Shy Boys Win
Author: Summer

Chapter 4

Jade walked further down the line of games that were available to play. People working them shouted out things like 'A winner every time!'. Their thoughts were mean and annoyed sounding to him though.

"I like your hair!" A girl walking by said and he didn't bother too look up. Her voice didn't match the one he was looking for.

I wish guys could be nice for once.

He heard her thoughts and he immediately felt bad he looked up and said 'thank you' but she was already too far away. He looked back down and sorted through the many thoughts of people at the carnival. They were all excited and happy thoughts, but he still couldn't find who he was looking for. He stuffed his hands into his pockets as well as he could and looked up at the sky. It was light gray, but he could tell it wasn't going to rain until very late that night. The wind blew across his face and he looked straight again.

A bench was coming up to him and he sat down on it. The bottom of his pants went up and he bent over to fix them. The wind blew and a few leaves collected around his feet. Some people walked by and he looked through them. The girl he was looking for wasn't there and he sighed. This was going to be a long night. He straightened his back against the bench and stretched his arms. He quickly stood up. He heard her thoughts.

Oh, I hope I don't run into Jasper.

It was her! He needed to know where she was. His mind quickly went through the thoughts of the girls around her.

Matilda seems not to be as sad as I thought she was going to be.

Hmm, the bathrooms are coming up, I'd better tell them to stop so I can go.

So, her name was Matilda! He snapped his fingers and smiled. He liked that name. And, he was very near the only bathrooms. He walked down to the bench that was by the bathrooms, so he could keep an eye on this Matilda girl. He had guessed that he had to protect her, or something. He sat down and leaned over so he could look around the roller coaster. Three girls were running down the road, all dressed up as black cats. One of them was Matilda. He leaned back and tried to look more casual, but he couldn't do it. He knew they hadn't seen him yet, so he stood up as fast as he could and ran behind a large tree. Matilda and her friends' faces were very flushed with the running they had done. One of them went into the bathroom. Matilda and her other friend, who Matilda was referring in her thoughts as Ivie, had sat down on the bench he was just sitting on.

Hmm, this seat is warm...But I didn't see anyone here?

Jade smiled and watched them until Matilda's other friend, Amanda came out of the bathroom and they walked away.


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