Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 32
First Aura Overload

Once everyone got to the desert, it was night time.

          "Alright, let's have a clean fight," said Logan as Shindomaru and Mercer went several yards away from the gate.

          "What?" asked Mercer confused.

          "I always wanted to ref a fight between two civilized fighters," said Logan, "so get ready!"

          "Okay..." said Mercer as he created an ice armor and made spikes on his arms. "okay, I'm ready."

          "I guess I should power up as well," said Shindomaru, "Bone morphing!"

Then all of the sudden, bones tore from his body and started to form a larger body structure. When a large skeletal body was formed, two wings and two arms grew from the body. After a long tail was formed, spikes grew along the spine.

          "Skulwyrm form," growled Shindomaru, "now you know why I wanted two fighters."

          "Good thing, it will unfair to you," said Mercer.

          "Whatever, let's fight already," growled Shindomaru.

          "We ready?" asked Logan.

          "Just say it!" yelled Mercer.

          "Fight!" bellowed Shindomaru as he swiped at Mercer.

          "That was dirty," said Mercer as he dodged.

          "Shut up and fight!" growled Shindomaru.

          "Fine," said Mercer as Logan ran to the gate, "Water Claw!"

Then water rose from the ground and formed razor sharp water claws around Mercer's right and left arms. When Mercer ran towards Shindomaru, Shindomaru began to slash at Mercer. After Mercer yelled, he slashed Shindomaru's left arm off and slashed a huge gash in Shindomaru's chest, but it was only bone, no blood.

          "Don't think you actually did anything," growled Shindomaru as the gash and his arm regenerated back.

          "You can regenerate?" asked Mercer, "that sucks..."

          "Now die!" bellowed Shindomaru as he swung his arms at Mercer.

Shindomaru slammed Mercer with his right fist and sent him flying into the sand several yards away.

          "I will not lose, for Sakaru!" yelled Mercer as the ice on his body disintegrated.

All of the sudden, a bluish aura blasted from Mercer. As soon as water spiraled around Mercer, a gust of bluish wind nearly blew everyone away.

          "What's going on?" asked Zhen as the bluish wind continued to blow from the water, blowing her long red hair back.

          "I don't know," said Logan as he did a hand sign in front of his face, "Fox-vision!"

Then Logan's eye became like a cat's.

          "His aura is growing beyond his limits!" said Logan scared.

          "What?" asked Sakaru as she dug into the ground with her talons, "is it bad?"

          "I don't know, this never happened to me!" said Logan over the winds, "or anyone else!"

          "You will never take Sakaru from me ever again," yelled Mercer with a blood thirsty roar.

When the water was blasted away, it revealed a terrible image. Mercer was surrounded by a dark colored water, from his tail up to his neck, his eyes were inverted and he stood with a demonic stance. Then with a terrifying face, he charge for Shindomaru.

          "Die!!" roared Mercer with a demonic voice.

          "I don't know what's going on but you will die today," said Shindomaru as he punched Mercer with his right fist.

But Mercer caught his fist and began to tear through the bone with ease all the way up to Shindomaru's chest. When Mercer reached the chest, he began to tear through the bone with brutal intentions. The bones regenerated as fast as Mercer could tear it apart. Once Shindomaru's left arm was about to hit Mercer, Mercer jumped to the side and grabbed the arm. After Mercer tore off the hand, he used it to dig into Shindomaru's chest. He couldn't match the speed at which Mercer was tearing. As soon as Mercer saw skin, he grabbed it by slicing into the flesh and ripped out Shindomaru's true body and threw him to the ground. When Shindomaru slammed into the ground the skeletal body started to crumble.

          "Alright, he's done!" yelled Logan.

Then Mercer jumped off of the skeletal body and started to dive towards Shindomaru.

          "I said it's over!" yelled Logan as Mercer dove down onto Shindomaru.

          "Ahh!!" yelled Shindomaru in excruciating pain.

          "Some thing's wrong," said Logan, "he's not listening! Well more than usual."

          "Help me..." groaned Shindomaru as he passed out from the pain.

All of the sudden, Mercer grabbed Shindomaru and slammed him into the sand again.

          "Oh shit!" said Logan in sudden realization, "it's an aura overload!"

So Mercer started to walk towards everyone else.

          "This isn't good," said Logan, "he's going to kill us and destroy the city."

          "Damn it," said Zhen worried.

Then, suddenly, Sakaru remembered something, that Mercer said that he won't let anyone take her from him.

          "Let me try to calm him down," said Sakaru, "he got this way because of me."

          "Be careful," said Logan as Sakaru started to walk towards Mercer.

          "Mercer, it's me, Sakaru," said Sakaru as she continued to Mercer, "I'm sorry for hanging with Shindomaru."

But Mercer continued to walk ominously towards Sakaru.

          "Please come back to us," cried Sakaru.

After Mercer was close enough to Sakaru, he grabbed her and slammed her into the ground. When Mercer was over Sakaru, he rose his left water claw.

          "No, please don't kill me," sobbed Sakaru, "I love you, Mercer."

Right before he hit Sakaru, he stopped Suddenly.

          "No, I can't let this happen," thought Mercer, "but I can't control myself."

As soon as Mercer shook his head, he rose his water claw again. Then in terrified scream from Sakaru, Mercer stopped again and backed off.

          "No, I can't let this happen!" thought Mercer, "I won't let this happen!"

All of the sudden, water spiraled around Mercer. When the water stopped, Mercer was laying on the ground in his original form.

          "Mercer!" yelled Sakaru as she limped to Mercer, overcoming her back pain.

          "I'm sorry for hurting you..." groaned Mercer.

          "I'm sorry too," said Sakaru as she hugged Mercer.

After Mercer passed out, Sakaru picked him up and carried him to the rest of the group. Once she got the group, she fell down and passed out as well.

          "Please tell me there's a hospital around here," said Logan as he ran to Mercer and Sakaru.

          "They are on their way," said Gan Xing.

          "Good, " said Logan as looked at Shindomaru, "we'll get him too."

So when the ambulance arrived, they loaded the injured onto the ambulance and drove to the hospital.


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