Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 26
Logan versus Brock conclusion

          “So what sort of fight is this going to be?” asked Brock seriously.

          “You choose,” said Logan.

          “No magic, just weapons,” said Brock.

          “Fine, but first,” said Logan, “summon, thunder dragon plate!”

Then a suit of armor was summoned onto Logan’s body piece by piece.

          “What about a weapon?” asked Brock.

          “This is my weapon,” said Logan as he held his hands in front of his face.

All of the sudden, draconic claws summoned onto both of Logan’s hands.

          “Are we ready now?” asked Brock as he pulled out his claymore.

          “Sure,” said Logan.

          “Fight!” yelled Mercer.

Then Brock charged at Logan and swung his claymore as fast as he could. So Logan blocked the attack flawlessly, but the attack was so strong Logan was pushed down.

          “I see why you didn’t want to use magic,” said Logan, “seems like I’m at a disadvantage.”

          “What does he mean?” asked Zhen.

          “This is hard for Logan, since he is a major magic-user,” said Mercer.

          “Oh man…” said Zhen.

          “I shouldn’t kill you as long as you admit defeat,” said Brock as he pointed his claymore at Logan.

          “I’m not done, I’m only just beginning,” said Logan as he smirked.

          “What?” asked Brock angrily.

As soon as Brock moved his claymore towards Logan, Logan vanished.

          “What the hell?” asked Brock, “where did he go?”

          “Behind you,” said Logan as he appeared behind Brock, but vanished again when Brock moved.

          “I move faster than light,” said Logan as he continued to run around.

          “I said no magic!” said Brock as he clotheslined Logan.

          “I’m not using magic, I trained to be this fast,” said Logan as he quickly vanished.

          “Rock armor!” said Brock as rocks began to cover him.

          “I thought you said no magic!” said Logan as claw marks appeared all over the rocks.

          “So what?” asked Brock.

Then the rock armor exploded and blew Logan through a tree.

          “Logan!” yelled Zhen worried.

          “I’m fine,” said Logan as he got up, “Brock, do you fight without honor?”

          “I’m fighting to survive, honor means nothing to me,” said Brock.

          “So it's an all fight you want?” asked Logan, “then you go ahead, it's already unfair.”

          “What do you mean?” asked confused, “I have you on the run.”

          “So you think,” said Logan as he vanished.

When Logan reappeared behind Brock, he had his claws on Brock's neck.

          “The Amaterusa clan cannot be this weak,” said Logan.

Then Brock grabbed Logan and slammed him into the ground.

          “Logan, just beat him already!” yelled Mercer, “don't screw around!”

          “I don't want to beat someone who is holding back,” said Logan as he got up.

          “I want this curse removed!” yelled Mercer angrily.

          “Then let's stop holding back, Brock,” said Logan.

          “Fine,”said Brock.

          “You ready?” asked Logan.

          “Whatever, I'll still beat you,” said Brock.

          “Storm Wave!” yelled Logan as he shot an electrical wave at Brock.

Once the wave was close to Brock, a stone wall rose up from the ground and blocked the wave.

          “Stone Barrage,” said Brock as the stone wall shattered and shot towards Logan.

          “Em shield!” yelled Logan as he spun his claws at supersonic speeds and blocked the barrage, “Em Tempest!”

Then Logan threw his spinning claws towards Brock. But another stone wall rose from the ground. All of the sudden, the tempest broke through the wall and slammed Brock in the chest.

          “Damn,” said Brock as he staggered back, “Sand Blast!”

When the ground around Brock turned to sand, it formed a symbol in mid-air.

          “The Earth Lion!” said Logan.

Then all of the sudden, the symbol blasted all of the sand at Logan. After the sand slammed into Logan, it sent him through several trees.

          “I thought you said you were ready,”said Brock seriously as he began to  walk towards Logan.

As Logan laid down in the rubble of the trees, he groaned.

          “Logan!” yelled Zhen as she got up.

          “Stay there, I'm not done yet,” groaned Logan as he got up.

Once Logan got up. he stumbled.

          "You're done, please stop!" yelled Zhen as she tried to run towards Logan.

All of the sudden, a stone wrapped around Zhen's legs.

          "What the hell?" asked Zhen as she tripped.

          "You are not going to interfere with this fight," said Brock, "he has chosen his fate."

          "He's hurt, are you going to kill him?" cried Zhen.

          "To teach the rest of you, don't bother me again," said Brock.

          "I'm not going to let you!" yelled Zhen as she broke through the stone.

Then the ground under Zhen started to shake.

          "Stop, like I told you I'm your opponent," said Logan as he got up.

          "Still alive I see," said Brock as the ground stopped shaking.

          "We need to stop this, you're one of the spirit five," said Logan, "we will need your help."

          "Beat me first, then maybe," said Brock.

          "Oh well," said Logan as he brushed off the dirt, "I hoped I didn't have to do this."

          "What?" asked Brock confused more than ever.

After Logan picked up his claws, he vanished.

          "Again?" asked Brock with a sigh.

All of the sudden, a volley of electrical bursts began to pelt Brock.

          "What the?" asked Brock as he guarded from the attacks.

When the volley suddenly stopped, Logan appeared behind Brock, restraining his arms and legs.

          "How?" asked Brock.

          "I made you think something other then what I was truly doing," explained Logan, "now help us please."

          "Fine," signed Brock.

After Logan released Brock, Brock turned around.

          "Never hold back, finish as quickly as you can," said Brock.

          "Okay, fine...." said Logan as his weapons and armor disintegrated into nothing.


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