Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 12
The Computer Lab

Reese groaned in agitation as she waited for the boy to get off of the computer. He had been on it for thirty minutes and the whole time he was on it, he was just looking up youtube videos and racy photos of women. She seethed, clenching her hands together. Impatience was always a burden on her. Especially when she had work she needed to do. She looked at the clock on the wall that told her it was 9:56. She had just arrived at the computer lab a few minutes ago, receiving the pass from her homeroom teacher.

Her English paper was due today at 1:33 and the boy at the computer was wasting her valuable time. She could have been almost done by now. Sighing, she flipped open her magazine and read a few pages from it. Damien walked into the computer lab with Savannah following by his side. Reese knew Savannah had to work on her newspaper report while Damien needed to finish his math homework. She waved them over, a look of exasperation on her face. All the computers were taken. 

Savannah groaned. "They're not even looking up anything important. That guy is just looking at pornographic pictures."

"I know!" complained Reese, clasping her manicured hands together, "they need to do that stuff on their own time, not the ones who are actually trying to get a good grade."

But luckily, the guy and the two other people around them logged off of their computers and left their stations. All three of them looked at each other, relieved that they had finally got a computer.

Damien sat on either side of Reese and Savannah. He opened up his orange backpack, pulling out an Algebra text book. He then seemed to be looking for something else, but he couldn't find it. Grumbling, he walked away and left the room.
"I have so much work I need to do." Reese said, tapping her fingers on the table. "What about you?"

"I don't have much." Savannah said, fixing her watch on her left wrist. "I just have Journalism and English to do."

"Lucky." sighed Reese, typing away at the computer screen.

Finally she was getting somewhere. She wasn't going to fail English without at least trying to pass. Her summary on Fahrenheit 451 was pretty astounding. She had read the book everyday, not able to put it down. It had been so intriguing to her. She would never live in a Dystopian universe like the characters in the book did.  It was now one of her favorite books.
When Damien came back, he carried a homework sheet with blank answers on it. Just when he was about to sit in his original seat, Dexter slid into the seat. He still had that black eye from when Andy had punched him repeatedly. Reese smiled at the memory. Dexter deserved to be punched.
"Ha-ha!" taunted Dexter, flipping him off.

Reese moaned. She disliked Dexter with a passion. She remembered unpleasantly about the time when he slid under her desk in the seventh grade, trying to get a glimpse of her underwear. She had been so upset that she kicked him in his forehead. Dexter was the one who got reprimanded while the teacher just smiled at her and let her get away with it.

"Hey, Andy!" Reese yelled from across the room, waving at an invisible person.
Savannah looked around. There wasn't any sign of Andy anywhere.
"I don't see Andy anywh---" Reese lightly, but firmly kicked her in the leg.

"Owie!" exclaimed Savannah.

She now knew what Reese was trying to do.
Dexter's eyes immediately widened. He whipped his head around trying to find Andy. Even though he didn't see him, he got up and left anyway.

 Damien sighed in relief. "I was about to do the same thing."

"Yeah, no problem." she smiled. "He's so annoying. I hate him!"

"No wonder he doesn't have any friends." added Damien. "The annoying dick."

"He's not that bad." Savannah said softly, looking down at the floor.

Was it pity? Reese hoped not because Dexter pretty much brought stuff onto himself. She had to praise Savannah anyway for having a kind-heart. There weren't many sympathetic people in the world anymore.

"Come on, Savannah, he is a little weird." she told her.

"He hasn't bothered me."

"For now, anyways." responded Damien. "Just give it sometime."

  Reese remembered when she had been nice to Dexter. She actually felt bad the he was given a hard time by his peers. But now she felt he deserved it. He wasn't the kind of person you could feel sorry for. Reese turned to her computer and started typing some more. Almost three pages were already done. Her words were flowing as she continued to type. She looked over Savannah's shoulders and saw that she had gotten to nearly ten pages. Savannah was a fat typer. She could type a hundred words in a minute or less.

"How are you and Carter?" she asked her, scratching her forehead.

Savannah gave a heartbreaking grin. Sometimes Reese asked her that just to see her smile. It was beautiful and pure. Almost childlike.

"Still amazing." she fantasized. "I'm coming over to his house today. Can't wait."

Damien nodded at Reese, a knowing look that Reese knew well. Would they try something? Reese hoped not. It was just too soon. She didn't want Savannah to end up like Jamie Klein. A fourteen year old non-virgin. But Savannah knew better than that. Especially if she grew up in an overprotective household. Reese felt like looking after Savannah. Although they hadn't known each other for that long, they had seemed to have struck a bond between each other. They were both quiet, usually kept to themselves, and laid-back. Well, Reese was more laid back than Savannah, but she was still a calm person.

After class, Reese ventured into the hallway looking at the display case that displayed pictures of previous students Media Arts photos. She saw a photo she had taken of Maris by the river. It was bright and vivid. Maris, sitting on top of an edge, looking out into the overlook with her green eyes looking glazed. Glazed, but alive. Flat, but emotional. Strange, but beautiful. She had never told anyone about her talent in photography, but it was something that kept her alive. Something she could go to in order to escape her father's death. Photography used to be a love for him, until he was killed. Reese dismissed a tear from her eye, walking back to her next class.


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