Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 17
Savannah Can Be Trusted

   Holly helped Savannah put up the sign for the upcoming fall festival on the second floor in the freshman wing. All throughout the day, Holly couldn't stop laughing at what had happened between Carter and Savannah the last Friday. Holly's face was still pink when she turned to her.
"'I need purple!'" she said randomly, slapping Savannah on the shoulders as she doubled over in laughter.
Savannah laughed herself. The whole situation was funny. As stupid as the purple comment was, it seemed to have at least made Holly happy. Savannah had been trying to avoid Carter at all cost that day. That didn't seem to have worked because when she was with Judy, Carter found her. She was too embarrassed to face him. 
  "That is perfectly okay." assured Holly, turning around to face her. "I'm a virgin, too."
Savannah sighed in relief. She had been sure that Holly was experienced. She had heard some guys talk about how the "popular" girls were all sluts and had sex with a lot of people. Savannah didn't think her friends were sluts, but Holly seemed to have been more mature than Savannah. Stephanie Dice came over to Savannah, handing her a piece of paper. Savannah looked at the piece of paper and saw that it was an invite to her Halloween party that was coming up the following week.
 "Thanks!" beamed Savannah.
"No problem, Vanny." she smiled. "Wear a cute costume!"
"I'll make sure to do that." reassured Savannah, stuffing the piece of paper into her purse.
As Stephanie walked off, Holly pulled Savannah into a corner.
"So what exactly did you and Carter do?"
Savannah explained to Holly how they were studying and then all of a sudden they were kissing. She also gave excruciating details on putting her hand on Carter's private part. Holly smiled and told her it was perfectly normal. Savannah didn't think so. She now felt sexually uncomfortable around her. She was pretty sure she wouldn't be ready for that kind of stuff until she was married or at least in her twenties. 
"Thanks, Holly." she said. "That really helped."
"Don't mention it." Holly replied, flipping her brown hair behind her shoulders. "What are friends for?"
Savannah smiled. She couldn't believe she had a best friend. Before Paramount, she didn't even know what a real friend was. Now she had more than one best friend and was popular. She looked around and saw that a couple of girls who didn't look too nice were staring at her. One girl was short and had dark hair and the other girl was tall, thin, and had dark-brown hair. Savannah smiled at them, but they just kept staring.
"What's up with them?" she asked Holly.
Holly scoffed. "Just ignore them. They're having a bad day."
And with that. Holly led her off to their Biology class.
 "When are you and Justin submitting your article?" Judy asked Savannah during homeroom.
"Tomorrow." Savannah said, writing down a few notes onto her piece of paper. "I can't wait to see what people will think."
"Me either." added Judy. "So many people will get that article. Max Quintanilla totally deserves recognition."
Savannah hoped her article would turn out okay. It would be the best grade Mr. Simpson would give her if she done the report right. 
  Reese slid a note to Judy who passed it to Savannah. Savannah looked down at the note that said she needed to talk to her. Reese couldn't text Savannah since her phone was taken away earlier that day. After class, Reese and Savannah met up by the vending machines. Courtney Hofstadter joined them, her blond curls cascading down her back.
"Can I talk to you about Maris?" Reese asked her, wiping lint off of her jean jacket.
Savannah knitted her eyebrows in confusion. She knew Maris, but she didn't know Maris liked the other girls did. Savannah felt a little bit nervous for Maris because she knew how often the girls talked about her.
"Sure..." she said slowly.
"Good!" Courtney piped up, her blue eyes getting big.  "Because Maris just wrote in Holly's honesty box saying what a fat cow she was."
  Savannah stared at them in amazement. How could they possibly prove it was her and not someone else?
"Maris wouldn't do something like that." Savannah said neutrally, trying to find away to back herself out of this conversation. "I'm going to be late for Media Arts."
"Well, bye, I guess." Courtney said, looking confused.
"We need to talk later." Reese reminded her, walking away with Courtney.
Savannah sighed. She liked Maris and didn't see what was wrong with her. Judy had told her how it was mean for people to talk about Maris because she was the nicest girls she's ever known. Maris hated talking bad about people. So why did people enjoy talking about her?
 Savannah saw Maris kneeling down by the water fountain tying her shoes. Maris's hair was curly that made her look pretty and innocent. When Maris caught her eyes, she ran up to Savannah.
"Thank God, you're here!" she breathed. "You're the only one I can talk to. The other girls are against me."
"No, they're not." assured Savannah. "It's just a misunderstanding. They think you wrote something in Holly's honesty box."
Maris's green eyes dilated. "I swear to God, that wasn't me."
"I believe you," laughed Savannah, putting an arm around her shoulder, "it's just that they don't."
Maris looked down, obviously disappointed to hear the news. Savannah felt sorry for Maris. She hated seeing people getting screwed over by their friends. People could be a little mean to Maris. It wasn't fair. Savannah decided to keep her company as they walked to class. At least Maris trusted her. And that made Savannah feel like the most important person in the universe.


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