Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 10
Hybrid in the shadows

Meanwhile, Mercer was heading to an abandoned house.

          “Man, I wanted to kill someone…” sighed Mercer as he approached the abandoned house, seemingly depressed.

After he unlocked the door to the house, an odd gust of air blew by Mercer.

          “What the hell?” asked Mercer to himself in confusion, “oh well...”

Once Mercer closed and relocked the door, he headed to the basement door. When he opened the door, the burst of air blew by again.

          “Must have had this place vacuumed seal to keep the dead smell from leaking,” said Mercer as he walked down some rotting stairs to the basement, “it does have a lemony scent going.”

Then Mercer reached a strange door with an intimidating demon face on the top of the door and a row of dark flames on the bottom.

          “What is the color of night?” asked a voice in a long creepy sigh.

          “Sanguine… just let me in, Bob,” said Mercer as he rolled his eyes.

Then the demon door opened its eyes, groggily.

          “Sorry, I was tired,” yawned Bob.

         “Just let me in or else I’ll demote you to dog door again,” said Mercer with an angry expression.

          “Really?” asked Bob scared.

          “Of course not,” chuckled Mercer with an odd smile.

Then the door sighed in relief.

          “It will be the bathroom door this time,” said Mercer seriously.

Then the door opened. When Mercer walked through the door, a 27 year old forest elf(a light skinned Elven race) female, wearing dark clothes, walked up to Mercer.

          “Welcome, Shadow King Mercer,” said the forest elf as she bowed in respect.

          “I told you, Lilith, call me Mercer,” said Mercer, “and relax, I’m not here to kill anyone.”

Since this specific hideout had some betrayal situations in the past, this hideout is rumoured to be annihilated by the Shadow Kings. 

          “Then why are you here?” asked Lilith, curiously.

          “I need some info on the current emperor and something on the upcoming war,” said Mercer.

          “Try Paine, I think she’s in the training room,” said Lilith.

          “Thanks,” said Mercer as he left.

So Mercer went to a big double door on the southwest of the hideout and opened it.

          “Paine?” asked Mercer into the open.

          “Who’s asking?” asked a 22 year old dark elf female as she turned around.

          “The Shadow King,” said Mercer.

          “You have to be lying, Cao Ju was the previous Shadow King and I’ve heard no one claimed the title yet,” laughed Paine, doubting Mercer’s story.

Then a 25 year old Draken (a human with draconic wings) male walked up to Paine.

          “Be nice, he is the Shadow King. He just got out from prison,” said the Draken.

          “Wait, you’re Mercer Sobek?” asked Paine, realizing the trouble she’s in, “I’m so sorry for being so rude.”

          “This ought to be fun,” thought Mercer as he winked at the Draken.

After the Draken nodded, Mercer pull out a rusty short sword.

          “Oh shit, it’s the end of existence, run!!” said the Draken terrified, as he ran out of the room.

          “Do you know anything about the empire or the upcoming war?” asked Mercer with a ghastly voice as he pointed the sword at Paine.

          “No, but try Sakaru, that’s her area of expertise,” said Paine scared.

All of the sudden, Mercer broke out laughing, unable to contain his fearsome expression.

          “What?” asked Paine confused.

          “You should of seen your face,” laughed Mercer, hysterically.

Then the Draken came back laughing as well.

          “He does this to new recruits or people that doubt him,” said the Draken.

          “How did you know?” asked Paine confused.

          “This is my man, Zack,” said Mercer, “he’s the most reliable person here, to the right people.”

          “Anyways, Sakaru is in her room down the hall, south of the main door,” said Paine, calming down from Mercer’s prank.

          “Thanks,” said Mercer as he left.

When Mercer left the training room, he went to a dark hall south of Bob.

          “Damn, this is dark,” said Mercer as he tried to see in the complete darkness that shrouded the hall.

          “Who dares disturb me?” asked a female voice from the shadows.

          “Mercer Sobek, Shadow King,” said Mercer.

          “So, what do you want?” asked the voice.

          “Some info about the Empire and the upcoming war,” said Mercer.

          “What if I do, what would you do?” asked the voice as a dim light revealed a face.

          “A werepyre?” asked Mercer, shocked as the darkness started to fade.

          “How do you know that word?” asked the werepyre, angrily.

          “I’ve seen you before, at the gallows,” said Mercer.

          “You!!” said the werepyre, realizing who Mercer was.

          “How’s your wing?” asked Mercer affectionately.

          “Much better, thanks,” said the werepyre.

          “So Sakaru, do you have a human form?” asked Mercer, “it may help lower attention when you go out next time.”

          “No…” said Sakaru, confused.

          “Want one?” asked Mercer, “it might help during the day too.”

          “Really,” said Sakaru, not caring about Mercer’s offer.

          “Hold on, I’ll see,” said Mercer as he pressed a button on his earphone, “Logan?”

          “Yes?” answered Logan.

          “Let’s go shroud hunting,” smiled Mercer.

          “Hold on,” said Logan.

          “Okay,” said Mercer.

          “Hey, Ryu!!” yelled Logan.

          “Yeah, Logan?” asked Ryu faintly in the background.

          “Remember shrouds?” asked Logan.

          “Yes,” said Ryu in the background.

          “Cool, me and Mercer are going shroud hunting,” said Logan.

          “Let me find my kit first,” said Ryu in the background.

          “Do you have a creature in mind?” asked Logan to Mercer.

          “Not really,” said Mercer, “by the way, I’m bringing a friend.”

          “Cool, the more the merrier,” said Logan, “see ya when you get here.”

Then Logan hung up on the earphone.

          “You ready to leave?” asked Mercer, “We’re heading to a house in Nu Ran.”

          “Okay,” said Sakaru as she wrapped her wings around her body like a cloak, “now where’s that hood?”

Once she found it, she put it on.

          “Nice illusion,” said Mercer.

          “I use it when I go out,” said Sakaru.


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