Paramount Activity
Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 5
Among A Good Friend

   Holly Drake logged onto her computer at the school library and clicked into Powerpoint. Her best friend Savannah hovered over her shoulders. They were working on a project for Biology on formation of the continents. Holly had found most of the information and Savannah was finding pictures.
"How many points are we getting?" she asked Savannah.
"A hundred." she answered. "Maybe this will boost up my grade to an eighty-five or above."
Holly knew that Mrs. Cunningham was pressuring her to pull up her grade. A "C" wasn't good enough for her. 
  Holly started typing something up, trying to figure out how to make her Powerpoint look exciting. Savannah knew how to do those kind of things, She was good at computer related subjects and technology. She mostly did most of the Powerpoint work.
"How do you upload a video on here?" Holly asked her.
Savannah went through all the steps to show her how to upload the video clip onto Powerpoint. Holly was gracious and hugged her for dear life. She didn't know what she would do without Savannah.
  "How are you and Carter doing?" she asked.
Savannah smiled coyly. "Okay, I guess. I really like him."
Holly smiled. It seemed like all they did was kiss or embrace. What was even stranger was that they often talked like they were best friends instead of a real couple. It reminded her of Carter and herself as friends. She knew it was a healthy relationship.
"Have you guys done anything?" Holly asked curiously.
"Of course not." explained Savannah. "I'm not ready. Marriage seems to be more romantic when losing your virginity."
"You and Carter might not get married."
"Oh, well. I just think it's better to just wait."
  Holly respected Savannah. She was relieved that she wasn't the only one who didn't really do anything. Holly fronted like she did, but in reality she was just trying to impress her friends. Savannah was the kind of person she could be honest with.
"I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to---" Savannah began, but cut herself off.
"You sometimes wonder what it would be like to do what?" Holly asked. "Come on, sweetie. You're among friends. What you say to me doesn't change my opinion about you."
Savannah smiled. She waited for a moment to see if no one was listening in.
"Okay," she whispered. "I sometimes wonder what it would be like to---"
She kept cutting herself off. She was so embarrassed. Holly decided to finish the sentence for her.
"To give Carter a blowjob."
"Ssh!" she hissed.
"No one's here."
"It's still awkward."
Holly put an arm around her. "It's okay."
    Then Savannah leaned in her ear to whisper sometime discreetly to her. When she was finished, Holly just had to laugh. That was completely normal for someone to do that. It wasn't anything sinful. Holly didn't do it, but she knew others who did.
"It's nothing to be embarrassed about, Savannah." she said. "It's normal."
"Thanks. You're the first person I told about this."
"No problem, baby. And you're still innocent. It's not like you're actually having sex with someone or giving them head."
"You made my dad." Savannah smiled, giving Holly a hug.
  It had only been about three months since they met, but they were already the sisters they never had. Of course Holly had Kayla, but Kayla could be annoying. Holly and Savannah were sometimes opposites with interests, but they still oved each other. Holly liked glamor and fashion, Savannah liked horror movies, Family Guy, The Simpsons, music, computers, and electronic games.
"Let's finish our project before Mrs. Cunningham kicks our butts." joked Savannah.
"No, she will kick my butt." teased Holly. "She likes you."
"She likes you, too." she said. "I'm just nice to her. Everyone else hates her."
Holly knew Savannah felt bad for Cunningham because her father had died and people misjudged her. Cunningham really was a great teacher, but she could also be strict.


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