Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 3
The three outcasts

It only took me about two seconds to reach them. "Hello Raven and Dominic." I said with a smiling.

 "Hello Kara looking great as usual." Dominic said with a teasing smile on his face.

 "Kara, are you feeling well after last night?" Rave asked with a worried expression on his face. How did he know about that? I never told him about the nightmares.

 "Umm.. yea, I guess."

"So.. are you ready for tonight?' Domonic said obviously trying to change the subject.

"Sorry, I can't go because my father wants me to help him work on the car." Raven said with a sad look.

"Oh, well it's okay I guess." I said with a look of dissapointment.

"I can't wait!' Dominic said trying to brighten my mood since I was sad that Raven couldn't go because I wanted to spend time with the both of them. "Thanks, Dominic." I was already feeling better.

"For what?" dominic asked in a playful tone. 

"Shut up!" I said punching him lightly in the arm.

"Ow." He said even though I know for a fact that it didn't hurt him at all.

"So how was your summer?' I asked.

"Well I don't know about Raven but my summer was awesome!" Dominic said with a hugh smile on his face.

"Okay well what did you do?" I asked looking curious.

"I spent most of the time swimming and I had aout ten girlfriends."

"No you didn't." Raven said. " You could not have had a single girlfriend"

"And why is that?" Dominic said in a defensive tone.

"Well, one your as dumb as a brick and two you nver kissed a girl." Raven said.

Dominics face started to get really red. "Actually I did kiss a girl thank you very much." Dominic said defending himself.

"Kara does not count." Raven said.

"Why not?"

"Because she did not kiss you becaue she liked you, she only kissed you because she was dared to."They both turned their attention to me and I knew that they could see me blushing but it did not seem that they cared about that at all. 

"Tell him that that's a lie." Dominic said awaiting my answer. 

"Well" Raven said with a look like he accomplished something since he knew that  I could not speak.

"Umm.. actually.., Dominic is telling the truth." Raven looked at me and I knew that he was shocked.

"What?!..I thought.. You said.."

 "I know what I told you but that kinda was not the complete truth." I told Raven who was still tying to calm down. Dominic looked pleasde with the fact that he won the arguement. Boys. Gosh!

"What do you mean by kinda?" Raven said after about two minutes of silence.

"Okay.. well this is what happened remember after you dared me and Dominic to kiss, we told you that we were goin into the kitchen to get something to eat?"

"Yea" Raven said. "Well we did not go there to get something to eat, we went into the kitchen to talk."

"That is not so bad and what happened after?" "What do you think happened dude me and Kara enegaged in what had to be not only the first but the best make-out session of my life!"  Dominic said looking very happy.

"You two did what?" Raven asked lokking again shocked.

 "Sorry we never told you, we just did not know how you would react." Itold him. I past by them and walked into the school feeling flushed and out of breath. And I thought to myself; oh am I glad to be back at school.



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