The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 40

Together, Katie and Brianna left the room. As they walked, Katie felt Brianna’s hand touch her arm.
“I have to tell him,” Katie said. “I have to tell him how I feel.”
She and Brianna made their way for their room. When they entered, Richard and Ridley were standing near the window, talking. Richard turned when he heard the door open. He smiled at her then turned back to Ridley.
Katie sat down on the bed. Brianna walked over to Ridley and said something to him. Katie couldn’t hear her, but she knew that she would tell her later. Ridley nodded and left the room.
Brianna walked back over to Katie. She sat down next to her on the bed. “I asked him if I could talk to the Queen’s brother,” she said.
“Why?” Katie asked, smiling.
“Because I want to see if he can show me some of the countryside while you and Richard talk,” Brianna said quietly. She looked over at Richard; he didn’t appear to be listening.
“Thank you,” Katie said. “Thank you for respecting me about leaving for a little while.” Brianna nodded.
They sat in silence for a moment. Richard walked over to them.
“I’ll be right back, I’m going to go find something to eat. Are you two hungry?” he asked.
“No thank you,” Brianna said. “I’ll get something later.” Richard nodded and looked over at Katie.
“Sure,” Katie said. “Bring me whatever.” Richard nodded and left the room. Katie smiled.
Brianna stood and walked over to the window. She stared out it for a while. “Katie, I know he loves you,” she said.
“How do you know that?” Katie asked, standing.
“Because of the way he acts around you; the way he looks at you; just the way he treats you. He would go to hell and back just to keep you safe and happy,” Brianna said. Katie smiled.
A year ago, Katie would have thought he acted this way because they were old friends. She always thought that he acted as her older brother, protecting her from everything. Now, she knew that he did this because he really cared for her.
Katie placed her hand over the ring at her neck. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was suppose to do with it, but she knew that it had something to do with the sword. Zoey had said that they had to come into contact. Katie wondered what she was suppose to do to actually bring them together.
Katie came and stood next to Brianna. Brianna leaned her head down on Katie’s shoulder. A sigh came from her. Katie was glad to have her as a friend. She wondered what she would have done had she not have been friends with her. She knew that whatever happened, Brianna would never hurt her. That prophecy would never come true.
“What do you think you are need to do with the ring?” Brianna asked her. She lifted her head and looked into her eyes. Katie noted that her eyes were a bit red. Maybe a ride out in the countryside would be great for her.
“I’m not sure,” Katie whispered. “I think it has to come in contact with the sword Richard has, but I don’t know how.”
Brianna nodded. They stood in silence for a while. Katie watched a humming bird fly by the window. It had vibrant shades on its wings. She smiled as it stopped to drink from a flower level with the window.
The door opened behind them. Katie and Brianna turned to see Ridley and Robert. Robert wore light brown pants and the same colored shirt. Katie thought he looked like he was ready to do some traveling. Robert held a smile on his face.
“Brianna, you wanted to see me?” he asked her. Katie turned to see Brianna smiling the widest smile she had ever seen.
“Yes,” Brianna said. “I was wondering if you would be able to show me the countryside, like you offered to.”
“It would be my pleasure,” Robert said. “Would Katie be joining us?”
“No,” Katie said. “I plan on talking to Richard about a few things. Brianna wanted to see the neat things in this area, but I will be too busy to do so.”
“I see,” Robert said, bowing his head. He had a look of disappointment that looked to be forced. “That’s too bad.”
“I’m sorry,” Katie said.
“Do not worry,” Robert said. “When you have things to do, you must do them. I understand.”
“Just make sure you watch after Brianna,” Katie said, smiling. Brianna shot a scold over her shoulder as she grabbed her sword and pulled it over her head. She walked to the door.
“I will protect her with my life,” Robert pledged. He followed Brianna out the door. Ridley smiled and winced at Robert. Katie saw Brianna give Robert a radiant smile.
When the door shut, silence met Katie again. Ridley remained in the room, watching her. Katie turned back to the window. She felt Ridley walked up next to her. She turned to look at him. He was watching things outside the window.
