Moods and Expressions
Author: njoy1

Chapter 8
Last Night I Went to Call You


Last night I went to call you

As I always did when I needed someone to talk to,

I picked up the phone

and started dialing your number when it hit me.

You wouldn’t be there,

I couldn’t talk to you anymore; I would never hear your voice again

I put the phone down.

I sank into my chair as I felt once again, the pain of losing you.


I wanted to talk to you,

I had good news to share; I wanted you to share in my happiness.

We had shared so many sorrows,

I wanted you to be here when things were going well.

I stared at the phone

longing to be able to talk to you, to hear your laughter.

Who could I talk to now?

There has never been anyone but you; you were always there.


Last night I needed to talk to you,

And Once again I feel the loneliness of knowing your not there,

I feel that emptiness most

when I need someone to talk to and knowing you used to be there.

That sorrow turns into pain

when I realize that you will never be here again, that this is forever

 I will never hear your voice,

I will never be able to share my life with anyone as I did with you.


Tonight again I need to talk to you

to share the emptiness of how I feel, to cry on your shoulder.

No one can understand but you

but you are gone now and there is no one here, forever is such a long time.

I need to talk to you,

I need someone to cry with me, to hold me, to comfort me

But whom can I turn to?

You are not here and you are the one I need most.


I just need to tell you

that the thought of you not being here for the rest of my life

leaves my heart so empty.

I cannot explain the sorrow that grips my soul,

 only you can understand

I had no one but you and you were always there

there can be no substitutes.

A sister like you, is one of a kind, no one can fill that void.


I wanted to call you last night

I need to talk to you, to tell you that I miss you so much

that life will never be the same.

The comfort and joy that you gave when we were able to share

just by knowing you were always there.

I need to tell you about my loss and how heavy my heart feels

To let you know how empty I am inside.

I wanted to lean on you once again, to have your voice comfort me.


I need to call you, just to talk

To let you know how much I love you, how you will be missed.

To let you know how grateful I am

that you were always there to listen and to comfort me.

I wanted to let you know

How heavy my heart feels without you, this is a sorrow I’ve never known.

 I just need to talk to you

 because I think about you often, with sadness and with joy.


Last night I just wanted to talk to you as I often used to

To say anything, to say nothing, to talk about everything.

I just want to pick up the phone

like nothing has ever happened and talk about the weather.

I just want to talk to you

and tell you that your going has left emptiness in all of us

I wanted to tell you that I love you.

I just want to talk to you.


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