Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 36
Rika's fun time

So Logan and Zhen went into a clothing store down the street from the restaurant.

          "Why are you helping her?" asked Zhen.

          "Because, she deserves to get out more, I hate it when parents lock up their children and tell them what they can or can't do," said Logan.

          "Right, do you have any experience in this matter?" asked Zhen.

          "No, but one can't live without freedom," said Logan, "would this work?"

Then Logan pulled out a pair of jeans, a shirt and a hat.

          “Sure,” sighed Zhen.

After Logan bought the clothes, they went back to the restaurant.

          “Did you do it?” asked Rika.

          “It’s in this bag,” said Logan, “here, go change.”

Once Logan gave Rika the shopping bag, Rika left to go change.

          “So do you like her?” asked Zhen.

          “Not as much as I like you,” said Logan.

          “So you like her…” said Zhen.

          “A little, I’m only trying to help her out a little,” said Logan, “are you jealous?”

          “No!!” said Zhen, “I’m just wondering.”

          “Okay, fair enough, “said Logan.

So Rika walked up to Logan and Zhen.

          “You ready?” asked Rika.

          “Excuse me, who are you?” asked Logan.

          “Rika, “smiled Rika.

          “Oh wow, that’s amazing,” said Logan, “I couldn’t even recognize you.”

          “Really?” asked Rika.

          “Yep, so you ready?” asked Logan.

          “Yep,” said Rika.

          “Don’t get to excited, anything can fool him,” whispered Zhen to Rika as they left the restaurant.

          “I know,” said Rika.

After they walked into town’s square, Rika ran around.

          “Wow! This is the first time I am able to see the sights!” said Rika, “up close anyways...”

Then Rika ran up to Logan.

          “Come on, let’s go do something else,” said Rika as she dragged Logan away.

          “Hey!!” yelled Zhen as she ran after Rika.

When Rika saw an ice cream cart, she stopped suddenly.

          “Hey, Logan, can we get some ice cream,” asked Rika, “please?”

          “I guess, hey, Zhen, what kind of ice cream do you want?” asked Logan.

          “Strawberry, “said Zhen as she sat down.

          “I want chocolate,” said Rika.

          “Ok,” said Logan as he went to the Shakti near the ice cream cart, “a vanilla, a chocolate and a strawberry cones please.”

          “Okay,” said the Shakti.

After Logan the Shakti the money, the Shakti gave Logan the ice cream.

          “Here you go, Rika,” said Logan as he gave Rika the chocolate ice cream cone.

Once Logan walked over to Zhen, he gave her the strawberry ice cream cone.

          “What a beautiful park,” said Zhen.

          “Yeah…” sighed Logan in relief.

          “I used to come here, when I was young,” said Rika, “then all of the sudden, I couldn’t leave the castle.”

          “Do you know what happened?” asked Logan.

          “No,” said Rika.

          “That’s the royal life for ya,” said Zhen.

          “Are you a member of a royal family?” asked Rika to Logan.

          “No, but Zhen is,” said Logan.

          “Really?” asked Rika, “she doesn’t look like it.”

          “I chose not to live a high and mighty lifestyle like my brother!” said Zhen angrily, “so what?”

          “So who is your brother?” asked Rika.

          “The emperor, Cao Ju,” said Zhen.

          “Really?” asked Rika surprised.

          “Yes, but he chose to live the religious lifestyle, and has been chosen because of it,” said Zhen.

          “How come you get to travel without guards?” asked Rika.

          “Like I said, I didn’t live in the royal environment, I lived at the arena after we left the Huang Zhong Castle,” said Zhen.

          “Wow, how did you get to leave the castle?” asked Rika.

          “My parents died, so we were kicked out,” said Zhen.

          “That’s horrible,” said Rika.

          “Well, at least Cao Ju is taking care of the castle, hoping I would return one day,” said Zhen.

          “That’s good, but are you going to go back?” asked Rika.

          “Maybe, just not right now,” said Zhen.

          “Why not?” asked Rika.

          “Preparing for the war,” said Zhen.

          “Wow,” said Rika.

Then Rika looked at her watch.

          “Oh man, I need to head home,” said Rika, “thanks for a great time.”

After kissing Logan on the cheek, she ran for the castle.

          “How dare she!” yelled Zhen angrily, “I’m going to beat her!”

          “Any ways, it is getting dark,” said Logan as he tried to rub off the lipstick mark that Rika left.

          “About time, let’s head to the mechanic’s,” said Zhen.


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