Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 27
The Pumpkin Patch

   Autumn leaves rustled softly as Savannah, Carter, Holly, Elisha, Reese, and Andy walked along the cobble stoned pavement, stepping onto the colorful leaves. Reese inhaled in the scent of fresh air. Coolness evaded from the sky as the wind blew past her dark-blond hair. Her straight hair flew as she marched to the school's entrance. Stephanie Dice, wearing just a long, pink shirt and black leggings stood there flirting with Desmond Naylor.

Reese muttered to herself. Stephanie and her weren't the best of friends. They never seemed to have the right kind of chemistry. She couldn't hate Stephanie, but she wasn't exactly the most favorite person in the world for Reese

"Hi, Carter." Stephanie grinned, flashing him an innocent smile. "What are you guys wearing to my Halloween party?"

Reese thought about the question for a moment. She was planning on going as a semi-slutty referee over black fishnets. She didn't know about the others choice in costume, but she knew she would be the one looking the best. Evan and Gigi came up from behind her, big grins plastered on their faces. Why were they so happy? Reese had never seen them so happy in her life.

"Savannah," said Gigi, her grin so wide that Reese thought it was going to drop to the floor, "we read your article! It was amazing!"

"Yeah!" agreed Stephanie, putting her arm around her. "That article was awesome! It was a page turner."

Evan showed her the article. On the front cover, feature Max Quintanilla sitting at the library with Savannah. It was two page story on Savannah's Gay Rights article.

"I should totally invite him to my party." enthused Stephanie. "He's so funny."
Reese liked Max. She didn't understand why some of the guys made fun of him. She thought people who made fun of other people's sexuality were losers.
Savannah blushed. "Thanks."
"Hey, Reese," said Evan, "Martin was looking for you."

Her face lit up. Martin seemed to really liked her. They talked to each other at school everyday, they texted everyday, and they often hugged. Speaking of the devil, Martin caught up with her. They stared at each other for a moment before embracing in a hug. Then Holly stepped up to hug him.

"Hey," smiled Stephanie, waving at him. "How are you?"

"Good." he said, facing Andy. "What's up, man?"

"Nothing." answered Andy. "Just got soccer practice."

 Savannah stood at the far corner, not making eye contact with Martin. Reese knew she disliked him, but she tried to convince her that Martin wasn't bad. He was nice and funny. Just then, Lucas came up.

"Hey, Mart!" he greeted, slapping palms with him. "See you in gym class."

"You too." he smiled, cutting eyes with Savannah.

Savannah frowned.

"Hey, do you like her?" Lucas asked, trying to prove to Savannah that Martin wasn't an ass.

Martin looked at her for a moment before shaking his head. Reese a little bit shocked and Andy took a seat on the steps, looking taken aback. He then shot Savannah a curious look.

"Okay," Lucas said, looking puzzled. "I guess I should be going."

When they went inside, Reese went to her first period Biology. Darnell Williams sat at his lab table, playing with the glass funnel. Reese out on her white goggles and buttoned up her lab coat. Mrs. Hansel wanted them to test out chemical reactions. Reese loved chemistry. It was interesting watching things dissolve when certain chemicals hit them.

Demi sat up the lab station, putting different bottles of chemicals on either side of them.

"Is everyone ready?" she asked.
"Yeah," answered Darnell, smiling at Reese and Demi. "I'm good with this stuff, so if anyone needs any help, you can call me."

Reese could count on Darnell. He knew this kind of stuff. 

Reese watched Demi squeeze acid out of an eyedropper onto a rusty nail. They watched in awe as the nail dissolved. She had never seen anything like it.

"Are you hanging out with Carter?" Demi asked.

"Yeah," answered Reese. "We're supposed to go to the pumpkin path with the others. It was  Savannah's idea because she wanted a pumpkin for Halloween."

"Oh, how cute." smiled Demi, testing her iodine in a tube.

 Courtney and Evan walked over wearing matching pink Bebe tops.
"What are you wearing for Stephanie's party?" Reese asked them.

