Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 5
Pairing Up

I waited for about tan minutes before the teacher came in. He looked to be about thirty, kind of overweight, and has dark glasses on the bridge of his nose.

"Good morning class and welcome to Human Geography. My name is Mr. Smith."

"Good morning, Mr.Smith." Said†the class.

"I know that some of you might not like learning about your history but I think that learning about where you came from and the things that happened can help shed some light on many questions that still haunt us." He said smiling.

"Yay!" the class said sounding very bored.

"Okay now class I want you to open your books to page twelve and copy down the vocabulary."

I got out my notebook and began to write them down, when a note landed on my desk. What the?

Dear, Kara:

I am very pleased to say that you are invited to attend a ceremony honoring you hard work and dedication to your studies. The ceremony will be held in the back alley be there at six and come dressed formal. You may bring a friend or relative with you but no one else. I look forward to your arrival.


Justin Powers

I looked around the class to try and find out who exactly could have given this to me. All I could see was students sleeping with their schoolbags on their desk. The only ones that were awake were a couple of honor students one of them caught my eye. He was about sixteen yrs old, had dark brown hair that was styled very nicely and his eyes were orange as in bright orange.†I was about to ask him if he sent me the note†but i didnt want to bother him.†

I put the note into my schoolbag and returned my attention to my work. About thirty minute past by before Mr.Smith spoke again.

"Okay class if you are not done do not worry, you can finish them tonight for homework. Right now I want you to pair up in groups of two and work together to compare the different types of religions around the world. Whoever does no do anything will receive a zero and will get lunch detention.

He started to read out the pairs and they started to get into their groups. I was waiting for mine when I heard who I was going to be paired up with.

"Kara, you will be paired up with†Crest" He said looking directly at me for about two seconds before going back to his desk.

I looked around and found my partner.†Crest was about five feet six, was built, had brown shaggy hair and he had†beautiful†green eyes. I mean beautiful.†

I sat down trying not to let him know that I was staring at him.

"Hello." I heard him say in a amazing accent.

"Good morning my name is Kara."

"Nice to meet you Kara, im Crest."

We were looking at each other for what seemed like forever and I was about to forget what we had to do. I guess he knew that too when I heard him say.

"I guess that we should get to work."

I agreed and we started.


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