Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 14
False theif and trouble

Once they got to the arena, Logan saw two people fighting in the arena.

          “Mmm…Kat and Calypso,” said Zhen as she went into the fighter’s room.

But Logan stared into the arena.

          “What?” asked Zhen.

          “Kat has the fragment,” said Logan.

          “Let’s go see the new Bloodmaster about this,” said Zhen.

When they got into the fighter’s room, they saw a 42 year old Dwarf male training a 27 year old Neko male.

          “Are you the new Bloodmaster?” asked Zhen.

          “Yeah, what of it?” asked the Dwarf as he continued to train the Neko, “who’s asking?”

          “Logan Vosamaki, and Zhen Ju,” said Logan.

Then the dwarf turned around.

          “The ultimate fighters!” said the Dwarf, “I’m Razai, the temp around here.”

          “I’m still the Bloodmaster of this arena?” asked Zhen.

          “You forgot to resign…” said Razai, “so why are ya’ll here?”

          “We’re looking for a fragment to this,” said Logan as he pulled out his piece of the amulet that he had.

          “That would be Kat, the gladiator of these parts,” said Razai.

          “So where would she be right now?” asked Logan, “Since she finished her match.”

          “Probably heading home right now,” said Razai, “her house is just outside the Nu Ran Aerodrome.”

          “Thanks,” said Logan.

After they left the arena and got into Zhen’s car, they went to the Nu Ran Aerodrome. Once they got there, they saw a 28 year old Neko female walk into a house.

          “Seems like the place,” said Logan.

When they parked in front of the building, they got out of the car and knocked on the door.

          “Yes?” asked the female Neko as she opened the door.

          “Are you Kat from the arena?” asked Logan.

          “Yes,” said Kat.

          “Do you have something like this?” asked Logan as he pulled out his piece of the amulet.

          “How did you get that?” asked Kat.

          “My mother gave me an amulet but ogres fragmented it,” said Logan.

          “Well, my boyfriend gave me this,” said Kat as she pulled out her piece.

          “Okay,” said Logan as he began walking towards the car sadly.

          “Wait, you’re not going to ask for it?” asked Kat confused.

          “Hey, it must be pretty valuable to you, so I can’t take it,” said Logan as he continued to the car.

          “Seriously?” asked Zhen as she stood near Kat.

          “How about this, I’ll give you this if you can bring me my boyfriend to me,” said Kat, “he’s usually at the arena but I couldn’t find him.”

          “What’s his name?” asked Logan as he stopped and looked at Kat.

          “Kalob,” said Kat.

          “Alright,” said Logan, “I’ll report back as soon possible.”

          “Thanks,” smiled Kat as she closed the door.

          “So the arena?” asked Zhen.

          “Yep,” said Logan, “let’s ask Razai of this.”

After Logan and Zhen got back into the car, they went back to the arena. When they got into the fighter’s room in the arena, Razai’s student ran off.

          “Kalob, what the hell?” asked Razai.

          “That was Kalob?” asked Logan, “we need to hurry!”

Then Logan and Zhen ran after Kalob and followed him into an alleyway. After a bit, they ran into a dead end.

          “Why were you chasing me?” asked Kalob.

          “Why were you running?” asked Zhen.

          “I thought you guys were imperial spies,” said Kalob.

          “No, just people hired by your girlfriend,” said Logan.

          “So, she told you?” asked Kalob.

          “Told us what?” asked Zhen.

          “The fact I stole something I wasn’t supposed to,” said Kalob.

          “You stole something you weren’t supposed to?” asked Zhen.

          “She didn’t tell you, did she?” asked Kalob.

          “No,” said Logan, “so what did you steal?”

          “Her family heirloom, the soul dagger,” said Kalob.

          “How dare you!!” yelled Zhen.

          “Explain,” said Logan, “tell us your side of the story.”

          “Some thief stole the dagger, but they blamed me because they knew I was in the thieves’ guild,” said Kalob, “so I ran.”

          “What next?” asked Logan.

          “I don’t know,” said Kalob, “but I stayed away from big cities.”

          “So, if you come with us, we’ll put in a good word for you,” said Logan.

          “I won’t,” said Zhen angrily.

          “Fine, I will,” said Logan.

          “Fine…” sighed Kalob.

Once they got back to the arena, they saw imperial guards looking around.

          “Mmm…” said Logan.

          “Okay, what now?” asked Zhen.

          “It’s shroud time,” said Logan.

          “Cool, what ya got?” asked Zhen.

          “Just one, it’s a dog,” said Logan ,”Kalob, put it on.”

          “Okay,” said Kalob as he put on the shroud.

All of the sudden, Kalob turned into a Labrador retriever.

          “Let’s go,” said Logan.

When Logan, Zhen and Kalob started to walk to the car, two guards saw them.

          “Hey you!!” yelled a guard as he ran to Logan and Zhen.

          “Shit,” thought Logan, “yes?”

          “Have you seen this Neko?” asked the guard.

          “Nope, sorry,” said Logan.

          “All right, have a nice day,” said the guard.

          “You too,” said Zhen as they walked to the car.

After they got into the car, Kalob took off his shroud.

          “Let’s go,” said Zhen as she drove to Kat’s house.

After they knocked on the door, Logan sensed something.

          “Kalob, use this and hide, quickly,” said Logan as he threw a shroud to Kalob.

After Kalob put on the shroud and hid as quickly as he could, Kat opened the door.

          “Did you find him?” asked Kat.

          “Yes, but he ran off and escaped,” said Logan.

          “Why? He didn’t do anything,” said Kat.

          “Then why send imperials?” asked Logan.

          “I got worried,” said Kat.

          “What you couldn’t trust us?” asked Zhen.

          “Duck!!” yelled Logan.


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