Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 33
My Life

  Holly and Damien kissed each other in the midst of the student body passing them. Damien felt strong and warm. She leaned her body against his six-one frame, taking in his embrace. His kisses were just as good as Carter's. However, she never got to experience Carter's kissing, but Savannah was always swooning over them. Their next period was English. She was supposed to turn in her study guide for The Lovely Bones. She hated that book. It wasn't an awful book, just the storyline. What she meant was, the storyline was good, but the subject and action in it wasn't. It pissed her off every time she read it. But she knew she had to keep reading it because she wanted to know what was going to happen. The worst character in the book was the rape victim's mother. She seemed like a heartless, cold woman. Holly hoped her own mother wouldn't do the things the mother in the book did if she was raped or murdered.

It gave Holly an exercise walking up those steps. Her thin framed looked nice in her white tank top underneath her navy hoodie over a pair of dark-washed jeans. She ran a manicured finger through her brown hair, making sure her red highlights weren't fading. She cared too much about her appearance. Even though everyone said she was pretty, she still needed to look better than what everyone said. This was her life.

Mrs. Livingston was lecturing the class on the book she was reading. Heather and Monica were sitting at the far corner of the room. She watched closely as Heather examined her legs. She was always self-conscious about her legs. They weren't fat, but they were a little bit chunky.

Monica's eyes looked straight ahead at the board, watching Livingston put down the assignment.

   Holly fell in the seat next to Lucas. Lucas was texting Maris on his iPhone.

"Hey, guys." said Holly. "Did you hear about the fight between Stephanie and Reese?"

"Yeah," answered Heather. "It was pretty harsh."

"Was it physical?" Palma asked, turning around in her seat.

"No, thank goodness." said Monica. "If it was, then it would have been horrible."

"Why can't they all just get along?" asked Lucas, placing his cellphone on the desk. "Stephanie can be a little annoying, but Reese needs to get used to her.

"Yeah, she's really nice." stated Holly. "They need to set their petty differences aside."

Heather said something else, but Holly wasn't listening. Leaning over to the side, she saw Andy motioning Palma to leave the classroom. She tapped Palma on her shoulders, pointing towards Andy.

Palma looked and waved. "I gotta go."

She got up from her seat and walked out of the classroom. But before she did, she told Livingston that she needed to use the bathroom. Holly watched her go. When she left, she turned back around to Monica. "Are you going to Steph's party?"

"Yeah, I might." she answered. "If there's nothing else I should do."

"Knowing Steph, the party's going to be pretty wild." said Lucas.

"Yeah, it'll be out of control." agreed Holly.

The last party Stephanie had, everyone nearly got arrested. Someone fell off of a balcony, breaking a few bones in their leg and ended up having to go to the hospital. Holly was able to escaped from the party, but a few weren't so lucky. They had to fine a couple of students for the damages. Stephanie wasn't very happy.

After class, Holly met up with Elisha by the cafeteria.

"Mark still isn't talking to me." groaned Elisha. "Should we break up?"

"No, but you two do need a break." admitted Holly. "How about you guys just not talk for awhile. You don't have to see other people, but your relationship can lay low for awhile."

"Maybe I should." said Elisha, noticing Erica Nasso and Nicole Lyon talking to Reese. "Let's go over and see what's up with Reese."

Reese tried to look like she was excited, but deep down she was bored. Holly could clearly see that Nicole was bragging about her soccer game. Reese could care less.

"Ew, look at that girl's shoes." squealed Erica, pointing towards Savannah who was sitting all by herself on the benches. Nicole made a face at Savannah.
"That's Savannah." Elisha said coldly. "Our friend? Comprende?"

"Plus her shoes are cute." stated Reese. "Now if you would excuse me, I have to go somewhere."

Erica hid her embarrassment by putting on the phoniest smile Holly had ever seen. "Well, we'll see you guys later."

"Yeah, bye!" smiled Nicole. "By the way, you girls look really pretty today."

Holly felt a little better about the compliment. "Why thank you!"

"Your profile picture is pretty, too." offered Reese.

"Thanks!" she said, as she walked away.

Elisha turned towards Reese. "Are you and Stephanie okay?"

"We're not in speaking terms." Reese said simply, slamming her locker door shut. "Like it hurts my feelings."

"Leesh, we shouldn't bother her with this kind of question." replied Holly. "Let's just go to lunch and eat."

"Cool with me." she said, flipping her blond hair over her shoulders.

  Jamie and Savannah sat at their usual table talking. Holly slid her tray next to Savannah, sitting down next to her. She looked over Savannah's shoulders and saw that she was working on her Algebra homework. She wasn't doing too hot in that class. In fact, she had a fifty-four. Holly knew Math wasn't Savannah's best subject.

"I could help you with that." said Reese, looking over Savannah's homework. "It's pretty easy to me."

"Yeah, I would help you, but science is my forte." commented Holly, sticking a bosco stick into her mouth.

"Thanks, guys." she grinned.

 Holly looked down at her phone and noticed that she had five texts. One was from Lucas, the other one was from Maris, the third was from Carter, the fourth was from her mom, and the last was from Damien. She decided to ignore them for now.

"Is anyone excited about Stephanie's party?" asked Savannah.

"Yeah, a little." smiled Reese. "I definitely can't wait. It's going to be fun."

"I thought you hated Stephanie." teased Jamie, taking a sip from her Powerade.
"I don't hate her." said Reese. "I just don't like her. Besides, it doesn't mean she doesn't throw awesome parties."

Holly knew Reese was a heavy partier. Everywhere she went, she managed to get tipsy. No doubt she was going to act silly at Stephanie's party.

Carter and Damien approached their table with drinks in their hands. Carter knelt down and put his hands over Savannah's face.

"Hey!" she squealed, removing his hands from her face. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to haunt you." he joked, kissing her on the cheek.

It was jokes like that that made Holly like him. Saying things like "I'm here to haunt you" was what made Carter great. Damien had her scoot in her chair a little, sitting in it next to her.

   "What's up?" he asked.

"Eating." she said, showing him her last bosco stick. "You?"

"Same." he said, taking a fry from her tray. "Sectionals are coming up."

"Yeah, I know." exclaimed Elisha. "I'm so excited. We've won five years in a row."

"And it's gonna be six." added Jamie, sucking down her yogurt from a tube. "Kites Unite!"

That was the slogan for the Paramount Kites whenever there was a big game coming up.

"State is only less than a month away." said Holly. "I already got my game factor on."

"Really?" asked Carter. "Because I've been having it on."

Savannah laughed. "I don't understand what 'game factor' means, but I have it, too."

"Good for you, Vanny." grinned Elisha, patting her on the shoulders. "I love my fellow Kites!"

Jamie leaned in so no one else could hear what she was about to say. "I feel sorry for the other team who's going to have the misfortunate of playing with us for State."
"I agree." said Damien, rubbing Holly's shoulders. "Savannah's step-bro is going to lead us to victory."

"I didn't say that." she anticked. 
  "Come on your, step-bro is the best player on the team." encouraged Carter.

"Maybe." she sighed, taking his hands and running her fingers on it.
Holly smiled up at Damien. She had forgotten all about Peter. Damien was the best boyfriend she had so far. Without any hesitation, Damien leaned in to kiss her on her lips. Public Display of Affection may not have been her favorite thing, but doing it with Damien made it ten times better.


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