The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 43
Attempt to Escape

Brianna listened as footsteps came closer. She shiver, thinking about Zarha being back again. If only she could find a way to kill herself. She knew that Zarha was using her to get Richard and Katie to come after her. She didn’t want them to risk their lives to try and save her.
She looked around the room. He hadn’t put her in a cell, as he had done to Katie. Brianna figured that he put her here to try to confuse Richard and Katie. Then they would have to search the whole prison to find her.
The footsteps came closer. Even though she was in Zarha’s room, behind a closed door, she could still hear the steps. She wondered if he had put a spell on the door for her to hear it when someone came.
The steps stopped right in front of the door. Brianna quickly looked around, hoping she could find something to defend herself. She saw a bed in the far corner, a desk with a few papers and pens, and a bookcase. The only thing she would be able to use as a weapon would the pens.
Brianna heard clanging as someone on the other side turned a key in the lock. She backed up to the desk and quickly grasped one of the pens. It wasn’t much, but, she thought, it was better than nothing.
The door silently swung open. Thinking quick, Brianna charged the open door. She would kill the person and escape. And if she were unable to kill them, she hoped that they would kill her. The darkness from outside the window made it hard to see who was at the door.
She raised the pen and shouted as she ran. She was ten steps away; then five; then two; and then she was upon him. She drew the pen down onto her captive. She plunged it into his heart. She felt his warm blood ooze over her cold hand. She looked at the man. He was a guard.
He fell to the ground, dead. Brianna took advantage and ran through the open door. She was only a few feet from it when she saw someone else walking towards her. By the way he walked, Brianna knew that it were Zarha. She wasn’t sure if he saw her or not. The darkness made it hard to see.
She crouched down and started to walk in the opposite direction. She wanted to get away from him.
“Going somewhere?” he said. His voice was so cold that it sent a shiver down her spine. She remained quiet and kept moving. A moment later and she ran into an invisible barrier. She could see everything on the other side of it, but couldn’t go forward anymore. She pushed against it, but it wouldn’t move. She was blocked.
Zarha drew closer. His hand reached out and grasped her upper arm. “I thought not,” he said. He pulled her towards his room again. When she saw his face, she saw an evil grin shining on his face.
Brianna struggled against his hand, but couldn’t get away. His fingernails dug into her skin. She felt a drop of blood run down her arm. She screamed at him. He laughed and kept pulling her.
“Please!” she shouted, tears streaming down her cheeks.
“We shall see what you are like, if you were as evil as I,” he said. Brianna had no idea what he was talking about.
He pulled her through the door and it slam shut behind them.


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