Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 31
Jealousy brews super trouble

Then a male hume ran by Logan, jumped off of Gan Xing and Drago and drilled through the wyvern.

          "Hey!!" said Logan as his claws disappeared, "What the hell, I was about to do that!"

          "Oh well, I had orders," said the hume.

          "Who are you?" asked Logan.

          "Shindomaru Taro, Bone Knight," said Shindomaru as he walked towards Zhen and Sakaru, "so who are you, pretty ladies?"

          "Whoa, I'm not your type," said Sakaru, "seriously, I'm an entirely different species."

          "Makes all the better," said Shindomaru, "here you go, the desert can be a cruel place."

Then Shindomaru created a bone umbrella to put Zhen, Sakaru and himself in the shade.

          "Thanks, but we both have someone," said Zhen.

          "That's cool, invite them too," said Shindomaru.

          "Well as long as you don't pull fast ones," said Zhen, "I guess we could go somewhere."

          "Not me, I have a job to do," said Brock as he left with his cats.

          "I'm staying with Sakaru," said Mercer.

          "I guess I should stay with Zhen, for both our sakes..." said Logan.

          "Uh... what about us?" asked Haruka shyly.

          "Mmm... too young, let the grown ups party," said Shindomaru.

          "Here is some money, I guess you two should be fine, but don't do anything you two will regret," said Logan.

          "Of course not, I'm not Ryu after all," said Gan Xing.

          "Very good point, but just in case, Drago and Kyubi will watch you," said Logan.

          "Okay..." said Gan Xing.

          "I'm sorry, but you can imagine why I must stick with Zhen," whispered Logan to Gan Xing.

          "I understand, see you later," said Gan Xing as he, Haruka, Drago and Kyubi left into town.

          "So where are we going?" asked Logan.

          "My favorite place, the tavern!" said Shindomaru.

          "Alright, but I don't drink," said Logan, "I loathe alcohol."

          "That's cool, we needed a designated walker anyways," said Shindomaru.

Then Mercer, Zhen, Sakaru and Shindomaru started to laugh.

          "Good one," laughed Sakaru.

          "I got to admit, he got you," said Zhen, "but he's right, we just met you."

          "What better way to get to know each other than a friendly drink," said Shindomaru.

          "We do deserve a break," said Sakaru, "especially after the encounter with Xaiver."

          "I guess we could, but we need to fix the Stragna afterwards," said Logan, "...I heard everything."

          "Oh... never mind," said Mercer.

          "I know a great mechanic," said Shindomaru, "but first the tavern."

          "Fine..." said Logan.

So everyone went to the tavern.

          "Hey, barkeep, I brought company," said Shindomaru as he walked into the tavern.

          "Surprising..." said the barkeep.

When everyone sat at the bar, the barkeep served everyone a glass of beer.

          "I don't drink," said Logan.

          "Then don't," said the barkeep.

          "Do you have something without alcohol?" asked Logan.

          "No..." said the barkeep.

          "Fine..." said Logan.

          "Want water?" asked Mercer.

          "I could use a glass," said Logan.

Then Mercer pulled water out from a faucet and put it into an ice cup.

          "Thanks man," said Logan as he drank the water.

          "So ladies, want to have some fun?" asked Shindomaru.

          "Okay... what kind of fun?" asked Sakaru.         

          "Dancing!" said Shindomaru as he dragged Zhen and Sakaru onto the dance floor.

          "You think we should intervene?" asked Mercer.

          "Let's wait, he hasn't done anything wrong yet," said Logan.

So Shindomaru danced with Zhen and Sakaru for a while. All of the sudden, Zhen slapped Shindomaru across the face.

          "I'm seeing someone, and it's not you," said Zhen.

          "It's my time to shine," said Logan as he stood up and went to Zhen.

          "I got this," said Zhen as she smiled at Logan.

          "Alright, but I'm here for you," said Logan.

When Logan looked at Shindomaru, Logan gave him a serious face.

          "I'm watching you," said Logan.

          "Suit yourself, enjoy the show," smiled Shindomaru.

So Logan walked away and sat down in his seat.

          "So he's your boyfriend," said Shindomaru, "nice fellow, but can he control his bones and improvise weapons out of them?"

          "Not really, but that's kinda of creepy anyway," said Zhen.

          "I think it's awesome!" said Sakaru.

          "Mercer, I think it's time for you to intervene, before you lose Sakaru," said Logan.

          "About time," said Mercer as he got up and walked to Shindomaru, "why are you trying to steal our girlfriends?"

          "Mmm... how about a test of love," said Shindomaru, "a fight between you two and me."

          "You're on, but I'm your opponent," said Mercer.

          "Cool with me, I'll watch," said Logan.

          "Alright, cool, but let's head outside of town," said Shindomaru, "for less damage."

          "Fine," said Mercer.


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