"I'm going as a mermaid." answered Evan, combing her blond hair with a comb. "What about you?"

"A referee."

"I'm going as a kitty cat." said Courtney, acting like she was showing them her claws with her hands.

"So is Holly?" replied Reese. "I think Danielle and Elisha are going as cats, too."

"Desmond is showing up." sighed Evan. "I don't think he's any good for Steph."

Reese didn't say anything. Desmond wasn't bad, but she preferred to not get involve with his problems. Desmond was known for screwing over girls. As much as she was tired of Stephanie, she knew she could do better.

"Damn, Dems." remarked Darnell, checking out her buttocks. "You got a booty."

Demi smiled shyly. "So fucking funny."

Reese laughed lightly. Darnell and Andy usually made comments about girls' body. She sometimes enjoyed listening into their conversations. Often Darnell and Alfie Hendricks would drop her name in the conversation. She didn't mind it, just as long as she wasn't actually doing any of the stuff they said she was doing. Most people thought of her as a slut, but she knew she wasn't. She didn't even have a boyfriend. Girls said she was a slut because of the way she was dressed, but that wasn't true because she liked her clothes. They were her favorite things in her closet.

She met up with Danielle after school in the common area. Danielle was in a deep discussion with Tommy White. They were talking about Brandon Albertson party. Reese knew all about it. She was there. Brandon had allowed people to bring in their drugs and they ended up almost getting busted by the cops. People had to turn off the lights and hide in a corner as the cops searched the place. Every time a cop would shy their light in the kids' direction, they would slide over so the cop couldn't spot them. It was the most exciting party she had been to.

"Did Brandon get grounded?" asked Reese.

"No," said Danielle. "He got away with it. He got lucky."

"Can't wait for the next party." said Tommy. "His parties are always a legend."

"I know, right." responded Reese. "Last year, the kegs were flowing everywhere. I was completely wasted. However, that's not necessary a good thing..."

"Good times, good times." Danielle said in mock-bliss.

Reese looked down at her watch. "God, where the hell is he?"

"Carter?" asked Tommy. "I don't know. He'll be here soon."

"Let's hope." she stated. "Because I want to go to Autumn Falls Pumpkin Patch. I love the pumpkin patch. Brings back childhood memories."

Reese remember when her dad used to take her to the pumpkin patch when she was young. He would always try to bring home the biggest pumpkin from the orchard. Then they would bring it into the kitchen and carve a face into it. Reese would always give the pumpkin a name. 

As if on cue, Carter, Savannah, and Holly approached them. Elisha was following behind them, slogging with a dejected look on her face. Reese assumed it was about Mark so she didn't even bother asking. She didn't have to. Elisha already brought it up.
"Me and Mark aren't in speaking terms." she announced. "We haven't broken up, let's hope not, but I need some space."

Reese felt bad for Elisha. She knew how much she cared about Mark. Elisha felt like Mark had let her down. Reese removed a stray hair from Elisha's face.

"Who's driving?" asked Savannah. "None of are old enough to drive a car."

"My sister." answered Holly. "She'll pick us up around six-thirty."

"Just wanted to know." Savannah said, taking Carter's hand and swinging it around.
He kissed her hand delicately. 

  Just then, Palma and Andy came strutting over. Palma leaned her body against Andy's, wrapping her arms around him. Andy patted her as if she were a big baby, kissing her on the cheek.
"Hey, guys." said Andy. "I am ready, Freddy Kruger!"

Savannah giggled. She used to hate it when her mom asked her if she was "ready, Freddy" because it reminded her of her childhood fear, Freddy Krueger.

The pumpkin patch was accumulated by children and their parents picking out pumpkins on the field. Elisha looked at the orange atmosphere. There was something about October that made the environment look orange outside. The leaves on the trees were shades of red, orange, and brown. She picked up one leaf and crumpled it up in her hand.

