Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 16
Spectral Lobo

So for awhile, Logan and Zhen blasted most of the Liches towards Kalob and Laria, while Kalob and Laria trapped them. But instead of trapping them, every Lich that Laria slashed, she absorbed.

          “I’m absorbing them?” asked Laria confused.

          “Mmm…that seems like good news,” said Logan as he blasted a Lich to Laria.

After absorbing several more Liches, Laria morphed into her Lamia form.

          “I got my powers back,” said Laria excitedly.

          “So what now?” asked Zhen, “they just keep on coming.”

          “There must be a source nearby,” said Logan, “we need to activate the spectral lobo’s special ability, specter walk.”

          “Okay, how?” asked Zhen.

          “That, I don’t know, but maybe it’s like the magic rule,” said Logan, “Kalob, Laria protect us please.”

          “Okay,” said Kalob and Laria.

So Logan and Zhen began meditating.

          “So how long is this going to take?” asked Kalob as he and Laria fought off the Liches.

After a few moments, Zhen disappeared into the ground.

          “What the hell?” asked Logan.

Then Zhen appeared in mid-air.

          “It’s actually like my shadow step,” said Zhen, “just think of a ghost and take a step.”

After Zhen disappeared, Logan closed his eyes and meditated real quick. When Logan moved, he faded into the air.

          “Oh great, they left us,” said Kalob angrily.

          “No, just helping us somewhere else,” said Laria as she continued to fight the Liches.

Once Logan and Zhen traveled through a dark tunnel, they enter Nu Ran again, but everything was silver and light blue.

          “So this is the spectral realm,” said Logan as he looked around.

          “Why are we here, besides sightseeing,” said Zhen.

          “We’re beating them at their own game,” said Logan, “and we need to find the one who are summoning the Liches, Laria shouldn’t have made this many.”

          “So where do you think the summoner is?” asked Zhen.

          “Mmm…” said Logan, “it seems to be coming from the street in front…Laria’s…house…”

          “Of course,” said Zhen.

Once they phased through the street, they found a tomb.

          “Seems like a tomb for someone,” said Zhen as she stayed next to Logan.

Then a necromancer walked onto a stone table with a red cloth on the middle.

          “For revenge, I call the spirits of my ancestors, the Nechrophs Clan,” said the necromancer.

Then several Liches came out of an urn on the necromancer’s back.

          “So that’s how they appeared, an urn that’s probably carrying ashes,” said Logan.

          “Who’s there?” asked the necromancer.

          “He can hear us?” asked Zhen in a whisper.

          “Stay here,” whispered Logan.

Then Logan flew out of the ceiling.

          “A ghost of a mechanical dog?” asked the necromancer, “strange.”

After Logan howled, he turned around and phased through the ceiling.

          “Okay, what now?” asked Zhen once they were above ground.

          “We go,” said Logan.

So Logan and Zhen exited the spectral realm.

          “Laria, there is a necromancer below this street,” said Logan.

          “So that’s why,” sighed Laria, “I thought it was me.”

          “Who is he?” asked Logan.

          “My ex-boyfriend several years ago,” said Laria, “he was nuts!”

          “His soul must have revived him,” said Logan.

          “Time to kill him again,” said Zhen.

          “How? He can’t die,” said Laria, “believe me I’ve tried.”

          “Then how did you defeat him?” asked Logan.

          “Uh…I took his soul,” said Laria, “duh.”

          “We need a blood soul cryst,” said Logan.

          “I think I have one,” said Laria as she went into her house.

          “So why do we need a blood soul cryst?” asked Kalob.

          “It’s the only cryst that can trap upper level humanoid souls,” said Logan, “so I’ve heard.”

          “You had some didn’t you?” asked Zhen.

          “How do you think I got my enchanted weapons?” asked Logan, “oh yeah, Laria cannot do this, she might turn evil again.”

When Laria came back, she gave a black and red cryst to Logan.

          “It was in the basement,” said Laria.

          “Wait a minute, the basement?” asked Logan as he looked at Zhen.

          “Did you see anyone down there?” asked Zhen.

          “No, why?” asked Laria.

          “Doesn’t your basement come out to here?” asked Logan as he stood in the middle of the street.

          “Yeah, why?” asked Laria.

          “He must only be in the spectral realm,” said Logan.

          “Let’s go then,” said Zhen as she slashed the air with her claws.

All of the sudden, the slash marks in the air turned into a dark gate.

          “Nice trick, so everyone coming?” asked Logan.

          “Yep,” said Kalob as he jumped into the gate first.

          “If he’s coming, I’m coming too,” said Laria as she jumped into the gate.

After Logan and Zhen went into the gate at the same time, all of them flew down the dark tunnel.

          “He’s down there but stay out of sight until the time is right,” said Logan as he gave Kalob the blood soul cryst.

So Logan and Zhen phased through the concrete and flew in front of the necromancer.

          “Mmm…they’re back,” said the necromancer.

          “Spectral howl!!” said Logan as he shot a bluish silver beam towards the urn.

Then a Lich moved in front of the urn, but the beam shot through the Lich and destroyed the Lich.

          “How dare you, ghost mutt!!” said the necromancer, “Spectral Ruin!”

Then several dark waves spiraled out of the necromancer’s arm, but it went through Logan.

          “How can this be, that should of destroyed your ecto-plasmic make-up,” said the necromancer.

          “I’m not a ghost, I’m a rare species, Spectral Lobo!” said Logan.

          “Never heard of them,” said the necromancer, “but how can you be here without being dead?”

          “I don’t really know,” said Logan, “but try this out, Specter Thunder!”

Then a blue lightning ark wave flew towards the necromancer. All of the sudden, Kalob lunged out from the lightning. So Kalob stabbed the necromancer with Laria’s soul sucker dagger.

          “Is that supposed to hurt?” asked the necromancer.

          “Not trying to hurt you,” said Kalob as he pulled out the blood soul cryst, “although that will be a nice constellation prize.”

          “That will trap us both in this realm,” said the necromancer.

          “My necklace makes me immune to soul trapping effects,” said Kalob as the necromancer was absorbed into the blood soul cryst.

          “Alright, let’s get out of here, I’m hungry,” said Logan as he, Zhen, Kalob and Laria phased through the ceiling and onto the street.

After everyone got through the concrete, Logan slashed the air, but nothing happened.

          “I’ll do it,” smiled Zhen as she slashed the air in front of her.

When the gate was opened, everyone went through the gate, and entered the real world.

          “Thank you for all your help,” said Laria as she morphed into a Neko.

          “You’re welcome,” said Logan as he and Zhen took off their shrouds.

          “So do you know anything about the Blood Omen or the war?” asked Zhen.

          “I don’t,” said Kalob.

          “I heard that they’re in a volcano or something, but I don’t know where,” said Laria.

          “Cool, that’s all we wanted, thanks,” said Logan.

After Logan and Zhen turned around, Logan saw Zhen’s car and his house return to normal.


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