Shy Boys Win
Author: Summer

Chapter 8

Jade heard the wood splintering and the roller-coaster began to slip downwards. He immediately looked to see if Matilda was anywhere near, running his eyes over the running and screaming people. She wasn't. He then looked up at the falling train. It wasn't zooming down to the ground or anything, but more of slowly making it's way. The wood was thick, and it had metal going through the middle of each part, but it didn't seem to be enough. The train was slowly careening over the side, tipping over the tracks as the metal began to split on the inside. Jade could hear the thoughts of the falling, frightened people, but he attempted to block them out. He knew he couldn't save them without exposing what he was. But he had to save himself. While he was looking at everything going on, he wasn't paying attention to where he was. Everyone around him had ran away. He then realized the roller-coaster would fall near him!

He jumped up and ran backwards at first, but he tripped over a rock and fell on his head. Everything was black for a few seconds, but he quickly recovered. He then turned and ran, not as fast as he could, but fast enough to look like he was running as fast as he could. He easily reached the edge of the sidewalk, where the concrete gave way to grass. The grass squished under his feet. He went back to watching the wreck. It still hadn't fallen all the way, but was sort of dangling from a few of the last metal pieces. He could hear each one as they slowly bent and began to snap. He cringed at the sound, and do did many others. It was a screeching kind of noise, as the broken metal rubbed against one and another. It hurt his ears.

He felt horrible for Matilda, because he knew the guy she liked was riding that one. He could see him now, screaming in his seat at each time the roller-coaster clicked closer to the ground. Jade couldn't bare to watch, but, just like everyone else, his eyes were glued to them. Finally, they last piece of metal broke off. Everyone started screaming. It tumbled downwards, and then smashed into the ground.


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