Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 29
What Friends Are For

  If there was one thing she hated, it was a crowded hallway. Elisha tried to push past a couple of students who where just standing there talking.

"Excuse me..." she said curtly, squeezing her way through.

She saw Mark and John Griffin sitting over by the vending machines. Sighing, she walked past them. Her and Mark weren't in speaking terms. They hadn't really broken up, but Elisha wasn't sure if they were still together. Ever since Mark had bailed out on the wedding, she had beeen extremely upset with him. Aunt Maggie was the most annoying person on the planet and she would have to deal with that woman on her own. It wasn't like Mark to get angry with her, but lately he had been flustered with her. Elisha knew she could be a pain sometimes, but this time she knew she was right. Mark could go to a soccer convention anytime. How often did your annoying aunt get married?

"Hey," Evan greeted Elisha when she came in the girls' bathroom.

"Hey," she said dully, fixing her dark-blond hair in the mirror. "I've had a stressful day."

"Haven't we all." said Evan, pulling out her cellphone from her pants pocket.

She then turned to Elisha. Her lips stretched into a grin. "Hey, cheer up. Mark will come around."

"What if he doesn't?"

"Then so what? Get a new guy."

Elisha groaned. She didn't want to get a new guy. She wanted Mark and only Mark. He always knew what to say when she was upset. They've done things together that normal people wouldn't have done. A pang of sadness hit her in her stomach. Missing Mark was really depressing.

She walked to gym class, plopping down next to Karyn. Karyn's dark-red hair was styled into a messy bun, making her look actually cute. Elisha didn't think Karyn was ugly. She was cute, but her style was sort of gothic. She wasn't the typical goth where she talked about depressing things and wore black all the time. She could be girly, but she didn't wear a lot of makeup. Elisha thought she could use a little bit of makeup. Not a lot, but some.

"Hi," Karyn said kindly, smiling at Elisha.

"Hi, Karyn." she said politely.

"Are you okay? You look sad."

"It's Mark, but you don't know him so it's not your concern."

Karyn's gray eyes flickered. "I do know him! We had English class in the eigth grade."

"Cool, Karyn." she said, now sounding annoyed.

"Has he hurt your feelings?" asked Karyn, putting an arm around Elisha.

"He refused to go to the wedding with me." she sighed. "It's my Aunt Maggie's wedding and I don't want her screaming all over the place."

Karyn smiled sympathetically at her. "Maybe Mark had other plans, you know. It's not you. You're really pretty."

"Thanks, but Mark has soccer practice that day. I swear, he's like obsessed with soccer."

"But it's important to him." she reminded. "Just try to understand him a little bit."

Elisha groaned again. Talking to Karyn was getting her nowhere. All Karyn did was give her bad advise. She eventually got up and walked away from Karyn.

"Are you feeling better?" Karyn asked concernedly, starting to follow her.

"No, Karyn!" she snapped harshly. "Get outta the way!"

  Mrs. Close didn't even bother to ask where she was going. She already knew where she was going. She ran into the bathroom stall and broke down into tears. No one understood her. Everyone was too concerned with their own affairs to even worry about her. Why was the world doing this to her? All she did was be nice to people and this was how they were repaying her? By going off to soccer conventions and giving her bad advice. The world was unfair.

Just then, she heard footsteps come in. She peeped out of the bathroom stall and saw that Reese and Monica were looking for her. And there was Karyn. Elisha growled silently. Couldn't Karyn take the hint?

"Leesh...?" called Monica. "Are you in here?"

Elisha wiped her eyes. "Yes."

"I'm sorry about your problem with Mark, I'm really am." Monica walked in front of the stall where Elisha was at. "Can you please come out?"

Elisha thought about Monica's request for a moment. She certainly didn't feel like seeing Karyn at the moment. All she wanted to do was curl up in a ball and die.

 "You can help me with the fall festival." suggested Reese. "That'll cheer you up. It's only Wednesday, but we can still get things ready by Friday."

"And I'll help." offered Karyn, opening up the stall slightly.

Elisha kept on being silent. It was nice that her friends were trying to cheer her up, but she wanted to be alone. Sighing, she flushed the toilet to make them think she was using the bathroom the whole time. When she was finished, she walked out of the stall. Reese was the first to hug her.

She loved how Reese was always there for her. They were best friends and so much alike. Reese's dark-blond hair ticked her chin, making her giggle.

"Thanks, guys." she said, even smiling at Karyn. "I guess I was overreacting a little bit."

"It happens." smiled Monica. "Now let's go and do some chin ups."

They all moaned. At least they all had something to complain about.


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