Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 6
Work, work and more work

I took out my notebook and turned the page to where I was writing the vocabulary from earlier.

"Okay, lets see.. The religion most used in the United States is Roman Catholic. However there is also a big group that are Baptist and protestant."†Crest said showing me a cute smile.

Wow he is so cute and that accent is to die for!†I thought to myself smiling.

"Hey are you okay?" He asked looking worried.

"Umm yea sorry I was just daydreaming." I told him hoping to make him feel better, it worked.

"Yea well I know I do that sometimes and some of them are kinda funny."

"Funny? Like what someone doing something wrong funny, or just funny?" I asked him.

"Well I don't know but out of those two.. I would say just funny." He said giving me enother smile. I did not notice that I was sataring at him until he spoke again. "You know you have some very pretty eyes."

"Well thank you I like your eyes too." I told him blushing. Why is it so hard to look at him without him seeing but it is so easy to talk to him? Uhh why did he have to be so cute?

"Thank you. I think you are cute also." He said looking directly at me. How did he know that I thought he was cute?

"Thanks but how did you know that I thought that?"

"Well I wish I could say that I read your mind but actually your facial expression says it all." He said smiling.

"Oh well sorry I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable." I said putting my head down since we were done with our part of the work.

'It is okay trust me I am not uncomfortable, actually I am glad that someone here actually likes me." He told he picking up my head with his right hand. When his fingers brushed against my cheek it felt amazing and I closed my eyes. I knew that I was in class and blushing but I did not care.

"Umm since you know that I like you, can I ask you something?" I asked with his hand still on my face.

"Yea sure ask away." He said pulling his hand from my face.

"Well... I was wondering if maybe you would like to go out with me and one of my friends."

"Yea if you are there then I want to go." He said.

"Okay great because I want to spend more time with you. I know this sounds weird but I feel safe with you."

"It is okay, I don't think that what you are saying is weird actually I think it is sweet and I feel the same way about you."


"Yea." He said getting up and starting to put books back in his bag.

"Well then we are leaving at seven so we will pick you up around six thirty. Sounds okay?" I said too satanding.

"Pefect. Meet you there." As the bell rung, he walked close to me and put his head by my ear and said, "Can't wait till tonight see you soon Kara."†I blushed a deep red but he was already gone before I could say anything else. Trying to slow down my heart beat, I got my bag and walked outside diectly to Raven and Dominc. They were sitting under a large oak tree and smiled once they saw me approach.

"I think it is time to talk about our plans for tonight." Dominic said smiling. Oh it is time to spill the beans I guess. Great! I thought to myself as†I sat down ready to tell my friends about Crest.

"Okay, Dominic is it alright if someone else comes with us tonight." I asked looking directly at him.

"Yea that would be okay with me as long as we go see Revenge of the cheerleaders." He said smiling.

"Great because I met someone last hour and I told him that he could come with us."

"Ohh. Who is it."†Raven asked.

"Is it†Joshua the transfer student that came here from Alaska? Because I mean he is just the cutest thing." Dominic said sarcastically trying to sound like a girl which caused us all to laugh.

"Actually his name is†Crest and†yes he is a transfer student. At least his he sounds like he is. He is a great guy and I think that you three will get along well." I told him including Raven who seemed to be more intrested into looking at the group of girls that were sitting close to the fountain.

"Cool, Well I will see you around six sharp." Dominic said trying to get my attention but I was to busy looking at Sean. He looked so lonely.

"You got it. Later guys I have to go." I told them getting up about to leave.

"Of course you have to go see your boyfriend and make sure that he is not intimidated by me." Dominic said.

"He is not my boyfriend and he would never be intimidated by you." I called over my shoulder walking straight to where†Crest†was standing.


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