Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 19
Vacation Time!

“Anyways, I need to go to the fighter’s guild,” said Mercer.

          “Alright, but bring Firestarter, well because of your paralysis,” said Logan.

          “Sure, I’ll even show him around,” said Mercer, “Firestarter.”

Then Firestarter came to Mercer.

          “I’ll give mine a red jewel or something so we can tell the difference,” said Logan.

          “Cool,” said Mercer as he left with Firestarter.

After Mercer and Firestarter got into his car, Mercer drove to the fighter’s guild. Along the way, Firestarter stuck his head out the window. Once they got there got there, Mercer and Firestarter went into the fighter’s guild.

          “What is that thing?” asked Xaihou as he went up to Mercer.

          “It’s my nine-tailed fox cub, Firestarter,” said Mercer.

          “But it only has three tails,” said Xaihou.

          “Yeah, I was wondering about that too,” said Mercer.

          “Right… So why are you here?” asked Xaihou.

          “I came to thank you for paralyzing my arm!” yelled Mercer.

          “That was all you, that chest had an orcian curse trap on it,” said Xaihou.

          “I didn’t tell you about any curses, traps or chests,” said Mercer.

          “Oh, mmm…” said Xaihou, “fine I sent you to the wrong place on purpose, I’m surprised you got past the bandits.”

          “That was the easy part,” said Mercer.

          “Those were my best men,” said Xaihou.

          “You’re a bandit leader?” asked Mercer.

          “So what, you’re not getting out of here alive,” said Xaihou.

          “Mmm… ready Firestarter?” asked Mercer.

Then Firestarter nodded.

          “Run!!” said Mercer as he and Firestarter ran for the door.

But four bandits blocked their way. Then Firestarter started to growl.

          “What is that puff ball going to do, growl us to submission?” said a 30 year old Orc male bandit as he smirked.

So three more bandits surrounded Mercer.

          “Crap, I can’t use my water,” thought Mercer.

All of the sudden, Firestarter started to glow with a fiery aura.

          “What’s this?” asked Xaihou.

          “I think, he’s mad,” said Mercer.

Then in a burst of flames, everyone, besides Mercer, was blown away. After the door was blown down, Firestarter fainted.

          “Thanks,” said Mercer as he knelt down next to Firestarter, “now let’s get out of here.”

Once Mercer picked up Firestarter, he ran out of the fighter’s guild as soon as possible. When he did get out, the fighter’s guild collasped.

          “Now I don’t have to kill them later,” said Mercer as he put Firestarter in the back seat.

Then Firestarter woke up.

          “Nice, I’m glad I brought you,” said Mercer as he got into the driver’s seat.

After he closed the door, he noticed his hand was stuck in the door again.

          “At least it acts like my seat belt,” said Mercer.

Then Firestarter laughed as well as an animal could.

When he got to Logan’s house, everyone came out.

          “What happened?” asked Zhen, “we heard an explosion.”

          “Are you okay?” asked Sakaru.

          “Yeah, I’m fine, thanks to Firestarter,” said Mercer as he got out of the car.

          “What happened over there?” asked Logan.   

          “It turns out the fighter’s guild was ran by the bandits of something,” said Mercer.

          “Fine, answer him…” whispered Zhen under her breath.

          “Really? …Doesn’t surprise me,” said Logan, “They were acting weird for a bit now.”

          “That reminds me, they knew nothing about the Blood Omens or the Empire,” said Mercer.

         “All my brother told me, is that the answers you seek is in hidden documents,” said Zhen.

          “We need to find these documents,” said Logan.

          “But where?” asked Mercer.

          “Hold on a sec,” said Zhen, “maybe we should take a short vacation, we are doing nothing but missions.”

          “You’re right, I guess we should take two days off,” said Logan.

          “What about my arm?” asked Mercer.

          “That’s the first thing we’ll do before we continue anything else, okay?” asked Logan.

          “Fine…” sighed Mercer.

          “Alright, where are we going?” asked Logan.

          “Why do you want to know?” asked Zhen.

          “So if something happens, I know where everyone is,” said Logan.

          “Fair enough,” said Zhen.

          “I’m staying with Mercer,” said Sakaru.

          “I’m probably going to hang with Ryu,” said Gan Xing.

          “I’m going to bed,” said Ryu.

          “Come on, that’s all you do,” said Gan Xing.

          “You can come with me,” said Logan.

          “Uh… I really don’t think I should interrupt your… well vacation with Zhen,” said Gan Xing.

Then Logan and Zhen looked at each other.

          “Now who said I’m going with Logan?” asked Zhen.

          “No one, I’m just saying, you two are…” said Gan Xing.

          “I’m going to the arena and relax there,” said Zhen as she stormed off.

          “What did I say?” asked Gan Xing.

          “You have a lot to learn about women,” said Ryu.

          “Who’s going to teach him?” asked Logan as he laughed, “You?”

          “I might, I have the wisdom over you,” said Ryu.

          “Right, that’s why you never had a girlfriend for more than a day,” said Logan.

          “This is stupid, I’ll teach him, after all, I’m a woman,” said Sakaru.

          “I wouldn’t like to rain on your parade, but would you like Sakaru as a teacher?” asked Logan.

          “Uh… sure…” said Gan Xing uneasily.

          “On that note I’m off,” said Ryu.

          “To where?” asked Logan.

          “My secret place,” said Ryu.

          “The strip bar?” asked Logan.

          “No!!” said Ryu.

          “You sure, you brought me there before,” said Logan.

          “Maybe,” thought Ryu as he walked off.


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