Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 6
The Bake Sell

  Elisha Carpenter and Andy sat at a table taking money from people who wanted to buy fifty cents worth of sweets. Andy had asked her to raise the price up to two dollars because fifty cents wouldn't be enough to support the children in Africa. Elisha told him it was the school's idea. She didn't necessary agree with the school, but at least people were buying.
"They don't really want to help the children in Africa." scoffed Andy. "They just want cupcakes and cookies."
Elisha just shook her head. She wanted to help just as much as the next guy, but Andy was overreacting. They were just teenagers. Not many people really care about helping some charity event. Especially if the event is close to Halloween. All they care about is partying. Elisha thought it was a sad fact, but they would grow out of their selfishness one of these days.
  "Do you have any idea how much money we made?" Elisha asked. "We've made over seven thousand dollars."
"Only because my family pitched in to help." he said bitterly. "And Reese's, that Gwen Borden girl's, and some other people who live in the older neighborhoods."
Elisha had to admit that the wealthier families did donate more money to charities than the ones who are just upper-class. She didn't think it made much sense for Andy to say "older neighborhoods" because some of the older neighborhoods were smaller and less expensive. 
  "Oh, god." Elisha groaned, pointing at Dexter Kirkpatrick who was coming to their table.
"Pay and get outta here." Andy said rudely.
"How much?" asked Dexter.
"Read the sign." he said, pointing to a sign which had the prices of each individual deserts.
Dexter looked at all the deserts. Elisha thought his tongue was going to drop onto the floor.
Without any warning, Dexter snatched a few and ran off. For a quick second, Elisha had realized why some of their money was missing. Why they had only made the amount of money they did and not more. Somebody has been stealing from their cash register!
"Dexter was the one who stole our money!" exclaimed Elisha.
 Andy jumped out of his seat in a flash and ran after Dexter.
"Get back here, you fat slop!" he yelled. "If you're not gonna help, then don't come here!"
Elisha watched him gain on Dexter. Andy tackled him, wrestling him to the ground. To her horror, Andy started punching the living daylights out of him. Dexter was down trying to cover his face. Andy was furious that Dexter had been stealing the money. People in the world needed that money and Dexter was being completely selfish. He had let Dexter work at their table last week because he was doing something else. That was how the money became missing.
  A teacher broke them, restraining Andy. Elisha knew that you had to tip Andy off really hard in order for him to get violent. But she was still scared.
"He's stealing our money from the bake sell!" exclaimed Andy.
"Is this true, Dexter?" the teacher asked.
Dexter just held his head back. He had a bloody nose. He lead both Andy and Dexter to the office.
  Elisha was worried about Andy. She hoped he didn't get suspended. Dexter was the one who deserved to get punched. He shouldn't have been stealing the money. To her relief, Andy hadn't been suspended. He only received ISS for three days. Andy was relieved himself because he thought he was done for when he started punching Dexter.
"I'm sorry, Andy." Palma said, wrapping her around him. "I know you lost your cool."
Andy stroked Palma, trying to think what could have gone wrong. Usually he would have let Dexter slide when he did something stupid, but this particular incident set him off.
  Elisha understood how Andy had a passion for things like animals and human welfare, but she wouldn't beat someone up for not supporting it. Andy was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde kind of of person. He was often nice, often mean. Most of them time he was cool as long as someone didn't mess with him. He had that "you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone" motto.
  Jen Nguyen stopped by Elisha's locker to ask her what happened.
"Dexter was stealing our money so Andy beat him up."
"He deserved it!" exclaimed Jen. "Dexter's the one who should be getting ISS. Stealing money from charities."
"I agree, but Andy should have kept his cool."
"Dexter had been bothering Andy since sixth grade. This was finally the last straw."
"He's already grounded because his mom blamed him for ordering porn." said Elisha. "What would she think?"


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