Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 12
Demonic Bounty


          “Why do you want Sakaru?” asked Mercer angrily.

          “I’m a bounty hunter and someone has put one big bounty on that thing’s head,” said the hunter, “now step aside.”

          “No!!” said Mercer as he stood in front of Sakaru.

Then Logan started to charge electricity in his hands.

          “No, I’ll fight this guy,” said Mercer as he swung his gauntlet in front of his face, “you’re done.”

All of a sudden, a blade grew out of the gauntlet, away from his hand. Then ice began to creep along the gauntlet and onto the blade.

          “Do you think that trick will work on me?” asked the hunter, “I know sorcery was lost to you mortals.”

          “No…” said Mercer.

          “Stop fooling around, and kill him,” interrupted Logan.

When Mercer looked at Logan, Logan winked.

          “You right this is a trick,” said Mercer, “but you’re still not getting Sakaru!!”

Then Logan sat down on a rock several feet away from Mercer.

          “Hey Sakaru, over here,” said Logan.

When Sakaru started to move towards Logan, the hunter started to run after her.

          “I don’t think so,” said Mercer.

Once Sakaru stopped, an ice shield stopped the blade as the hunter slashed at her.

          “What’s this?” asked the hunter.

          “My power,” said Mercer seriously.

          “I guess the arts weren’t lost after all,” said the hunter as he ripped his sword from the ice, “I suppose another mantle won’t hurt.”

All of the sudden, silver flames started to envelop around the hunter’s sword.

          “I dare you! You will never get Sakaru while I’m here,” said Mercer

          “I’ll fix that soon enough,” said the hunter as he flung the flames towards Mercer.

But Mercer used water to cut through the flames.

          “How is it possible?” asked Sakaru as she sat next to Logan, “he’s not getting burned at all.”

          “It appears that the water he is summoning, is dowsing the flames,” said Logan to Sakaru.

Then water started to gather around Mercer’s left arm, the arm without the gauntlet, and formed an ice blade around his arm.

          “I see, you’re more powerful than I first imagined, no matter,” said the hunter.

As dark spikes tore through the hunter’s clothes, his face was revealed.

          “Oh no,” said Sakaru stunned in fear.

          “What?” asked Logan.

          “He’s a Geni-demon,” said Sakaru.

          “A what?” asked Logan.

          “They are one of the few demon lords first to arrive on Gian,” said Sakaru.

          “Oh yeah, I’ve heard about them, but nothing is reassuring,” said Logan, “but Mercer can handle this.”

          “And I thought this would be too easy,” said Mercer as the hunter grew in size.

          “Witness my true form,” said the hunter as he grew two extra arms, “bound hell blades; Gigas sword, Wroth Spear, Corrupt Claw, Dethbringer.”

          “Oh shit, now I worry,” said Logan as he got up, “those weapons are the most powerful in all of lore.”

          “Stay back, I said I’ll handle this,” said Mercer as he dodged the blades.

          “You’ll die!!” said Sakaru.

          “Now that’s a risk I’m willing to take,” said Mercer as he continued to dodge the blades.

          “Alright, but remember our training,” said Logan.

          “What the hell?” asked Sakaru, “you’re just going to let him kill himself?”

          “Yeah, for you,” said Logan.

Then Sakaru stepped off and looked down in worry.

          “Don’t worry, if it gets out of control, I’ll step in and save him for ya,” said Logan.

          “Okay, you better,” said Sakaru.

Then the hunter started to attack in combos. As the hunter swung his weapons, Mercer blocked each one with ice, but it was useless, every attack went through. After the hunter finished the combo, he slammed Mercer into a tree.

          “Mercer!!” yelled Sakaru.

When a thin layer of purple aura surrounded Sakaru, it disappeared. All of the suddenly wings tore out of her back and covered her body. As she grew in size, fur started to grow from the wings. Once she let out a bone chilling roar, she ripped her wings apart.

          “You will pay,” said Sakaru angrily.

          “And I’ll help,” said Mercer as he got out of the tree.

          “Mercer!” said Sakaru, “you’re alive!”

          “You can’t get rid of me that easily,” said Mercer, “now let’s kill him.”

          “Sakaru, here use this,” said Logan as he gave Sakaru his thunder great sword.

          “Thanks,” said Sakaru as she wielded the great sword with one hand.

          “I will have some nice trophies tonight,” said the hunter as he charged at Sakaru.

          “Hydro Missile!!” yelled Mercer as water shot him towards Sakaru, “go up!!”

After Sakaru nodded, she caught Mercer and flew up.

          “Ready?” asked Sakaru.

          “Yep,” said Mercer.

After Sakaru reached a high altitude, she began to dive towards the hunter with Mercer.

          “Blood Moon Ark!!” yelled Sakaru.

          “Backlash Tsunami!” yelled Mercer as the moon turned red and red water surround him and Sakura.

As they got closer to the hunter, the water started to emit electricity. When the hunter blocked the water, Mercer and Sakaru slashed the hunter with yell.

Once the hunter’s weapons flew away from the impact, the red water flooded him and electrified him. When the hunter fell down, Mercer caught Sakaru and landed safely using his water. After they landed, Sakaru turned into her Shakti form.

          “I guess I used too much mana,” said Sakaru as she fainted.

          “I suppose we should home now,” said Logan as he picked up his great sword.

After Logan caught up with Mercer, the hunter got up.

          “I will not die,” said the hunter as tried to grabbed Logan, Mercer and Sakaru.

All of a sudden, an arrow went straight through the hunter’s head.

          “Who’s there?” asked Logan as he looked at Nu Ran.

          “The Imperial Guard,” said a voice as a squad of imperial guards appeared.

          “You guys okay?” asked a guard.

          “Yeah, we’re fine,” said Logan.

          “What about her?” asked the guard.

          “She’s really tired,” said Mercer.

          “So what was this thing?” asked Logan.

          “Nothing anymore apparently,” said another guard, “look.”

When everyone looked at the hunter’s body, the body started to melt, only leaving bones.

          “Looks like a necromancer’s work,” said the imperial guard chief.

          “Yeah, so we’re going to head home now,” said Logan, “after all it’s getting late.”

          “Okay, have a nice night then,” said the chief as Logan and Mercer, who was still carrying Sakaru, left.

Once they got home, Mercer put Sakaru on the couch. Afterwards, Ryu came downstairs.

          “What happened?” asked Ryu.

          “It just got a little rough with Geni-demons and all,” said Logan as he went to Ryu, “here are some scans we got.”

          “Quite a few,” said Ryu.

          “Yeah, so let’s get started,” said Logan as he went upstairs, “You coming, Mercer?”

          “No, I’ll stay here,” said Mercer.

          “She just needs some rest, relax,” said Logan.

          “I suppose you’re right, but I’ll spend the night down here,” said Mercer.

          “Okay, see ya in the morning,” said Logan.


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