Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 8
House in the forest

          “Good to be back,” said Logan as he bowed in response.

          “Is this your sensei and apprentice?” asked Zhen.

          “Who are you?” asked the older Hume.

          “Zhen Ju,” said Zhen

          “Greetings, sister of the Emperor,” said the older Hume as he knelt down, “I’m Ryu Sharaisu.”

          “And I’m Gan Xing,” said Gan Xing as he knelt as well.

          “Wait a minute, you’re teaching a kid?” asked Zhen.

          “Hey, he asked,” said Logan.

          “What about his parents?” asked Zhen.

          “His mother was murdered by the Blood Omen, and his father died of poisoning a few months later,” said Logan, “I found him on the streets alone, so I decided to take him in.”

          “That was nice of you,” said Zhen.

          “I’m still ever so grateful for your kindness,” said Gan Xing.

          “Stop this act, be yourself,” said Logan.

          “Really?” asked Gan Xing as he looked up at Zhen.

          “He’s only doing this because you’re the Emperor’s sister,” said Logan.

Then Zhen knelt down.

          “Yeah, you can stop,” smiled Zhen.

          “Thank you,” sighed Gan Xing, “I don’t know how long I could keep that up, Empress.”

          “Don’t call me that,” said Zhen, “call me Zhen.”

          “Okay, Zhen,” smiled Gan Xing.

          “Wow, it’s getting dark already,” said Zhen as she stood up.

Then Gan Xing and Ryu got up as well.

          “So?” asked Logan, “this is when the fun begins.”

          “Like what?” asked Zhen.

          “Covert mission time!!” yelled Mercer excited, “it’s been awhile since we did this.”

          “You’re assassins?” asked Zhen.

          “No, we’re freelancers who need money,” said Logan as he winked.

          “And covert missions are tons of fun!” said Mercer.

          “So you in?” asked Logan.

          “I guess so,” said Zhen, “after all, my brother and I were in the shadow clan for a bit.”

          “You were in the shadows?” asked Logan.

          “Now I remember the Ju names,” said Rasputin, “Cao Ju raised the ranks while Logan and Mercer was away.”

          “Yeah, but I trailing right behind him…” said Zhen.

          “Yeah, but Cao was one of the few to meet the shadow priestess.”

          “So you were in the shadows and didn’t tell us?” asked Mercer angrily.

          “I wanted to see if you were in the shadows before I could tell you,” said Zhen.

          “Oh right,” said Mercer.

          “So, Rasputin, how long ago did Cao quit?” asked Zhen.

          “Three years ago,” said Rasputin.

          “The shadows might know something about this war,” said Logan.

          “So what’s the plan?” asked Gan Xing.

          “Mercer will go to the shadows and find out what’s up, I’ve got to go to a house in the forest and the rest of you do missions for cash,” said Logan.

          “And me?” asked Zhen.

          “Whatever pleases you,” said Logan.

          “I’ll go with you,” said Zhen.

          “Okay, any questions?” asked Logan.

          “Yeah, why aren’t all of us going to the shadows?” asked Zhen.

          “We need money,” said Logan.

          “And Gan Xing and I aren’t in the shadows,” said Ryu.

          “Oh okay,” said Zhen.

          “Why am I going to the shadows?” asked Mercer.

          “Well, the shadow king must make an appearance and get the shadows back in order,” said Logan.

          “Oh okay, I’m all set,” said Mercer.

          “Let’s go!!” said Logan as everyone, besides him and Zhen, ran off.

          “But first, I should you settled into our cozy home,” said Logan.

          “Okay, but don’t try anything,” said Zhen.

          “Of course not,” said Logan, “watch this.”

When they got to the hall of rooms, Logan went to an empty wall.

          “Alakazam!” said Logan as a door was molded from the wall.

          “What the hell was that?” asked Zhen.

          “The magic words in order to form a new room,” said Logan as he tried to hold back a laugh.

          “Really?” asked Zhen.

          “No, not really,” said Logan, “I’d thought it would be a nice prank.”

          “Logan, that was horrible,” said Zhen seriously.

          “Really? I thought it was funny,” said Logan, “anyways, you can set up after we return.”

          “Ok,” said Zhen.

So Logan and Zhen got into Zhen’s car and drove into the forest north of Nu Ran. After Logan drove to an edge of a cliff, he got out of the car.

          “What are we doing here?” asked Zhen.

          “Shh, this is ogre territory,” said Logan, “get down.”

So Logan and Zhen laid down on the edge of the cliff. Then Zhen noticed a house on the bottom off the cliff.

          “So is this the house?” asked Zhen, “what could be here?”

          “My mother’s amulet,” said Logan.

          “Oh, by the way, what’s up with the name Logan, anyways?” asked Zhen.

          “Don’t know, but my parents came from Gaia before I was born,” said Logan.

          “Oh,” said Zhen.

Then several ogres (larger and less civilized versions of Orcs) came out of the house.

          “We need to take out these ogres quickly and silently as possible,” said Logan, “we can’t alert the boss.”

          “So attack from the shadows and not be seen,” said Zhen.

          “Yeah,” said Zhen.

          “Fine, turn around and don’t look back at all,” said Zhen.

          “Why?” asked Logan.

          “Just do it,” said Zhen.

          “Fine,” said Logan as he turned around and shut his eyes.


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