Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 32
Fall Festival

 "Ew!" exclaimed Jamie, flicking a roach off of her shirt collar. "Where the hell did this come from?"

Reese, Jamie, and Elisha hungout by the fairgrounds setting up the stations. Reese stood over at one of the booths placing colored sand on the table and different shapes of containers. Her caramel-brown eyes darted towards Elisha who was talking on the phone. Mark again. Reese was starting to get annoyed. Ever since their little fight, all Elisha had been talking about was Mark. Mark wasn't anyone special. He was a nice guy and cute, but Elisha was acting like an obnoxious bitch about him.

She was glad that she had some time away from her. Elisha was her best friend, but she could be overbearing. She could be a good listener, but whenever she had her own problems, she would close you off. Reese admitted that she could be passive sometimes. She didn't like confrontation. Every time someone would start something with her, she would manage to swerve away from them. It was 3:45 and the Fall Festival wouldn't start until 5:00. For the past couple of weeks, Reese had been preparing for it. It gave her something to do. No one really wanted her to do anything serious, but she wanted to. Everyone took her as the dumb blond, but she knew she wasn't. Math was her best subject. She had a ninety-eight in that class. Mrs. Rosenthal may have been a tough teacher, but at least she was a fair grader. The only class she was struggling in was English. It wasn't her best subject. Carter really didn't do too hot in that class either so she didn't feel to bad. The only problem was that they were both reading Catcher In The Rye. It was a good book, but the study guide questions were hard. It was too much to analyze in a two hundred and fifteen page book.

When Elisha was done bickering with Mark, she jammed her phone into her red purse and marched over to Reese. Her dark-blond hair was straight, flailing behind her back. An orange cropped top was covering her breast with the words Fall Festival 2008 embroidering her top in black sequined letters. Sighing, Elisha sat down in one of the chairs next to the sand craft booth.

"Mark is still being difficult." she perturbed. "All I wanted was him to go to my Aunt Maggie's wedding and he's seeing soccer as some way out of it. I hate when he always uses a cop out. Why's he doing this to me."

Reese and Jamie turned their heads away from her. They didn't want any part of this. Jamie squashed another roach that was trying to crawl underneath the tables.

 She groaned. "This is Paramount. There are no roaches."

Reese was grossed out by the roaches as well. She hoped that roach Jamie killed was the last of them.

She hung up the sign that said Fall Fest '08 over the dunking booth. Courtney was planning on being objected into the dunking booth. She thought it would be fun while the boys thought it would be a chance to see her wet. Andy hoped she would wear something light colored or white. Reese shivered at the thought of Andy ogling other girls. He had Palma. But as long as he wasn't doing anything with any other girl, it was fine. A few hours later, the fairground was jam-packed with Paramount citizens. Gigi Linderman had vodka and gin mixed in her water bottle. As she staggered her way over to Reese, she spit up some of the fluids.

"Ugh..." Reese said silently.

"I'm going to meet Damien over by the scrambler." announced Gigi.

"Maybe it's not a good idea." said Reese. "I mean, you're a little tipsy."

"This is my first drink all day." assured Gigi, waving at Andy and Palma who were chasing a few little kids around. "I know Holly told me to not drink on a weeknight, but I'm not doing anything bad."

"Sure," Reese said sarcastically, "it's just illegal."

Gigi laughed. "Come on, Melissa and Demi are over there. Let's go say hi."

They saw the girls flirting with a couple of sophomore boys. One of them was Davey Smith. Reese blushed when Davey looked her way. He was cute in his white t-shirt and black basketball shorts.

"Hi," Reese waved.

"Hey," said Davey. "How are you?"

"Fine. I sat up this whole thing. Well, not all of it, but most."

"That's cool." he smiled. "Are you ready to ride some rides."

"Sure!" Reese laughed.

"Let's go, then." he said, leading her over to the rides.

 Savannah leaned her body against Carter's, admiring the scenery. A clown was shouting jokes at a bunch of kids who were giggling at the clown. Her eyes shifted towards the craft area where people were pouring colored sand into decorated containers. She took Carter by the arm and dragged her over there. Sorting out the containers, she found a bear shaped one. A long time ago when they would have boat races in Graysville, Savannah would go over to the craft area and make sand art. Being with Carter brought back the memories all over again.

"I'll make one myself." smiled Carter, taking an identical container next to Savannah.

For a few minutes that spent pouring sand into their containers. Savannah loved how the sand looked as it spilled into the glass. It looked beautiful. She tapped her fingers on the glass, making a pinging, hollow sound.

