Alethean Prophecy
Author: ~Kyle

Chapter 1
Arrival (Rough Draft)

 Rose was walking along the narrow path that lead to her favourite place in the world. As she walked the flowers caressing against her. The sunlight would occasionally break the barrier the trees created showering that spot with a sparkle of light. Finally she reached it, the place, her place. A beautiful waterfall that descended far beyond her sight. It was a late April morning and the smell of fresh dew was all around. Rose settled herself down on the edge of the cliff from her vantage point she could see the dawn paint a perfect picture across the New Zealand landscape. When she was here it was as if nothing mattered, she could sit their for hours, watch all her thoughts just blur into a feeling of bliss.

Rose discovered this place three years ago, after she had had a huge fight with mother 'I hate you' those were the last words Rose ever said to her mother. After that the door slammed and Rose found herself running, just running until she could run no more. She was suddenly struggling to keep her eyes open. She collapsed. When she awoke she saw the waterfall and the sky. She was cold, it was winter, snow was everywhere. Rose couldn't shake the feeling that something terrible had happened. Once she got home she just fell to the ground crying, no matter how hard she tried the tears wouldn't stop. On the table their was a newspaper, the headline read: WOMAN FOUND DEAD IN CAR ACCIDENT. Her mother had refused to give up searching for Rose. Long after the sun had set, she had been driving along the narrow roads when the car hit some black ice, and slid over the edge. Ever since then Rose visited this place, that she'd nicknamed Flower Falls, Once a week. It was her escape, from everyone. It was three years ago, and yet everyone was still asking her if she was OK.

“I'm sorry mum,” Rose muttered, “If I hadn't been such a brat you would still be here.” Rose felt like her mum was here. In the wind, the water, the flowers. Rose began swinging her feet in rhythm. The fine mist engulfing her feet. Time flew by the hours and minuets blurred together. Rose glanced at her watch. She was late. Rose jumped up, flattening out her black and pink checkered skirt. Rose flicked her fringe out of her face.

Rose took a small step, when all of a sudden the ground beneath her feet crumbled. Rose fell, however she was able to grasp a vine. This halted her decent. After a brief moment, Rose regained her composure. Steadily , she began to climb the vine. As she inched closer to the top of the cliff, the vine began to break. “No,” Rose's voice was filled with fear. All Rose could do is watch as her only hope fell apart. Rose let out a scream filled with terror and panic. Rose began to fall, as the cliff face whizzed past her. Rose was struggling to keep her eyes open. Finally She surrendered to her fate and closed her ice blue eyes.

As Leo cautiously spiked up his amber hair, he examined every part of his face, checking to see if there were any blemishes in his marble smooth skin. He peered down toward his wrist, to check the time, only to notice that he was running late. It costs time to look good though he thought to himself; Leo was very self-conscious permanently having to look perfect in every way. He only bought the best. After one last look in the mirror, he was ready to face the jungle of the city life. He loved living in London where there was the cluster of pushing people. Each person was in their own world, had their own story to tell. To Leo the city was his everyday life, he couldn’t live without it.

Descending the staircase, Leo leaped and flew missing steps. His feet came to a gentle standstill in the velvety fibred carpet at the bottom. Wandering round the house, he picked up his brand new shoes. Leo slipped them on his feet and strutted round his extensive living room, showing them off to the furniture. Glancing once again at his watch it was twelve o’ clock. He was definitely late. Leo was on his way to his friend, hoping to spend the day with him. After assuring him he would go last week and then not turning up, Leo’s friend was a bit more than disappointed. Snatching his mobile and wallet, Leo fled out of the house, rubbing his hand against the smooth wooden door frame on the way. He gestured a wave to his house and swiftly hurried across the road, like a snake slithering between the cars.

Leo had never run so rapidly in his life. The cool spring air massaged his hair making it lose some of its volume. He directed his body in a rapid motion towards Trafalgar square. His friend only lived a few streets away. Tackling the hustle and the bustle of city life, his body was flung from left to right, as he emerged from the crowds.

 Going to lunch, the streets of London were crowded and compact. People were trying to barge their way past one another. As beggars lay in the gutters, their bodies were flung to the ground as if they were a rag dolls. Leo never estimated how some creatures could get into such turmoil; he wasn't going to let it ever happen to him.

Fading into darkness, the sun disappeared. Leo constantly had to stop. Whenever he would get caught in a large crowd, it would be a tornado of people shoving one another. London wasn't for the faint hearted. The emphasised amounts of people were constantly pushing him. Leo’s body was suddenly falling to the ground. He put out his arm to stop himself from plunging to the floor. This did not help though. Feet, heels, wheels were all travelling over him; nobody was willing to be disturbed from their lives to help. Leo’s world turned to black as he cascaded downward. He should of reached the pavement by now but Leo was unable to see what was happening.


Leo began to wake up. Only to find himself surrounded by flowers in a field. He rubbed his head. “Where am I ?,” He asked as he looked around. His eyes were darting across the field. All of a sudden a tremendous thump hit his lap. He yelled. He was surprised to see a girl lying there.