Palma and Andy hopped off arm-and-arm, searching for the perfect pumpkin. Reese went along with Holly and Elisha. She ran into a little girl who grinned at her. Reese smiled and kept on walking.
Savannah and Carter led to an area where there were rows of pumpkins aligned from smallest to biggest. Savannah fell in love with one of the larger pumpkins who sat far back.

"I want that one." she said, pointing to the lonely pumpkin.
Carter laughed. "You're gonna have to help me. It's huge."

Walking up the pumpkin, Carter gave Savannah a piggyback ride.

"Whoa!" laughed Savannah. "I nearly fell off of you."

"That's cause I was intending to drop you." he joked, laughing as well.

 He gently placed her on the ground. Savannah reached out to grab the pumpkin, but it stayed put. It would have to take more than one person to try and carry that pumpkin. He went over to the other side of the pumpkin, yanking at it. Finally, they were able to pull it up. Savannah breathed heavily, trying to hold on to the pumpkin. It was hard work. Taking a few baby steps, they succeeded in not dropping it on one of their toes.

A few more steps, they were almost their. Savannah giggled as they made their effort to heave the pumpkin back to the hayride. Placing it onto the vehicle, Carter slumped back against it. He was pretty strong, but carrying that big pumpkin was hard work. Savannah looked straight ahead into the cornfield maze. Her eyes flickered to Carter, begging him to take her to the maze. The maze was creepy looking. There were several paths leading to different directions. Carter held her hand, exploring the maze. A few leaves drifted past them, making a soft rustling sound.

"You better watch out." joked Savannah. "The children of the corn will get you!"
"But corn is nice." Carter said goofily, picking her up and carrying her firefighter style.
     They turned to a corner that lead to nowhere. A wall of corn stock stood in front of them. He laid her down on the ground, falling next to her. Savannah admired the black crows flying in the yellowish sky. She turned over to Carter and smiled lazily with him. There was something about being with him in the cornfield that made her feel at ease.
    He put an arm around her stomach, pulling her in to kiss her. Their lips moved up and down as they felt the world around them disappear. Carter climbed on top of Savannah, pressing her a little bit harder. Savannah wanted him to be by her side forever. When he held her, she felt protected. His caressing put her in a trance.
When they finally broke apart, Carter looked at her. He snickered when he saw a red leaf jutting out of her hair. A few remains of corn stock resided in her hair as well.
"What?" she laughed.
"Nothing." he said, tucking her thick hair behind her ears.
Her eyes traveled to his cross pendant. She reached out to touch it, twirling it with her soft fingers. Without a word, he removed the pendant and put it around her neck. After snapping it on, he softly kissed her neck.
"I like you..." she giggled.
"I like you, too." he smiled.
    He then kissed the pendant that rested just above her chest. Her dark-brown eyes danced as he looked at her. He really liked her. He had never met a girl like her. She was so sweet and beautiful. A perfect combination. Suddenly, they heard a buzzing sound. They whipped their heads around to see where it was coming from. To their horror, a guy in a raglike mask came after them with a chainsaw. Without any hesitation, they jumped up, screaming for their lives. They ran through the corn, avoiding the psycho with the chainsaw. This was just like the horror movies. Making out with your girlfriend or boyfriend only to be ended with a horrible, painful, and gory death. For five minutes, they've been running around the maze in circles. The guy was still following them.
   The guy must have thought enough was enough because he finally stopped chasing them. He turned off the chainsaw and lifted up his mask. Andy.
"I hate you!" screamed Savannah. "I nearly wet my pants!"
"You should have seen the look on your face!" he laughed, imitating their terrified expressions. "I got you good."
"Where'd you get the equipment?" asked Carter.
"From one of the workers." he answered. "People can play leatherface and chase people with a fake chainsaw. It looks real and sounds real, but it's not."
He demonstrated it by turning on the fake chainsaw again, poking Savannah in the stomach with it. Only a tickling sensation happened.
Carter and Savannah stepped towards him menacingly. Laughing, they chased him around the maze. His turn to be scared.


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