Carter snuck a kiss on the back of her neck, making her giggle. She thought she was in love. The way he kissed and held her. The way he looked at her when he saw her. She wanted to run away with him and live somewhere all alone. Where no one could interrupt them. When they were finished making crafts, they walked over to the section where Courtney was being dunked into the booth. Her blond hair was sopping wet and her mascara was dripping down on her face. Courtney laughed as she climbed back into the seat. Maris could be seen standing in front of her, attempting to throw a ball at the lever to knock Courtney into the water.

Savannah knew how much Maris wanted to do that. Ever since that donkey incident, Maris had hardly talked to Courtney. Courtney had tried to make it up to her, but she wouldn't listen. Finally, with full force, Maris snapped her wrist back and threw it at the lever. Courtney came down in a flash, splashing into the water.

"Gotcha." snarked Maris, walking away from the crowd. "Hi, Vanny!"

"Hi, Maris." greeted Savannah. "Good job."

"Thanks." she smiled. "I so wanted to do that for a long time."

Carter laughed. "She kind of deserved it. I'm sorry what happened."

"That's okay. I'm over it now."

 While Carter and Maris talked, Savannah saw Tatiana hopping around with an icecream in her hand. Smiling, she walked over to her.

"Hey, there." she grinned. "I'm glad to see you here."

"Thanks!" exclaimed Tatiana, revealing her missing front tooth. "Can we play?"


Savannah and Tatiana walked for awhile. A few times, Tatiana stopped by a few kiddie rides. Savannah couldn't ride them, but she watched Tatiana enjoy herself. It was nice to have someone who was like a little sister. It was especially nice to have someone who looked up to you. Tatiana always wanted to hug Savannah whenever she left. It was a habit.

"What are you being for Halloween?" asked Savannah, braiding Tatiana's blond hair into pigtails.

"A ballerina." grinned Tatiana, getting up and imitating a pirouette.

Savannah giggled. "That was good. You should be a ballerina one day. You have the body for it."

"I've been practicing." admitted Tatiana. "My grandma wanted me to take dance classes."

"Do you live with your grandma?"

"Yeah, my mom didn't want me." Tatiana said sadly. "She just put me here while she went to California."

Feeling horrible, Savannah hugged her. She knew Tatiana must have felt unwanted due to her mother's absence. She wanted to be the best sister to Tatiana as possible as she could. Just then, Tyler came up to them. He sat next to Savannah, putting a tiny arm around her neck.

She laughed. "What's up, friend?"

"Nothing." he beamed. "Look what I am?"

He was dressed in an army outfit. Savannah assumed he was going to be a soldier for Halloween.

"I love it." nodded Savannah. "I bet you and Tater-Tot are gonna get a lot of candy."

"You bet!" squealed Tatiana, jumping up and down. "I love candy!"

"Eat all the candy you want." offered Savannah. "Don't tell your parents I told you so, but eat it."

Her mom used to make her eat three pieces of candy per day after Halloween. It was a way to make her not eat too much junk because she knew how much Savannah liked to eat a lot of junk food.

"We will." promised Tyler, squeezing her in a hug.

Savannah liked all of the kids she was tutoring. Her mom wanted her do it, but it was fun for Savannah to talk to children. Most of the children in Graysville tried to be brats and walk all over her, but the five children she knew liked her. Holly came over with Palma following behind her. Tatiana ran to hug Holly.

"Hi, cutie!" greeted Holly, petting her hair. "Nice to see you again. Can I talk to Savannah for a minute?"

"Okay!" she piped, walking off with Tyler. "See you later!"

 Holly plopped down on the bench next to her, crossing her legs. "Stephanie and Reese aren't getting along at the moment. Reese tried to tell Stephanie that Desmond is bad news and Stephanie freaked. She told Reese she was just jealous because she didn't have a boyfriend. Now Reese is pissed."
Savannah knitted her eyebrows. Stephanie seemed like a really sweet girl. She was a little flirty and kind of easy, but she was always nice to her. Maybe she was just delusional about her boyfriend. One thing was for sure, Savannah didn't like for Holly to bombard her with dramatic news. It wasn't a fun thing to talk about.

"Stephanie should apologize to her." shrugged Savannah.

"I don't trust Steph." sighed Palma. "She's a little mean. I mean, she can be nice, but she's kind of annoying."

"Yeah, but we can just ignore it." offered Holly. "It's like what my mom says, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

"That advice is so class." laughed Palma. "My advice is: 'don't talk back if you can't back it up'"

"You got that from Andy." remarked Savannah.

"So?" she teased. "It's still my saying."

The thing about Palma was that she was sweet. She wasn't a snob and she didn't think too highly of herself. Even though she was beautiful, she didn't seem to know it. Palma wasn't the kind of person who would talk bad about someone because they look funny. Often she would be nice to them because of that. Savannah really liked Palma. They were both similar in character.


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