Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 7
Convos Are So Great

He must have noticed that I was coming because he smiled and mentioned for me to sit with him.

"umm. Hey do you mind if we talk some more?" I asked looking doubtful.

"No I do not mind go right ahead.†I would like to hear more about you." He said smiling that beautiful smile of his. Once he said that I was already turning red I dont know what it is about his accent but it makes me melt everytime†I hear it. I put my head down so that hopefully he would not notice. He did.

"Do you know that you are really cute when you are blushing?" He said leaning closer to me.

"Thank you. You are really the only one that makes me blush like this." I confessed.

"Good then I would kinda be mad if I heard that someone else made you blush."

"Wait are you getting jealous." I asked on the brink of laughing.

"Maybe. Is there someone that I should be jealous of?" He asked returning the smile he had on earlier.

"No. There is no one. I am sorry that I was about to laugh it's just that no one ever got jealous over me. I dont think they saw a reason to be." I told him

"Well someone should. I mean hopefully I am not being to assertive, but a beautiful and amazing girl like you should have boys lining up the sidewalk just to talk to you." He said chuckling at my shocked face.

"Umm. I don't know if I should thank you or smack you for saying that."

"Well shall we start learning about one another. Lets see... I like playing sports, watching movies, and taking long walks on the beach. My favorite hobby was playing my†bass but now it seems that seeing and making you blush seems more fun."

Blushing, I treid to come up with some answers but none came to mind.

"You know how to play the bass? I have one at home but I don't know how to play it." I said hoping that this would make him talk about other things that dont include me.

"Really? You do not seem like the†bass playing type. You seem like the going to the beach and tan type."

"Haha. I don't go tanning, the only thing I will do if I go to the beach is to swim in the water and to look for seashells with my little sister."

"Aww. you have a little sister. whats her name. How old is she?" This seemed to catch me off balance. Why is he asking me this many questions?

"Alorah. She is turning three this weekend."

"Cool. Are you having a party for her?"

Umm. yea the party is tommorrow at the beach at four thirty. You wanna come?"

"I don't know I don't want to be intruding." he said looking worried.

"No, I promise you they wont be mad and you wont be intruding. It is not like this party is going to be a giant thing. I mean I would like you to come because there will†be lots of little kids running around and I kinda need someone my age there to hang out with and to help make sure I do not go insane."

He chuckled. "Alright if you are sure about this then I will go to your little sisters birthday party."

"Oh my gosh thank you so much." I threw my arms around him and gave him a giant hug before I knew what I was doing. He did not seem to care as his arms went around me. One of his hands lifted up my chin as his face was coming closer to me. The kiss was amazing both sweet and soft. My arms moved from his chest and went around his neck and into his brown hair.


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