“Ridley,” Katie said. “You look so sad.”
“Yes,” he said. “That is because I am sad.” He turned to face her.
“What is it? Is there anything I can do to help?” She asked sincerely.
“No, this is something I must do,” he said. “Just, looking at you and Richard, and Brianna and Robert, it makes me wish...” his voice trailed off.
“Do you have someone you care for?” Katie asked.
“Yes,” Ridley said. He stood silent. Katie decided that it would be best if he said things where he wanted to. She wasn’t going to push him into tell her.
“Her name is Travina,” Ridley said at last. “She was put under a spell by Zarha. She won’t wake.”
“Did you ask Zoey if she could do anything?” Katie asked, placing her hand on his arm in comfort.
“Yes, but she says there is no way for her to do anything, even now that she has her powers back,” Ridley replied. His voice was full of emotion.
“Is there any way to wake her?” Katie asked, feeling bad for him.
“Yes,” Ridley said. Katie looked up. “There is a magical relic that will pull her from her sleep.”
“What is the relic?” Katie asked, reaching for the ring at her neck.
“It is from the island of the fairies,” Ridley said.
“Why haven’t you gone there to get it?” Katie asked, lowering her hand.
“Because fairies are stubborn and selfish. I have no hopes of retrieving the relic,” Ridley said sadly.
“Can’t you explain to them?” Katie asked. She found it interesting to hear about fairies when, only a little while ago, she wouldn’t have believed him.
“No,” Ridley said. “As I have said, they are selfish. They would only let me into their domain if I had a very just reason. Otherwise, I would be a trespasser.” He sighed heavily. Katie wondered what all burdens he carried.
“Is there anything I can do to help?” Katie asked.
“No, I don’t think there is,” Ridley said. Katie turned when she heard the door open. Richard walked through and shut it behind him. He carried a half eaten sandwich in one hand and a whole on in the other. “But thank you.”
Richard looked up and smiled. He walked over to them and handed Katie the uneaten sandwich. Katie took it with a smile. She bite into it hungrily. Richard smiled as he crammed the rest of his into his mouth.
“I’ll see you two later,” Ridley said, making for the door.
“Bye,” Richard said through a full mouth. Katie scolded at him. When the door shut behind Ridley, the room rang with the silence. Katie sat down on the bed and finished eating. As soon as she ate the last bite, Richard came over to her.
“Would you like to see a nice view?” he asked her. “I saw it when I was searching for the kitchen.”
“Yes,” Katie nodded happily. She walk with him to the door. He held it open and she walked through. He turned to the left and walked down the hall. “How far?” she asked him.
“Not far,” he answered over his shoulder. Katie followed, looking around as she went.
Paintings lined the walls to both sides. People from the palace walked past her. A few bowed, others ignored her. She smiled at those that smiled at her. None said anything to her. A woman in a blood red dress walked past her. Katie turned to watch her go. The woman turned and glared at her.
“Katie!” Richard said from right in front of her. She collided with him and nearly fell over. He placed a hand on the small of her back to steady her.
“Sorry,” she whispered looking back again. The woman was gone.
“Don’t worry,” he said. “We are here,” he gestured to a door. He opened it and led her into it. They entered a balcony.
Katie gasped. She could see the entire city from that one place. She could even seen into the forest from which they had come from. She could see people walking around below her. The sun, which was currently hiding behind a cloud, was near the middle of the sky.
“Wow,” Katie said. “This is amazing.” She felt Richard right behind her.
“Yes,” he said. “You are.”
Katie turned to look at him. She wasn’t sure if she had heard him right. She looked into his eyes and saw something that she had never realized before. A smile touched his lips as he came forward.
His arms wrapped around her waist. He pulled her closely against him. Katie felt her heart beating hard against her rib cage. She put her hands behind his neck and pulled him closer.
For a moment, they just starred into each others eyes. Katie felt herself smiling so wide. Her breathing came out in rapid pants as she leaned closer. She closed her eyes as she came in contact with his lips.
And then her mind went blank as she held him close in a tight embrace.


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