Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 25
An orc double battle

When the airship landed, they walked out of the airship and saw a tiger and a liger following an Orc.

          “Hey mister, what’s up with the cats?” asked Gan Xing.

          “Do you have a problem?” asked the Orc.

          “No, just curious…” said Gan Xing.

          “Curiosity killed the cat, kid,” interrupted the Orc.

          “But generosity brought it back,” said Logan.

          “You looking for a fight?” asked the Orc.

          “No, not really, we’re just looking for a way to remove this curse on my friend’s arm,” said Logan.

          “That’s easy, but if you want it you must beat me in battle,” said the Orc.

          “Fine, where and when…..and who?” asked Logan.

          “Right here, right now, and against him,” said the Orc as he pointed at Gan Xing.

          “Not him, he’s just a kid,” said Logan.

          “Fine by me,” said Gan Xing.

          “But the civilians,” said Logan.

          “They’re not my opponents, he is,” said the Orc.

          “Sorry folks, please stand back,” said Logan as he and everyone else pushed the crowd back.

          “You ready?” asked the Orc.

          “I’m ready,” said Gan Xing as he bowed and pulled out two small katanas.

Then the Orc pulled out a claymore.

          “Fighters ready?” asked Logan.

          “I’m not holding back,” said the Orc.

          “I guess I shouldn’t either,” said Gan Xing as he revealed his wings.

          “What are you?” asked the Orc.

          “A hume!” yelled Gan Xing as he flew into the sky, “Aero Burst!”

Then Gan Xing shot an invisible burst of air at Brock, but he just slashed through it.

          “So you can use magic,” said the Orc, “….so shall I, Sand Shower!”

After the Orc slashed upwards, a large piece of the ground turned into sand and shot at Gan Xing like a machine gun.

          “Aero Burst,” said Gan Xing as he shot a burst of air that deflected the sand.

          “Come down here and fight me without magic,” said the Orc.

          “Fine,” said Gan Xing as he flew to the ground.

So after fighting nonstop for a while, a group of imperial guards stepped in.

          “What’s this? A fight in our fair city?” asked an imperial.

          “Sorry, he called me, sir,” said Gan Xing.

          “Doesn’t matter, now fix this place,” said the imperial.

Then Gan Xing looked around.

          “Wow, we did make a mess,” said Gan Xing.

Then the Orc stomped his foot onto the ground. All of the sudden, the mess was absorbed into the ground and leveled out.

          “That was awesome,” said Gan Xing.

Then the Orc walked away with his tiger and his liger.

          “Meet me below the city at midnight,” whispered the Orc as he passed Logan.

          “What’s up with midnight?” asked Logan to himself.

          “What’s up with that?” asked Mercer.

          “Well, we might as well spend the night here, see if we can find him tomorrow,” said Logan.

          “Let’s ask another Orc, maybe it’s a racial knowledge,” said Sakaru.

So Sakaru walked up to a random Orc.

          “Excuse me miss, do you know of a powerful orcian curse,” said Sakaru.

          “Sorry, only the Amaterusa Clan can remove it,” said the female Orc.

          “Do you know anyone from this clan?” asked Sakaru.

          “Uh…mmm… I think that kid just faced off with Brock Amaterusa,” said the Orc.

          “Okay, thank you,” said Sakaru.

Then Logan opened his wristwatch.

          “What weapon and armor should I use?” thought Logan.

          “Something wrong?” asked Zhen.

          “Nope,” said Logan, “just got something to do.”

          “Let me guess, serious looks, saying you got something to do, you’re fighting Brock later,” said Zhen.

          “Fine, you got me, you can come, but I would prefer you wouldn’t,” said Logan.

          “Okay, I’m coming,” said Zhen.

          “Since I’m fighting Brock, go have fun without me tonight,” said Logan.

“Oh come on! Watching is like watch a suspense movie in 3-D,” said Mercer.

          “Fine, but I really preferred you didn’t come,” said Logan.

          “We’re coming!” said Mercer.

          “Fine, but we need to build something to protect you,” said Logan.

          “A stadium!” said Mercer.

          “Okay,” said Logan.

So once they got below the city, they used the trees to build a series of benches.

          “So when’s the fight?” asked Zhen.

          “Midnight,” said Logan.

          “Okay, what now?” asked Zhen.

          “We wait,” said Logan.

So everyone sat around and waited for Brock to arrive.

          “So you brought company,” said Brock.

          “Don’t worry about them, I’m your opponent,” said Logan.

To be continued...          “Fine by me,” said Brock.


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