Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 17
Mercer's Ultimate Torture

Meanwhile, Mercer was at the fighter’s guild.

         “What’s up, Xaihou Yu?” asked Mercer as he went into the fighter’s guild training room.

          “Oh god, here he comes,” said Xaihou under his breath.

          “So, what’s ya doing?” asked Mercer.

          “You do realized you are banned from the fighter’s guild, right?” asked Xaihou.

          “I know, but I just came by to ask a few questions,” said Mercer.

          “About what?” asked Xaihou.

          “Private stuff,” said Mercer.

          “Here we go… I did not kill your pet with a lead pipe,” said Xaihou.

          “I know that,” said Mercer, “it’s about the Blood…”

          “Shut it… alright come with me,” said Xaihou as he led Mercer into an office.

          “An office?” asked Mercer, “with file cabinets and office stuff?”

          “You though we didn’t keep records?” asked Xaihou sarcastically, “anyways, how did you know about the Blood Omen clan?”

          “The Emperor told me to find them with Logan,” said Mercer, “That’s how we got out.”

          “Mmm… the forbidden files are in the dwarven mines, don’t ask why,” said Xaihou.

          “Okay… oh! Have you seen this fragment anywhere?” said Mercer as he pulled out a picture of Logan’s amulet fragment.

          “The legendary fire jewel, you know about it?” asked Xaihou.

          “It’s my friend’s mother’s amulet, it got broken and scattered.”

          “Once you get back, I’ll tell you about its location,” said Xaihou.

          “Okay,” said Mercer, “hold on… where is the dwarven mines?”

          “South,” said Xaihou.

          “Thanks,” said Mercer as he ran out.

          “If you get back,” laughed Xaihou silently.

          “Oh man, I want a car now,” said Mercer, “maybe Zhen will let me drive her car.”

Then Mercer pressed a button on his earphone.

          “Hey Logan you there?” asked Mercer.

But no one answered.

          “Must be busy,” said Mercer.

All of the sudden, Mercer’s earphone rang. So, Mercer pressed a button.

          “Logan?” asked Mercer.

          “No,” said a 21 year old Neko female, “I’m Sakis your personal secretary.”

          “Cool,” said Mercer, “so, where the hell were you?”

          “What do you mean?” asked Sakis.

          “My friend’s secretary already got us settled in,” said Mercer.

          “Oh, I was vacation and no one told me about this,” said Sakis.

          “Oh well, you’re here now, so what’s up?” asked Mercer.

          “Just called about the free item apparently,” said Sakis.

          “Really, what is it?” asked Mercer.

          “Uh… what do you want?” asked Sakis.

          “The new aqua snake car!” said Mercer.

          “Coming…” said Sakis.

Then someone drove up to Mercer in a sports car.

          “Here you go sir,” said a 32 year old forest elf male as he got out of the car.

          “Thanks, my good man,” said Mercer as he got into the car.

So Mercer drove south of the town, until he saw a big bronze door leading into a hill.

          “This looks like a mine,” said Mercer as he got of the car in front of the door.

Once he got to the door, he tried to open it.

          “Mmm…it’s locked,” said Mercer, “they always put a lever around here somewhere.”

After looking for a bit, he found a rusty lever right next to the door.

          “Here it is,” said Mercer.

Once he pulled the lever, the door clicked.

          “Cool, it’s open,” said Mercer, “a little rusty though.”

As he walked down the hallway inside the mine, he started to hear voices.

          “Someone’s here,” whispered Mercer as he hid behind a wall.

When he peeked around the corner, he saw several bandits.

          “Maybe I should wait and find out why they’re here,” thought Mercer.

          “So what’s the plan again?” asked a 29 year old Dwarf male.

          “I already told you three times, we are taking this to the black market,” said a 34 year old Hume as he pulled out a fragment of Logan’s amulet, “why did we even let you join our gang?”

          “I don’t think so,” said Mercer as he stepped out of the shadows.

          “Who the hell are you?” asked the Hume.

Once Mercer unsheathed his sword, he swiftly killed everyone bandit he could see. All of the sudden, an arrow barely skinned Mercer’s face.

          “Bad idea,” said Mercer as he ran up the wall leading to a 24 year old female Dark Elf archer.

When Mercer reached the archer, he slashed her off of the cliff. After he got back down, he went down several flights of stairs on the northwestern side of the mines.

          “That was awesome,” said Mercer as he continued to go down, “I can’t wait until I can tell Logan.”

After several turns and two rooms over, he found a chest.

          “Maybe it’s in here,” said Mercer as he opened it.

But as soon as he opened it, a dark purple flew out of the chest and stuck to Mercer’s left arm.

          “I can’t move it!” said Mercer as he freaked out.


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