Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 10
Damien and Holly

   Holly flipped through the pages trying to look for answers for her Geography homework. Stephanie Dice and Evan Cross sat in the seat next to her working on their assignment. Holly knew they didn't take any classes seriously, but they always managed to get above a "C". They played the dumb blond roles pretty well. But the biggest seemingly dumb blonds were Clarissa and Alyssa Darling. Better known as the Darling Twins. They were both tall, blond, and blue-eyed. They had this surfer-valley accent that made them sound annoying. Holly didn't mind them, but she wouldn't spend a half an hour with them.
  "Holly," Alyssa drawled, putting a pencil in her mouth. "can I have a piece of paper."
"Sure," she said, tearing out a sheet of paper from her notebook.
"Thanks," smiled Alyssa, taking the paper away from her.
Holly started writing down the answers, hoping they were right. Of course they were right because they were in the book. But she hoped those were the questions Mr. Jensen was looking for.
 "Holly, you look so pretty." Stephanie commented. "Where'd you get your blouse."
Holly looked down at her blue blouse and skinny jeans. "Macy's. It was on sale for twenty dollars."
"Ooh!" cheered Clarissa, clapping her hands. "I must get it!"
"I don't think they have it in your size." Holly remarked, staring at Clarissa's size zero figure.
She couldn't believe how skinny those girls were. They weren't anorexic thin, but they did look a little bit unusual. Of course the boys didn't mind. They were too busy asking them out. Holly knew better than to call those girls stupid. They were on the honor roll. They have never gotten below a "B" in their lives. She just wished they could have acted more sensible.
  She had been to their parties before. They were known for having the most alcohol stored in their parents' wet-bar. No doubt that Andy drunk most of their liquor. Holly thought they were cool. She never had a problem with them. Holly heard someone call her name. She turned around and saw Reese and Damien waving at her. She smiled. Reese and Damien always did that during fourth period Geography.
  "Hey," she whispered. "What's up?"
"Good." smiled Reese. "I'm passing Algebra so I'm excited about that."
"How's Maris?" mouthed Damien.
"She's alright. Her and Lucas are still together."
"That's cool. How are you?"
"I'm good. Things could get a little bit more exciting."
"Well, why don't you hang out with me." he asked, winking at her.
She grinned. Damien was handsome. Ever since she had broken up with her previous boyfriend, Peter McMahon, she couldn't stop looking at Damien. She had just realized how attractive he was. His hair was light-brown, smooth, and perfect. He had wonderful blue eyes like her. She thought they were so much alike. She would have loved to hang out with him.
  They met after school at McAllister's when Holly's sister, Kayla, dropped her off.
"What time should I pick you?" she asked Holly, adjusting her aviators on her face.
"Around five." called Holly, walking into the restaurant. "Whenever you're done with Cross Country."
Kayla smiled. "Okay, I'll pick you up then."
Holly made her way to the door, finding Damien standing by it waiting for her. Holly liked his green muscle top and khaki pants. He seemed to have admired Holly's outfit, too.
  "Can you believe that Elisha and Mark had a huge fight today?" he asked her.
"I know," nodded Holly, "it's like rare for them to have a fight."
"I'm pretty sure Mark's tired of her."
"I love Elisha, but she can be a little overbearing."
Elisha often thought highly of herself and that often drove people crazy. She was nice enough, but she had this mentality where she thought her lifestyle was more important than anyone else's.
 Sitting down at a table, Damien pulled out his cellphone to tell her mom where he was at. Holly realized she needed to do the same thing. Her mom was often cool, but she needed to know where her children were at at all times.
"What's our homework for Algebra?" asked Damien, putting his phone into his pocket.
"Linear Equations." she answered, flipping a brown strand away from her face. She looked at her sapphire nail polish, examining them. She had got them down with Jen Nguyen at the hair salon last Saturday. Periodically, Jen liked to get her nose done because she had to keep it constantly perfect.
  "Isn't Mrs. Gregg a bitch?" he asked, chuckling as he was saying so.
"She was pretty mean to you." she said sympathetically, taking a bite out of her sandwich.
"No, she was cruel." he explained. "I mean, just because I forget my homework in my locker, she gives me a zero."
"I know, she could have let you go get it."
Holly liked Mrs. Gregg, but sometimes she got on her nerves like the other kids. Holly tapped her foot to a new song by some woman name Lady Gaga. She had heard her songs on Gossip Girl and thought they were pretty good. She had a feeling she would be big eventually.
"What's this song called?" she asked Damien.
"Just Dance." he answered. "I kind of like it, too."
"Savannah, doesn't. She thinks this woman is just another mainstream label."
"Your friend is very opinionated."
"You have no idea."
  Holly smiled at the thought of Savannah fighting for Gay Rights for her newspaper article. She had to commend her for that. Not many people went out that far. She told Savannah she would be the first one to read the article when it comes out.
She looked around and saw a huge sign outside that said Fall Festival '08. Reese was in charge of that. It was all she could talk about. What they did every year was that they had a fair on October, 30 and the whole town comes to join it. It's always located down the river where all the shops were. 
 "Are you going?" Damien asked, following Holly's gaze.
"Huh?" she said blankly. "Oh, yeah."
Holly thought it was a silly question. He knew she had been going there since she was four. She smiled at Damien's obliviousness. She wanted to ask him out. She wondered what it would be like to kiss him. To have him hold her. It was time for her to not beat around the bush and get a real boyfriend. Someone who was more on her level. Damien seemed to have the mental capacity to be in a relationship.


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