“What the hell. Who are you ?,” Rose was startled

“I was about to ask you the same question missy,” Leo said

“I asked you first,” Rose said mockingly

“Fine, I'm Leo Edwards. You are ?,” He asked

“Rose Young,” She shook Leo's hand, “It's a pleasure to meet you”

“Yeah, same to you,” He sounded in pain, “just an idea, could you maybe, GET OFF ME!”

“Oh, sorry,” Rose said, as she leapt to her feet. She extended her hand to help him up.

“I don't need no girls help,” Leo ascended to his feet

“What are you, five,” Rose said distastefully. Leo stuck his tongue out at her.

“So where are we,” He questioned

“How should I know. Last I remember I was hurtling to a painful demise,” She said clicking her neck

“Oh, how … nice. I was in London walking along when someone bashed into me. I must of hit my head and got knocked out. That's it, this is all just a dream I'm going to wake up any minuet now,” Leo was wondering round the field. Rose put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes. Then she walked up to Leo and slapped him in the face, “Still think its a dream nimrod”

“Nimrod. Who's five now,” He turned away.

They then heard the sound of footsteps. “Hello is anyone their ?,” A voice said

“Over here,” Rose yelled

“What are you doing?,” Leo covered her mouth with his hand. Rose pulled his had of and then said, “Get your hands of me I don't know where they've been”

“Are you two by any chance Rose and Leo ?,” A boy no older than they were said.

“Yes,” Rose said

“Good I'm Malachi,” He said

“Yeah, good for you. Now I hate to be a parrot but WHERE ARE WE?,” Leo shouted

“Why my friends you are in Alethea. A magical land far away from your world,” Malachi said

“OK. Why are we here ?,” Rose was calm

“Come with me my lady, I must take you to the queen,” Malachi gestured her in the direction of his horse.

“Thank you,” She said as she walked towards the creature.

“Rose don't go with him, you know nothing about him,” Leo was getting louder

“Oh and I know you any better,” She continued walking

“Please Leo come with us it's dangerous to stay here alone,” Malachi warned

“Fine, I got no where else to go. But I want my own horse,” He said sharply

“Of course, but I'm afraid Miss Rose will have to ride with me,” Malachi said

“Good,” Leo walked towards the horses.

“Do you know how to ride a horse?,” Malachi said

“No,” Leo muttered

“It's OK she'll follow me anyway. Just don't fall off,”

Malachi leaped on to his horse. It was as black as a shadow. He grabbed Rose's hand and pulled her up. “Wow you're strong Malachi,” Rose said gripping his waist.

“Thank you Miss Rose,” He looked over his shoulder

“Please call me Rose,” She said. Leo jumped onto his horse. It was as pure as snow. Malachi kicked and the horse blasted off. Leo was close behind. Rose tightened her grip on Malachi.

Eventually they arrived at a grand castle. Malachi jumped off and then helped Rose. Leo attempted to get off and fell to the ground with a thump. “Nice dismount,” Rose mocked. Leo pretended to laugh.

“Please may you two follow me,” Malachi walked up to a huge gate.

“Of course. Get up idiot,” Rose said

“Shut up,” Leo got up. The trio ascended a grand staircase, made of the finest stone. Finally they reached the queens chamber, “Here it is, please be on your best behaviour”

“Don't worry Malachi. I know I'll be,” Rose looked at Leo

“I will to,” Leo said. They entered the grand room. The walls were lined with arched windows. There was a grand chair at the end of the room. A woman sat there, two knights stood on either side of her.

“Hello my name is Kathryn. Queen of Alethea,” Her voice was as smooth as velvet

“Thank you,” Rose said

“Why are we here?,” Leo questioned

“Here read this,” She pointed to one of the knights next to her. He walked to Leo and handed him a stone slate with writing on it.

“It's the prophecy. Two valiant heroes, that's you two,” She said

“No. I refuse to do anything with this loser,” Rose took a step away from Leo

“Same,” He said

“Come with me,” Kathryn lead them into a hallway. Once they reached a door, Kathryn walked inside, “This is my son, Alexander.” He was lying on a hospital bed.

“What's wrong with him?,” Rose said softly

“The haunters did this,” She began, “He protected me until. One of them did this”

“Is he dead,” Leo asked

“No he's in a coma of sorts,” She said

“Will he ever wake up?,” Rose's voice was almost silent

“Not unless the haunter that did this is killed,” She wiped a tear from the corner of her eye.

“Excuse us one minuet,” Leo grabbed Rose by the arm and pulled her into the hallway. Kathryn nodded and stroked the side of Alexander's face.

“We have to help,” Leo whispered

“I couldn't agree more,” Rose replied, “The haunters need to pay for what they've done to Alethea”

“Lets go tell the queen,” Leo opened the door to let Rose through

“We will help,” Rose said

“Thank you so very much,” Kathryn was pleased

“By the way what is a haunter?,” Leo questioned

“A Ghost!”




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