolling in

With one strike of lightening

The garden was changed forever



The rain came down in currents

The gusting wind blew us about

Flinging our dreams and hopes away

Soaking our lives with oceans of tears.


The storm ended as quickly as it started

In its wake leaving devastation

When all the dust had settled

We felt the sting of your hail.


The sun rose behind the clouds the next day

Dark and full of furry, racing through the sky.

We looked up waiting for them to open

Bracing for the pain the next storm would bring.


The air around us grew quiet

 We lay stunned under the burden of its weight

Buried beneath our sorrow and pain

Struggling on how to set you free.


The day sluggishly moved toward evening

Not wanting to face its dark emptiness

But the cold biting wind began to pick up

The sky grew darker with the storm clouds.




In the distance we could hear the rolling thunder

As the storm drew closer and closer

The smell of the rain lurked in the air

The night grows silent around us.


A bolt of lightening flashes through the sky

Filling the silence as it strikes its victim

The crash of the thunder fills our souls

Our hearts break with an unbearable pain.


The blackness of the clouds opens upon us

Pelting us, stinging the flesh with its barbs

The weight of its terror bares upon the flower

Up rooting it, scattering it petals upon the ground.


The fierce wind is relentless

As it reeks its havoc engulfing us into its midst

Enfolding us as it drenches our souls

Drowning us in the darkness of pain.


The storm ends again abruptly

The sun glistens upon the raindrops

The fury of the sky has ended

The pain it leaves is just beginning.


The birds chirp gaily while rebuilding their nests

The ground soaks up the remaining rain

The butterfly floats from flower to flower

It flutters on over the uprooted rose of Sharon.


It’s yellow petals strewn all over the garden

The stem pulled up by its roots

It lies on its side battered and broken

The center of the garden is now empty and barren.


The garden has lost its luster

The center has taken its leave

The storm has left its mark forever

The center is gone and now the garden is empty.


The sun still shines upon what was the garden

But it will never be the same

Without a center the other flowers have gone

There is no more joy in the garden


Shadows now fill the garden

It is empty and barren

The blistering sun has dried the earth

The storm has left it's mark



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