Final Future
Author: Narugan

Chapter 2
Lost Art of Sorcery

          “I’ll show you soft!!” yelled Mercer angrily as he went to the woman.

          “Calm down, Mercer,” said Logan as he sat down.

          “Fine,” said Mercer as he walked away, angrily.

          “Like I said, too soft,” said the woman as she smirked.

          “So, who are you?” asked Logan.

          “I am this arena’s Bloodmaster and ultimate fighter, Zhen Ju,” said Zhen.

          “Well then, you should keep that jaw in place when I get into the arena,” said Logan seriously, “my power is beyond your imagination.”

          “Why you!!” yelled Zhen as she attacked the cell.

          “By the way, our match starts…now,” said Logan.

Then two doors, on the west side of the cell, opened.

          “How?” asked Zhen as she backed away, shocked.

          “Nice trick,” said Mercer as he and Logan went into the arena.

 “If only you knew…” said Logan under his breath.

          “Now entering the ex-convicts, Logan Vosamaki and Mercer Sobek,” said the announcer over the microphone.

          “Oh yeah!!” yelled Mercer as the crowd cheered.

          “And their opponent, the mean, the bad, and the ugly, Habis the berserker,” said the announcer.

Then an Orc (a dark green humanoid, barbaric race) entered on the opposite side of the arena.

          “I will crush your skulls!” yelled Habis as he drew out his axe.

          “Then try!” yelled Mercer as he drew his sword.

          “You can have this one,” said Logan as he sat down.

          “Okay, suit yourself,” said Mercer as he ran towards Habis.

But, when Mercer got close, Habis hit him into a wall.

          “Too easy,” said Habis.

          “I suppose I should meditate,” said Logan as he began to meditate.

After Mercer got out of the wall and picked up his sword, he charged at Habis again.

          “Idiot,” said Habis as he ran towards Mercer.

Once they collided, Mercer was blown back while Habis stood still. Then Mercer charged at Habis again.

          “This is pointless,” said Habis.

Again, when they collided, Mercer was blown into a wall.

          “I’m not done yet,” said Mercer as he got out of the wall.

          “You are weak!” yelled Habis.

          “Fine, I’ll step up,” said Mercer, “just for you.”

Then Mercer picked up his sword and charged at Habis again. So once Mercer got close, he stopped and started to slash Habis. But Habis dodged every slash.

          “What the hell?” asked Mercer

          “I was trained by the martial arts master,” said Habis as he grabbed Mercer and threw him into a wall, “at this rate I’m going to run out of wall space.”

          “Then you come out of them,” said Mercer as he grabbed Habis and threw him into the wall next to him, “time to get serious!”

After Mercer got his sword, he began to slash Habis. But Habis dodged every slash and the blade created holes around Habis.

          “If you don’t serious then I’ll just ruin the fun,” said Mercer.

          “I see,” smiled Habis as kicked Mercer away from him, “I’ll get serious then!”

          “What? Were they merely warming up before?” asked the announcer.

          “Time to see how long he’ll survive,” thought Logan as he continued to meditate.

Then Habis tore off his chest plate and his shirt revealing a muscular chest. After Habis got his axe, the axe began to be covered by green ooze.

          “Oh no, Habis is using his Berserker Frenzy combo!!” said the announcer, “Let’s see if Mercer can be the only one to survive it?”

          “What?” asked Mercer.

          “That’s right, no one has survived this technique,” said Habis, “and that’s never changing.”

          “Oh shit, I need to hurry,” thought Logan.

As soon as Mercer moved, Habis ran towards Mercer faster then ever.

          “Die!!” yelled Habis.

When Habis swung his axe, Mercer moved out the way. Once the axe hit the ground, it created a big crater in the ground.

          “Oh shit,” said Mercer.

          “Nice but you can’t dodge forever,” said Habis as he ran after Mercer.

After Mercer grabbed his sword, he ran towards Habis.

          “I’m not trying to,” said Mercer as he blocked Habis’ axe.

          “Idiot, you can’t block it either,” said Habis as he punched Mercer into the ground as hard as he could.

So once Habis got his axe over Mercer, Mercer didn’t move or anything.

          “Finally, he is dead,” said Habis as he pointed the axe at Logan, “You’re next.”

All of the sudden, Logan snapped his eyes opened.

          “Mercer!” yelled Logan as he got up, “now you’ve done it.”

Then a golden aura spiraled around Logan.

          “What is this?” asked Habis

          “Is this the lost art of sorcery?” asked the announcer.

Back in the waiting room at the arena, Zhen just stood there, jaw dropped and stunned in shock, she was wrong about Logan.

          “Is this the power he was talking about?” thought Zhen as she stared at Logan.

          “You killed my friend,” said Logan angrily as his aura surrounded him and began to fluctuate.

          “Even with sorcery, you still can’t defeat me!” said Habis, “I’m unbeatable!”

          “I call upon the power of the dragon, lend me your power!!” yelled Logan as a lightning bolt struck him, “Dragon storm!!”

Once Logan started to swing his katana in circles above his head, his aura swirled with the katana. All of the sudden, Logan’s aura turned into a bluish tornado with electricity emitting from it.

          “Whoa, get a rubber suit and some cinder blocks folks, this is getting intense,” said the announcer as he protected his face from the winds.

          “How is this possible?” asked Habis as he stood against the raging winds.

          “Like this!!” said Logan as he swung his katana into the ground in front of him

Then the tornado slammed into the ground horizontally and went straight for Habis. When it got close to Habis, Logan swung his katana upwards. Once the tornado got Habis, it swept him upwards. After the tornado diminished, Habis’ charred body slammed onto the ground.

          “What a fight, no one has seen anything like this, like ever,” said the announcer.

          “Dragon heart,” said Logan as he knelt down, exhausted.

Then several reddish energy waves flew towards Mercer. Once the waves touched Mercer, he woke up.

          “What happened?” groaned Mercer as he shook his head and looked at Habis’ charred remains, “whoa, what really happened just now?”

          “A little presentation,” said Logan as he got up.

          “Damn, of what?” asked Mercer, confused.

          “My power,” said Logan as he went back into the cell with Mercer.

          “Nice,” said Mercer.

          “I’m sorry, sensei,” said Zhen as she walked up to the cell, “I didn’t know.”

          “I’m not your sensei,” said Logan.

          “Could you teach me the art of sorcery?” asked Zhen, politely.

          “Fine, but you must learn to control your emotions,” said Logan, “don’t let it cloud your mind, meditate and let the anger melt away.”

          “Okay, sensei,” said Zhen as she bowed.

Once Zhen left, the guard came back.

          “You’ve passed the first test,” said the guard, “but it only gets harder.”

          “Oh man, the last one was tough…” sighed Mercer, “awesome!”

          “Bring it on,” smiled Logan.


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