Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 28

  Andy and Palma made out on the couch, ignoring the sounds of the television in the other room. Ariel had finally went back to college and left him at peace. He loved her, but he realized she was hanging around the house too often. He ran his hands down Palma's back, tracing the outline of her bra. Palma strewed her legs across the couch, rubbing her feet against Andy's leg.
Suddenly, she pulled away. Looking at her watch, her green eyes grew. "Shit, I gotta go! My mom's gonna murder me."
"I'll walk you out." he said.
 They walked to the foyer, grasping each others hands. Palma giggled as he laid a kiss on her heart-shaped lips. Her blond hair was whacked-out from when they had been kissing on the couch (rolling on top of each other) and her lipgloss was smeared slightly.
"Bye!" she sang, walking out of the door.
Shutting the door, he leaned against it. He had to admit, he was glad she was gone. He had other things on his mind like his huge study guide for the math test the next day. He needed to get up in his room and study.
  Buzz laid fast asleep on Andy's bed. He walked over to him and patted him softly. Buzz made a low noise, lifting his head up slight. Registering Andy's face, it sprang up and licked him rapidly. He laughed, calming down the dog's eagerness. The room needed a little bit cleaning, but not too much. There was just a little clothes here and there on the floor. Nothing serious. Ignoring his room for now, he hopped into his black rotating chair at his computer desk, and turned on his Apple computer. Stacks of past homework assignments from his math class laid on the desk next to him. His packet laid on the other side of him, waiting for it to be written on. 
  A computer logo popped up, indicating that he could now use the computer. He clicked onto firefox and began to search for the Algebra homework help website. A series of web links came up on google. He clicked on the very first one, reading the site's info. Great. He didn't understand a word he was saying. They were all talking about linear equations and the Pythagorean theory. As if he didn't get enough crap to do. Trying to concentrate, he tried to remember the words verbatim.
Giving up, he called Monica. He would usually ask Maris for help, but he rather have not because he had a feeling she wasn't in the mood for him to be calling her. Especially since all of this drama between her and Courtney had been happening.

"Hi, Andy!" Monica's perky voice chirped on the other end of the phone.

"Hey, Monica, can you help me on my algebra?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Sure!" she said. "What do you need help on?"

"Linear equations." he said. "I need to find 2x + 4 =10"

"Okay," she said.

Andy could hear her typing something up on her computer. A moment later, she spoke.

"Isolate "x" to one side of the equation
by subtracting 4 from both sides," she instructed.

"Doing it." he said, writing down the work onto his sheet.

"Then divide both sides by 2." she finished.

Andy did as he was told. He saw that the answer was that X=3. He then checked the see it was right.

"Thanks, Monica." he said graciously.

"You're welcome!" she piped, typing something else on the computer. "You need any more help?"

"Yes," he stated.

  For an hour and half, Monica had instructed him on how to do the problems. He was grateful to have Monica as a friend. She was beautiful to him. He used to have a crush on her, but got over it when he started dating Palma. He was upset when he found out Monica was going out with Kaleb Wood. To his pleasure, Monica had dumped them on the day before Homecoming. He felt like crying with tears of joy from that notification. But luckily, he and Monica will always remain best friends. And that was good enough to Andy.

The next day at school, Andy met Heather Gleason, Alice, and Monica over by the three water fountains. He hugged each of them and saw down on the floor.

Monica plopped down next to him, putting an arm around his shoulders. "How's Maris?"

"She's doing fine." he said. "She's still pissed at Courtney."

"That was really low of what she did." Heather said, putting an arm around the other side of Andy's shoulders. "Courtney needs an attitude adjustment."

"I'm on Courtney's side." joined Alice. "Maris shouldn't have been writing that shit in people's honesty boxes."

"How do you know it was even her?" asked Monica, arching her dark eyebrows. "It could have been anyone."

"Because it's something Maris would do." said Alice. "Come on, we know Maris by now to tell that she's full of drama."

"I love Mare." defended Monica, taking off her glasses and cleaning them with her white shirt. "It was still rude of what Courtney did."

 Andy rolled his eyes. How did he get apart of this drama? There seemed to have been a lot of drama among his female friends. All they did was argue and fight. It was entertaining, but Andy didn't know what to say. He felt helpless. So he just shrugged.

