Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 20
The Limit

  Andy and Palma sat on the front steps of the school building watching students pass by. Palma had her head slumped against his shoulders, feeling like she was in a daze. Andy stroked her for a little while before one of the teachers signaled them to head back inside the school. He propped Palma onto his shoulders, carrying her into the building firefighter style. They had been dating for nearly three months now. He ran a hand down Palma's buttery-blond hair, enjoying the softness of her hair. This happened to be his longest lasting girlfriend. 
    When he had finally placed her onto the ground, he kneel down on the floor to retie his shoes.
Just then, Stephanie Dice and Demi Pohoryles came. Palma sighed in annoyance as several strands of blond hair became loose. Andy gently straightened them out, causing a grin to form across her face.
"Hey, Andy!" chirped Stephanie. "Hi, Palma! I have amazing news!"
Andy liked Stephanie, but she was often irritating. Her voice wasn't too high, but her voice always rose when she got excited.
"What is it?" Palma smiled warmly at her.
"Craig was able to get the drugs!" finished Demi, jumping up and down.
   Andy rolled his eyes. This was news to him how? And why was this supposed to excited him. Neither him or Palma did drugs.
"Cool, Steph." he said apathetically.
"Aren't you excited?" inquired Stephanie, her green eyes flickering in anticipation.
He sighed again. A high Stephanie meant an annoying Stephanie. There was no way he was excited that she was going to be hosting drugs at her Halloween party. It was bad enough that there were ghosts inhabiting his place, so he thought, but being on drugs was just going to make him hallucinate more.
   They stood in the hallway and chatted for awhile, mainly about Maris. Andy felt horrible about how he had treated Maris the other night. Savannah was right: she was his best friend. A friend who he would protect from danger and fear. The friend who was like a sister to him. He just got annoyed by the way Maris had been talking about everyone else. But Maris was human just like everyone else. Maris stood over by the vending machines retrieving Flamin'-Hot-Cheetos from the flap. Flipping her blond hair, she walked over towards them. 
   He sighed in relief. She didn't seem to be pissed at them anymore. He was glad, too, because Maris was the kind of person he wouldn't trade for the world. Without any hesitation, he groped her into an affectionate embrace. He gave her a family kiss on the forehead before pulling away.
"Are you two cool again?" Demi asked, checking out a couple of senior boys by the main cafeteria. "Because I hate it when friends fight."
"I guess." shrugged Maris, not too sure of the reconciliation.
 Andy couldn't quite blame her. He had been a little harsh on her. They all had been a little harsh on her. "A little" didn't even describe how they've been treating her. Running a picture of her on a donkey captioning her as a jackass, enjoying Courtney giving her a few light shoves outside of school, and just talking about her at every chance they got. He didn't understand why Maris always forgave them for all the crap they pulled on her.
Palma slid in between them, planting a kiss on his lips. Palma's heart-shaped lips felt good on his slightly-full ones. Their lips grazed against each other. For a moment, they were the only ones in the room. At least until Stephanie interrupted their thought process.
 "Whoa, there, tigers." joked Stephanie. "Somebody's getting a little horny."
Palma didn't trust Stephanie too much, so she backed away a little bit. Palma had told Andy she had called him ugly, but he didn't believe it. In his mind, Stephanie was only kidding. Like when his best friend Geoffrey Ziegler made those racist comments against black people, primarily about Savannah being lucky to get the pretty gene because she was "a teenage female and black". He had found out that Geoffrey was the one who had put the sign up of Obama captioned under "Niggerama". He was glad it was Geoffrey. If it was someone else, then it would have been racist.
 As if on cue, Geoffrey was approaching them. A short, olive-skinned boy with dark hair.
"What's up!" he said, hugging all three of Palma, Stephanie, and Demi.
"Hey, man," Andy said, slapping palms with him.
"Your soccer games tonight, right?" he asked.
"Yeah, the last game until state."
"Alright, cool. Good luck."
 "Yeah, Andy." agreed Demi. "We're all coming tonight. We'll be your good luck charm."
She smiled, showing off the glint in her braces on her bottom teeth only. Her front teeth were perfectly normal, but her bottom ones were a little bit disproportional.
"My state game is next Saturday." announced Palma, imitating her kicking a soccer ball.
That was another thing he had in common with her. It was their mutual talent in soccer. Both forwarders and the best players on their team. She knew more about soccer since she was from Europe. 
 Andy walked to class with Geoffrey. Geoffrey was yapping away about some girls who were checking him out in the hallway. That was a thing he and Geoffrey always did. They would brag about attractive girls flirting with them. He saw Savannah walking past them with Justin Alvarado. He stared at Justin. Justin had told him off on Facebook about Maris. He had talked to him on how much of a jerk he was and that Maris could do so much better in the friendship department. Andy had just told him to "shut the fuck up" and not to say another word.
"Hey, Kitten." he waved, a permanent nickname he now gave her.
It made sense since her name was Savannah and there was a breed of an animal that was a hybrid of a serval and a domestic cat named "Savannah Cat". Savannah and Maris where the only girls he could name after animals because of their names.
 "Hi," she grinned, revealing her always straight teeth.
Andy wondered if she had ever had braces before. It was more than likely she didn't.
"I swear, the only thing girls like her are good at is taking it up the ass." remarked Geoffrey.
"Hey, man" he snapped, not knowing why after all those times he had thought Geoffrey's jokes as harmless and satirical, he now had gotten offended of what Geoffrey had said about Savannah, "that's not funny!"
Geoffrey shrugged. "I'm only playing."
"Yeah, well don't say it again." Andy said scathingly.
He understood he was being rude, but what Geoffrey said was kind of harsh. He didn't like it when Geoffrey targeted Savannah. He didn't even know her or even talked to her before.
  Later on that day, Andy was in his Algebra class taking notes. Ms. Rosenthal was going over shapes and angles. Usually math wasn't his forte, but he at least understood Geometry. At times Andy was prone to fall asleep in Algebra class, but after several times of Rosenthal harshly slamming a text book down on his desk to jot him awake, he had stopped falling asleep during her lectures.
Carol Weinstein, the smartest person in the class, sat behind him. Andy never really talked to her before, except when he went to the synagogue at times. Mostly he went to church since he believe in the Christianity ways, but he was able to embrace his father's Jewish side. He wondered if he could partner up with her. Since Palma was partnered with Evan Cross, it made perfect since for him and Carol to be partners.
  She had long, black hair, green eyes, and a pointed noise. She was cute and had a curvy body. It had been in the middle of October and he was just now wanting to be partners with her. He knew Holly was friends with her, but he barely made it past a hundred words with her.
"Hey," he said, turning to face her. "Since your partner moved, do you wanna be mine's?"
Carol smiled. "Sure, I'm actually quite relieved."
Grant Albrecht her old partner had moved to some unknown place across the country. It was kind of a blessing in disguise because now he was working with the math whiz. 
 Andy tapped his warm-honey hands on the desk, glad to have finally found a way out of failing algebra. Karyn Harrison, who sat a few feet away from him smiled when she saw him. Andy smiled back at her. He kind of felt bad for because she had been so nice to Elisha and Elisha had been giving her the cold shoulder. In a way, Karyn was cute. Even though she was a little bit gothic looking. He had invited her to a few of his parties before. Mainly because she had managed to get him and his friends alcohol from her brother. Elisha had tried to put up with it, but often Elisha would stomp around his house before dismissing herself altogether. Andy didn't understand girls. He was glad he didn't. He rather have just experienced their own brawl and petty behavior. It was a lot more entertaining than handling it.


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