Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 7
Dangerous pets

          “So you’re free,” said the dark figure.

          “Nightmaster, why are you here?” asked Logan, not wanting the figure’s presence.

          “An out of prison mission,” said Nightmaster.

          “Oh man, we just got here,” said Mercer, not wanting to do much.

          “Just get settled in and come by the hideout, Shadowkings,” said Nightmaster.

          “Good, we just got here and we have a guest with us,” said Logan.

          “I thought we had to leave town again,” sighed Mercer in relief.

          “Not yet anyways,” said Nightmaster as he vanished in a puff of black smoke.

After Logan gave a signal to Zhen, she got out of the car.

          “So who was that?” asked Zhen.

          “Sorry, that’s classified info,” said Logan as he turned the doorknob in many directions.

          “What, you can’t trust me?” asked Zhen as she stood behind Logan.

          “Sorry, guild rules,” said Logan.

          “Shut up!!” said Mercer, angrily.

          “What guild?” asked Zhen.

          “I already told you too much,” said Logan as he stopped turning the doorknob.

          “Come on, why not?” asked Zhen, “You’re my sensei!”

          “I already told you, guild rules,” said Logan.

          “Fine…” said Zhen.

All of the sudden, a number pad came out of the doorbell button.

          “I locked the place up, so thieves couldn’t get my stuff,” said Logan.

          “K,” said Zhen.

When the door opened, it revealed a huge room.

          “Damn, it’s bigger then it is outside,” said Zhen stunned by the sheer size of the room.

          “My dad enchanted the door to teleport us to my actual house,” said Logan.

          “And if you don’t know the code?” asked Zhen.

          “It sends you to an empty house,” said Logan, “the code is 0177.”

          “Cool,” said Zhen.

          “The bedrooms are upstairs, the training room is downstairs and everything else is on this floor,” said Logan.

          “Okay,” said Zhen, “what now?”

          “I’ll set you up and Mercer will find every one,” said Logan.

          “Found one,” said Mercer as he stomped his foot on the floor.

All of the sudden, a Gekoshakti (a race similar to Shakti, with little differences) fell from the ceiling.

          “How long have you been here?” asked Mercer.

          “Since you left,” said the Gekoshakti.

          “So you were my housekeeper,” said Logan.

          “More or less,” said the Gekoshakti.

          “Fine, but if I find one spec of shit in my chandeliers again, you are dead,” said Logan, angrily.

          “You probably want to go clean up, Rasputin,” said Mercer as Rasputin ran off.

          “Now I wonder, where’s my sensei and apprentice?” asked Logan.

          “Wait, they live here too?” asked Zhen.

          “Yeah, it’s a full house,” said Logan, “but Mercer and I usually keep it running.”

          “Really, well I guess that’s kinda cruel if you two do everything in the house,” said Zhen.

          “Yeah well, that’s life,” said Logan.

          “And it’s fun,” said Mercer.

          “Okay, so, Logan, are you going get me settled in or what?” asked Zhen, “or am I sleeping on the couch until you do?”

          “Oh shit!!” said Mercer, worried.

          “What?” asked Logan.

          “Drago and Rycoon,” said Mercer.

          “Shit!!” said Logan as he ran upstairs.

Once Mercer ran off, Zhen ran after Logan.

          “Stand back,” said Logan as he opened a door.

All of the sudden, a small, dull yellow dragon ran out of the room.

          “Hey Drago!” said Logan as Drago jumped onto Logan.

          “Wait a minute, a dragon?” asked Zhen shocked, “aren’t they illegal as pets?”

          “I got permit,” said Logan.

          “Oh really?” asked Zhen, doubtful of Logan’s excuse.

          “As long as he’s fire-trained,” said Logan.

          “Okay… how did you get Drago?” asked Zhen.

          “I found him out in the forest, while I was training,” said Logan.

          “So?” asked Zhen.

          “I felt bad so I took him in,” said Logan, “he was alone.”

Then Mercer, with a big dragon-like creature with six spikes on his back, and Rasputin walked up to Logan and Zhen.

          “Another dragon?” asked Zhen.

          “I wanted one so my uncle got me one,” said Mercer.

          “I kept them well fed,” said Rasputin.

          “So it seems,” said Logan as he put down Drago.

Then a 16 year old Hume with brownish, big spiky hair, wearing a white shirt with grey designs, and a 32 year old Hume with white small spiky hair with five black diamonds crossing the center horizontally, wearing a dark cloak, walked up to Logan.

          “We’ve heard you came back,” said the older Hume.

          “Welcome back sensei,” said the younger Hume as he bowed.


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