Heather tucked a lock of strawberry-blond hair behind her. "I'm tired of all this drama. Can we please talk about something else, please?"

"Thank you." said Andy. "I'm tired of this myself."

"Well, let's talk about Stephanie's Halloween party." said Monica. "I'm going as a bunny."

"I'm going as Count Dracula." added Andy.

"I'm going to be a dominatrix." said Heather.

"No, Jamie is going to be that." chimed in Alice.

"But we can be both costumes at the same time." she said matter-of-factly, narrowing her dark eyes.

Andy hadn't been hearing ghostly sounds or seeing apparitions since that incident in the attic on Friday. Maybe the ghost had finally left. He hoped so because his house wasn't big enough for him and the ghost. It was stupid, but Andy was convinced his house was haunted. It always happened around Halloween. That's why he wasn't such a huge fan of it. It always meant creepy things were bound to happen. He leaned his head back against the way, closing his eyes.

This should go by smoothly. He thought to himself. 

He walked to his English class, heading through the door. Mr. Winot was already giving the class a lecture on The Catcher In The Rye. He slid in the seat between Damien and Jen. Jen was was tapping her sapphire polished nails onto the desk rhythmically. Her dark eyes shifted to him, her lips curving into a grin. "Hi,"

"Hey," he said lazily, putting his head down on the desk.

"I talked to Atkins today and he was telling me about how the last football game sucked." she told. "Let's only hope the game will be better today."

"I know," put in Damien. "That team cheated. The refs blow."

"The refs are just scapegoats to a team's loss." added Andy, craning his head to get a look at Dexter struggling with his books.

He wished he could go up their and knock the books out of his hand. That would set Dexter off. It was mean, but he enjoyed tormenting Dexter. Laughing at his expense was always fun.

"Andy," called Winot, "why did Caulfield get expelled?"

"Because he was failing all of his classes, but English."

Winot smiled satisfyingly. "Correct, Andy. He failed all four subjects except English. He's now unable to return after the Fall semester."

As he was writing something on the chalkboard, Andy caught a glimpse of Jamie being bombarded by statements from Erica Nasso. Nicole Lyon's best friend. Nicole was a girl he had known since the seventh grade. They were good friends, but they hardly talked anymore. In Andy's opinion, he really wasn't worried too much of her.

"God, Jeanie Lebowitz is fat." snarked Erica. "Did you see all that shit on her tray?"

"Yawn..." Jamie said sarcastically.

Andy snickered. Erica always talked about other girls. The only girls she didn't talk about were her own friends or people who were friends with Andy. Erica was short, had dark hair, and braces. Her lips were so plumped that it looked weird when she smiled.

"Jeanie needs Jenny Craig." she said nastily, looking at Jamie for approval.

Jamie growled. "No one cares, Erica! God, don't you have anything else to do besides talk shit about other people? Obviously, you don't."

That got Erica to shut up. Andy turned around and faced Damien. He was texting Holly from the looks of it. Andy thought it was okay for Damien and Holly to date. They were so much alike. Sarcastic, right on point, and blunt. That's what he liked about them.

"Are you two going?" he asked curiously.

"Yeah," he said, not taking his eyes off of his phone. "We kissed last night."

"Good on you!" Andy congratulated, slapping him on the back. "Holly is hot."

"You think I don't know that?" said Damien, smiling slyly.

"You are a little slow." joked Andy.

Damien gave him a light push, nearly knocking him out of his seat. Just then, Jamie sat in the seat behind Andy.

"Jesus, I can't stand that girl." she said, pointing to Erica who had a pissed expression on her face from Jamie's absence. "What a bitch. Like, what has Jeanie ever done to her? Yes, she's fat, but she can lose wait. Erica can't lose her attitude."

"She's so annoying." agreed Andy. "She keeps talking to me about nothing. And I don't mean silly nothing, I mean pointless nothing."

"Oh, yeah, she's a real bitch." put in Jen. "I remember during study hall, she called out on a girl for wearing to much jewelry. I mean, look at her; she looks like a rag doll."

"Oh, yeah, that girl has a lot of problems." nodded Andy.

 Now they were talking about other people. Realizing this, they stopped talking and continued to listen to Mr. Winot. Andy knew his day would be dramatic. Throughout the day he kept hearing people talk about other people. He sometimes wished he was Buzz so then he wouldn't have to worry about drama. At least dogs were happy. 


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