Ride at Twilight
Author: Zoey Balderston

Chapter 16


Fang and I took of from the ground and started heading north. It was about a ten minute flight, and it would be even faster for them if we hadn’t had to lead the way. The first couple minutes of the flight were pretty quiet. Fang was as far from me as he could be without losing sight and sound of me. After five minutes had passed he swooped in below me silently. I thought he came over here to tell me something, but he didn’t say a single word. A few more minutes passed and I heard him say my name softly, or at least it sounded soft with the fierce wind whipping around me. I looked below me to find a pained look of sorrow in his eyes and apologies dancing on his trembling lips.

“Yeah?” I tried to keep my voice even and my face impassive. Um, that was a wasted effort. It was impossible to keep the concern from entering my eyes and revealing me.

“I’m really sorry. I was being a jerk back there, especially to you. I shouldn’t have treated you like that. I mean after all we’ve been through and all you’ve done for me and the flock, for me to treat you like trash was horrible of me.” His dark eyes were impossible to look away from. The sincerity and agony was so thick in his expression you could almost reach out and grab it.

“Fang, I’m not mad at you. It wasn’t you’re fault.”

“That’s just it,” He said, his eyes down, “It was entirely my fault! I shouldn’t have kissed you then gone all googly eyed on another girl. I should’ve just made the right choice and stayed with you. Plus, I judged Edward based on him having Bella, and that wasn’t fair at all. He really is a great guy, and I should’ve judged his character, not his relationship. I truly am sorry.” Once he finished, he looked back up to find me trying to coast on a current that didn’t exist with my mouth hanging wide open. That was the longest, gushiest speech I had ever heard leave his lips. I was still in shock, and still coasting on that non-existent little current. Whatever had been holding me up died out and I fell toward Fang, my wings folding in on me, again. He saw me falling so he rolled over onto his back and held his arms out. I landed in them just as he rolled back over. Somehow, I was still being cradled by him.

“Are you alright? What happened?” Fang asked urgently, his voice anxious.

“I’m fine, I think. Except I can’t unfold my wings, again. Whatever is happening is really going to get annoying.” He smiled at my sarcasm because he knew that meant I was ok.

“Can we land? I’m probably weighing you down, plus Edward and Bella will have seen that and are now wondering what happened.” He gave me a worried look before beginning to descend.


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