Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 14
I Need Purple

  In Carter's mind, Savannah should have been ranked up with Megan Fox in Maxim's most attractive females. Her curly hair was pulled back into a ponytail, revealing her pretty face. Carter thought she looked prettier with her hair pulled back. If she was wearing a barrel and suspenders, she would still be the sexiest person in the room. It's weird to see her standing in his room with that same wide-eyed expression she usually had. It made him want to pull her into his arms, never letting her go.
  Savannah propped open her English text book, turning to page ninety. Her eyes traveled along the page, scanning the the words.Her full lips curved into a smile as her blackish-brown eyes shifted towards him. Carter did a shifty motion with his eyes, laughing afterward.
Carter sat on the floor next to her, putting his arm around her. Savannah could smell his faint scent, fresh like the outdoors. It was hard to contain her blush, so she looked down.
 "Okay," she began, settling onto a page, "if a narrator is telling a story through the point of view of the main character when it prefers to the person as 'I', what is it call?"
"First person narrative?" he answered.
"Correcto!" she exclaimed, leaning in to kiss him.
Cliche as it was to receive a kiss every time he got an answer right, they both enjoyed it.
"An exaggerated speech?" she quizzed, flicking her dark eyes at him.
"A hyperbole." he said certainly.
She kissed him again, this time it was extensive. When they finally broke apart, Carter rested her hand on her leg. He moved her skirt up an inch, staring at her nice, long legs.
  Her tall, slender frame made her look like a model. But at the same time she looked real and not overly done up. He touched her left earlobe which held her diamond studded earring in place. Suddenly, she pulled apart. She looked at him for a split second before looking down at her text book. The whole time she had been explaining the chapter to him, he couldn't take his eyes off of her generous breasts. She had her flaws, but she didn't show them. She managed to be the same person she was since he met her.
  In mid-sentence, Savannah was caught off guard by Carter. He pulled her up, placing her on the bed.
"Wha---" she began, but was cut off by him.
He leaned in towards her, kissing her hard on her lips. Savannah felt his stubble on his chin graze against her face. She froze. She thought of herself as a fool. Couldn't she see what was happening? But she didn't want to stop it. Being near him made her feel safe and secure. She wouldn't have known what a relationship was if it hadn't been for him. He took her down, pressing her on the bed. She traced her delicate, manicured nails on his erection. She rubbed it as she kissed him, but then she pushed him away, and he fell backwards.
  Confusion flooded his mind. Savannah stood up and gathered her things.
"What's going on?" he asked her.
"I need...purple." she said stupidly, not knowing what to say.
She immediately walked out of the room, bolting down the staircase. Carter tried to follow her, but she was already gone.
 Savannah dialed Tamara Weiss's cell number because she knew she had a car. She looked up and knew it was going to rain. The sky was gray and it was incredibly dark even thought it was 4:15. Raindrops began to trickle from the sky, and she took shelter under a tree. Tamara had told her to not try anything with him. But he had try something with her. She felt ashamed and stupid. What would Tamara think about her now? Nothing. Because Tamara would understand. She was a teenager herself, only a year older. It was all Carter's fault. If he hadn't be so attractive and sexy, then she wouldn't have done something like that. But that was crazy thinking. She she closed her eyes and let the rain drip down on her flushing face. 
Tamara drove down the neighborhood with Savannah sitting at the passenger side. Savanna had her hands over her face, hiding herself from the world. She was dead to the world at the moment. Not wanting reveal who she was or what she was about.
"Don't be embarrassed." soothed Tamara. "Things like this happened to me. At least you caught yourself."
Savannah shook her head. She was embarrassed because she walked out on Carter made a stupid comment to him. Savannah cursed in her mind, tuning out the world around her.
 Tamara smiled sympathetically at her. "Last year, I gave my ex head. It was gross, but he liked it."
"I didn't do that." Savannah muttered. "I don't even know what I was thinking."
"You just backed out. Nothing else."
"More like chickened out."
"Okay, so what. You're just not ready. You guys have barely been together for a month."
"Yeah, but we have a connection. Like we've known each other all along."
"Why am I sounding like a mom? You're on fourteen. What connection do you two have?"
Savannah laughed for the first time. "You're right, but I really like him."
Tamara smiled understandingly, running her fingers through her blond hair and looking through the rearview mirror. "I know, but don't do anything irrational."
"I promise I won't." reassured Savannah.
  Tamara dropped Savannah off in front of her house, making sure she got inside the house safety before driving away. She stuck a key in the hole, grasping onto the doorknob. Her mom was already upstairs sitting on the couch.
"Hey, baby." she smiled. "How was Judy's?"
Savannah had lied to her mother, Marjorie, and told her she was going over to Judy's. She felt ashamed about that, but she couldn't tell her that she was practically having a guy grope her in his bedroom, so she just stuck with the lie.
"It was fine." she sighed.
"Are you okay?" Marjorie asked concernedly.
"Yeah," she said, walking up the stairs.
She was weary and needed to lie down. When she got to her bedroom, she put an old Bee Gee's album into her mom's old record player. She slipped underneath the covers, feeling it's warmth all over her body. Maybe a nice dream would help her think.


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