Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 28
Last of it's kind falls

"Who's Logan, Mercer, Zhen, Gan Xing, and Brock, the spirit five?" asked the dark figure.

           "Who's asking?" asked Logan.

          "Your death," said the figure as he revealed his face, it was a hume male with white hair, demonic eyes and black eye markings..

          "Who?" asked Mercer.

          "Xaiver Black, the dimensional reaper," said Xaiver as he summoned a scythe.

          "Who?" asked Mercer.

          "I'm the guy with the scythe who's going to kill you," sighed Xaiver.

          "Oh..." said Mercer, "yeah, right."

          "I will!" yelled Xaiver.

          "Then try!" yelled Logan.

Then a golden aura surrounded Logan.

          "You shouldn't piss off Logan," said Mercer.

          "Dragon Storm!!" yelled Logan as he spun his katana in circles.

          "Too late," said Mercer.

As soon as the blue tornado began to spiral above Logan, lightning started to emit from the tornado. So Logan swung the tornado towards Xaiver, but it went through Xaiver.

          "What the hell?" asked Logan.

           "I am immune to attacks," said Xaiver, "unlike you, Tsukomino!"

When the area faded into black and white, everyone around Logan disappeared.

          "What's going on?" asked Logan.    

          "You're in my world now," said Xaiver, "now perish!"

Then Xaiver flew through Logan. Once the area was returned to normal and everyone reappeared, Logan fainted.

          "Logan!" cried Zhen as she ran to Logan with tears trailing down her face.

          "I..." said Xaiver.

          "That's enough out of you," said a voice as a figure emitted a light that is as bright as day, it blinded nearly everyone, "you will terrorize these people no more."

          "Shit," said Xaiver as he opened a dimensional gate.

          "Omega claw!" said the figure as he shot a bright yellow claw at Xaiver.

Once the claw latched onto Xaiver, the figure pulled him down, and slammed him onto the streets.

          "Leaving so soon?" asked the figure.

          "Damn you, Omegas," said Xaiver as the light started to dull and a hume male in armor war revealed, it looks like we have to fight."

          "Yeah, let's," said Omegas, "Justice Blade!"

The Omegas punched a hole in the ground and pulled out a golden metallic pole.

          "Wait a minute, there's no blade," said Sakaru.

          "Scythe form," said Omegas.

All of the sudden, a blade grew from one side of the pole.

          "Heaven's twin sickle!" yelled Omegas as he slashed two light colored waves at Xaiver,

          "Hell's cutter!" yelled Xaiver as he slashed one black and one red wave at the two light waves.

When the waves collided, an explosion blew Xaiver away, it blew Omegas into the ground and blew everyone else a couple of feet away.

          "What just happened?" asked Mercer.

          "Besides a bad hair day for the mammals, not much," said Sakaru.

          "What about Omegas?" asked Haruka.

          "I'm fine, it's just a scratch," said Omegas as he got out of the concrete.

          "So, who's Xaiver?" asked Sakaru, "it seems you two knew each other."

          "First we get him to my airship to be hospitalized," said Omegas.

          "Will he be okay?" asked Zhen.

          "Yeah, what happened to him?" asked Gan Xing.

          "His mind is basically rebooting itself," said Omegas.

          "Why?" asked Zhen, "I didn't see anything happen when he fainted."

          "Tsukomino, it's a special attack that sends the victim into a horrible nightmare to die in," said Omegas, "this happens nearly instantaneous."

          "How do you know all of this?" asked Zhen.      

          "He's my brother," said Omegas, "that power is the reason he is evil."

          "What?" asked everyone besides Logan and Omegas shocked.

          "I'll tell you the story when we get him on my airship," said Omegas.

Then a big golden ship flew above them, blowing air and dirt around them.

          "Alright, it's here," said Omegas. as a platform appeared under them and lifted them into the ship.

          "This is awesome, what ship is this?" asked Gan Xing.

          "Um... this is the Stragna, I've read about it," said Haruka shyly, "right?"

          "Exactly, it's the last of it's kind, I found in the junkyard when I first came here," said Omegas, "I fixed it up and here it is."

          "That's cool and all but I'm not going to stall anymore," said Zhen ,"Logan needs medical attention."

          "What? His name is Logan?" asked Omegas, "then the prophecy is true."

          "Really?" asked Sakaru, "I thought he was kidding when he said spirit five."

          "We need to hurry," said Omegas.

So everyone ran to the infirmary, a few hallways away.

          "Put him here," said Omegas as a metal table rose up from the floor.

Then Mercer put Logan onto the table.

          "I'll mind scan him to see what's going on?" said Omegas as a machine rose up from the floor and put a helmet on Logan.

When a screen swung from the wall and turned on, it revealed a town being destroyed.

          "What's this?" asked Sakaru.

          "It looks like the old Nu Ran being burnt," said Mercer, "this nightmare actually happened several years ago."

          "Who would do such a thing?" asked Haruka shocked from the horrible images.

          "Blood Omen," said Mercer as a demon appeared on the screen.

Then a forest elf walked into the room.

          "What's going?" asked the forest elf, "another of Xaiver victims?"

          "Yep," said Omegas.

Then the screen revealed Logan sitting on the ground, meditating.

          "What's this, he's not terrified by the fact everyone around him is being burnt alive and brutally murdered?" asked Omegas shocked.

          "He's strong, in body and mind," said Mercer.

          "Then that means he's going to be fine," said Omegas, "now we must wait for him to dispel the Tsukomino by himself."

          "Too bad you won't see him release it," said the forest elf.

All of a sudden, the forest elf stabbed Omegas in the back.

          "Nick, how could you!" said Omegas as he disintegrated.

          "You traitor!" said Zhen, "he could of helped us some more."

Then Omegas reappeared as a golden ghost-like figure.

          "I really didn't die, but I was transported to my dimension, it's up to you to defeat Xaiver," said Omegas, "but be careful of aura overload."

          "What the hell?" asked Zhen.

          "You'll have to find out on your own, because I don't know," said Omegas, "now i must leave this dimension forever, I leave you my airship."

Then Omegas faded away to nothing.

          "About time, I hated that voice," said Nick.

Then a red symbol appeared on Nick's forehead.

          "Time to end this," said Nick.

Once Nick charged towards Logan, a fire tornado sent Nick into a wall.

          "How dare you attack Logan!" yelled Zhen.

Then a white circle appeared under everyone, besides Logan and teleported them into a white empty room.

          "What the hell was that?" asked Mercer.

          "It's a safety mechanism, when a fight breaks out on the ship, they are transported to the fighting room," explained Nick.

          "Then I can go all out!" said Zhen, "Firestorm Phoenix!"

Then in a burst of flames, a fiery phoenix appeared. Once the phoenix flew towards Nick, a flame trail followed the phoenix. When the phoenix picked up Nick and flew as high as it could, it threw the flaming carcass of Nick into the ground. After the body burnt to ash, everyone was transported back to the infirmary.

          "That was easy," said Mercer, "he wasn't even that powerful."

          "That's true," said Zhen.

All of the sudden, the ship began to rock.

          "We're falling!" yelled Sakaru as everyone fell to the ground.


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