Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 36

  Elisha tilted her head back, taking a long swig from her beer bottle. Andy was standing in front of her cheering her on. She had never tried something like that before. She usually drunk beer from a can, not a bottle. Andy patted her on the back when she finally put the beer bottle down. She felt inebriated. She was still aware of her surroundings, but she was beginning to feel wobbly. Hordes of people darted past her, nearly knocking her down. She shot the people an annoyed look as Andy supported her.
"Whoa, there Leesh." he said thickly. "Be careful."
"It's not my fault." she slurred. "Those assholes were in my fucking way."
"Come on..." he said, putting his hand around her shoulder.
 They went into the kitchen where Lettie and Stephanie were in a heated discussion. Lettie was flat drunk, her dirty-blond hair matted and sweated out. She was supposed to be a Greek Goddess, but Elisha thought she looked more like a Viking.
"Why wouldn't you let them in!" shouted Lettie, slurring her words.
They were talking about the girls who had tried to get inside Stephanie's house. Elisha rolled her eyes and left the kitchen.
 She felt a knot in her stomach when she saw Mark talking to Karyn. She hoped Mark wasn't trying to hit on Karyn.
"What are you doing?" she demanded, placing her hands on her hips.
Karyn turned around and smiled. "Oh, I was just talking to Mark for you."
"Really?" she said, unconvinced.
"Yeah, I know you two have a lot of drama and I was just making it better." Karyn smiled.
"Mark, I need to talk to you." she said, glaring at Karyn. "Alone."
Karyn took the hint and walked away. Elisha wondered how she managed to get invited to all of the parties with her friends.
 "What is it?" he asked, sounding a little bit annoyed.
"Why are you being so insensitive?" she demanded angrily.
"'Insensitive!'" he exclaimed. "You're the one that's being insensitive!"
"How!" she shouted.
"I have a soccer game tomorrow and not once did you wish me good luck!"
"Because I have a wedding to attend on that very same day and you're not my date!"
"Don't you care about anyone other than yourself?" he asked, his voice quieter.
"Of course I do!" she said exasperated. "It's just that I need a date to surpass my boredom at Aunt Maggie's wedding!"
"You know what?" he said, getting up. "I'm leaving. You can be bored all by yourself."
 Standing there dumbfounded, Elisha watched her boyfriend go. She couldn't believe this. Why was their relationship falling apart. It used to be perfect and now there were so many flaws in it. Taking another beer bottle, she chugged it down in less than a minute.
Reese talking to Melissa in the hallway. Elisha squeezed her way through a bunch of students, stepping on someone's foot.
"Sorry," she said thickly.
Blurs and images appeared in her head. Colors and dark spots flickered as she tried to focus her eyes on the two girls who were her friends. Even her favorite song by Katy Perry hurt her ears as the throbbing tune played from Stephanie's stereo.
 "Stephanie and Lettie are going at it." she announced, leaning against Reese's shoulders.

Reese's eyes looked bloodshot and unfocused.
"Are you high?" Elisha asked her, peering into her caramel eyes just to make sure.
"No," Reese answered. "And if I am, it'll wear off soon."
"Can you get a hangover from smoking pot?" Melissa asked stupidly, wearing an aquamarine mermaid costume.
"I don't think so." Elisha said wryly.
"What was Lettie arguing about?" asked Reese.
"About the girls who couldn't get in the party."
"Who was it."
"I dunno, I don't care. Anyway, me and Mark had a huge fight."
"Didn't Holly tell you not to talk to him." asked Melissa.
"Yeah, but he was talking to Karyn and I got---"
  There was screaming and commotion going on in the next room. Elisha turned around to find people clamoring past her.
"What's going?" she asked.
"Cops!" exclaimed Reese, grabbing her by the hand. "Run!"
"I don't wanna go to jail!" Elisha screamed. "I've been getting A's since preschool!"
"What?" said Melissa, looking around the room. "It's only 8:30. Cops can't be hear right now!"
"Well, they are!" shouted Reese, darting out of the room.
They went into Stephanie's parents room where the window was ajar. Andy, Carter, Savannah, Holly, Damien, and Palma were already there.
"Quick, quick, outta the window!" commanded Andy, pushing the window all the way up.
They all practically got stuck together, trying to get out of the window the same time. 
  "Nobody move!" a male's deep voice said outside of the bedroom.
But they all managed to get out of the window before the cop could find them. They hid behind tall trees that stood in the neighborhood.
Elisha sighed in relief. This was the most exciting moment she had ever had. They were all running from the cops like he was Michael Meyers. She could still hear screaming coming from inside the house. Some trick-or-treaters stood in front of the house curious to see what was going on.
"That was a close one." whispered Andy. "We almost got caught."
"Why does this always happen to Stephanie's house?" asked Holly, leaning her head against Savannah's shoulders.
"Now what do we do?" asked Palma.
"Let's just go home, I guess." shrugged Carter.
  Elisha thought she saw someone approaching them. Afraid it was the cops, she hid behind Holly.
"Ssh." the voice whispered. "It's just me."
They saw who the person was. It was Tamara Weiss. Andy's cousin and Savannah's friend.
"I can hitch you guys a ride if you want."
"Thank God, Tamara!" exclaimed Elisha, hugging her for dear life. "I didn't know what we were gonna do."
"Yeah, you really saved our skins tonight." sighed Savannah, nudging Holly on her shoulders who seemed to have fallen asleep on her.
"No problem." she said.  "But I know you weren't drinking or smoking pot, so this does not apply to you ."
Elisha had to laugh at that. The whole time Savannah was guzzling down non-alcoholic soft drinks. Savannah was known for being innocent and naive. At least one person at the part wasn't flat drunk. 
 They made it to Hollywood Video seven minutes later. Palma browsed through the horror section trying to find five decent movies for them to watch. Next to her, Savannah was shuffling through several DVDs. She pulled out "Sleepaway Camp", "Cabin Fever", "Friday The 13th", "Friday The 13th part 2", "Friday The 13th part 3", "Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter", and "The Omen".
"Perfect!" Palma said, walking up to the checkout line.
"Why do you guys drink forties?" asked Savannah. "I always thought it was something black people do."
   "Well, Andy dared me to." nodded Palma.
"You're lucky you're not flat." said Savannah.
"Me too." she slurred, stepping up to the desk where a young woman manned.
They placed the videos onto the desk, each of them being scanned by the woman.
"Ooh, 'Sleepaway Camp!" exclaimed the woman. "My favorite movies! And you have the Jason series! You're my new best friend."
Palma smiled. There was something about going to a video store where everyone was friendly dare. That was a job Palma and Savannah thought it would be the perfect first job. The only quality you needed to have in order to work at a video store is to be a movie buff.
  At Carter's house, everyone was reclining down in the basement watching "Sleepaway Camp". Elisha had no one to cuddle with, so she just went away to a faraway corner. She thought about how her argument with Mark had happened. It had seemed so fast and blunt. She wished it could all change. That she could go back in time and apologized to him for her behavior. Realizing she was being insensitive, she closed her eyes and wept.


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