The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 37

“Richard,” Katie whispered. He smiled at her. She came to his side and came into the arms that he held out. She embraced him. He slowly rose to his feet and held her close to him. Katie was amazing that he was able to stand, after what happened to him. His magic must have been very powerful to heal him so perfectly. Zoey had been right, he just needed to get some sleep, that was all.
Katie felt another tear run off her face. She didn’t bother to hold them back anymore, but let them run freely. She was so happy that Richard was fine.
Katie listened to his heartbeat for a few minutes. It was a wonderful thing to hear. Richard held her close. Katie pushed him back, looking at him carefully. His eyes watched her.
“Are you alright?” she asked him.
“Fine,” he said, smiling.
“I....” she tried to say, but couldn’t get the words out.
“Good to see that you are feeling better, Richard,” Ridley said, trying to fill in the awkward silence.
“Thank you,” Richard said. He stepped away from Katie and stretched out his limbs. Katie watched him with an anxious look of concern. She didn’t want him moving around too much until he was well again.
Richard looked at her. By the look in his eyes, she knew what he was thinking. He was thinking that she was okay as well, and that was all that mattered. Katie was thinking the same thing about him.
“Where are we?” he asked her, looking around the room.
“In the Palace of the Lady,” Ridley answered for her. His eyes gleamed with pride.
Richard nodded. He walked about the room, taking in every detail. He also checked that the window was secure. Katie wondered why he did so.
“Can I talk to the Queen?” he asked Ridley.
“In the morning,” Ridley said. Richard nodded again. Katie knew she didn’t have to explain anything to him about Zoey. He had heard everything that was said.
“Richard, you should be resting,” Katie said. She felt herself shaking.
“I think you are the one in need of rest,” Richard said to her. She felt her face go red. Was she a mess? He gestured to the bed he had just vacated. Katie nodded and carefully pulled her weapons off. She placed them on the dresser again. She slowly walked to the bed and sat down. Richard watched her as she lay down.
Katie closed her eyes and tried to even out her breathing. She sighed in relief and relaxed her muscles. A few minutes later, she was starting to doze off. Richard’s voice rang through her head.
“What has happened since I have been asleep?” he asked Ridley.
“We met with the Queen,” Ridley said simply.
“What did she say?”
“Nothing much. She wants to see you and Katie in the morning,” Ridley said. Katie kept her eyes closed as she listened.
“Anything else happen?” Richard asked. His voice sounded tired. Katie ached for him to lay next to her.
“Katie has had her magic released,” Ridley said.
“What do you mean ‘released’?” Richard asked.
“She is able to use it at her own will. She knows how to use it. At least, she knows how to use her healing powers,” Ridley said.
“Did she heal me?” he asked. He must have been confused when his body went through the healing process.
“I don’t think so,” Ridley said back. “I think the healer here did that for you. Her name is Zoey.”
“I heard her while I was resting. Will I meet her tomorrow as well?” Richard asked. Ridley did not answer, so Katie guessed that he nodded.
They were silent. Katie partially opened her eyes so she could look to see what they were doing. Richard was standing near her with his back to her. Ridley stood next to the window.
“I should go,” Ridley said. “I’ll see you in the morning.” Katie had to shut her eyes because Richard turned to look at her. She heard Ridley’s footsteps. A few moments later and they stopped. Katie didn’t dare open her eyes again.
“You should tell her how you feel about her,” Ridley said. Katie lay, listening carefully.
“Am I that obvious?” Richard asked with a hint of a chuckle.
“Richard,” Ridley said. “She feels the same. You don’t have to worry about her not loving you.”
“Thank you, Ridley,” Richard said. Katie sat still. She heard the door open and close, but didn’t really register it.
The only thing that ran through her mind was that Richard loved her. He truly cared for her in the same way she cared for him. She had no fear of him not wanting her. She made a metal promise that she would tell him in the morning, no matter what. She didn’t want him knowing she had been listening.
Richard sighed and walked over to the bed she laid on. Holding her breath, Katie listened carefully. He stopped right in front of her. She felt his warm breath on her cheek. She felt his lips touch her cheek for a moment.
“Good night, Katie,” he whispered. She heard him lying down below her, on the ground.
Katie opened her eyes. She wondered if she told him he could sleep on the bed with her if he would actually do it. She let her hand fall off the side of the bed. It touched Richard’s chest. She felt his hand close around hers.
Smiling to herself, Katie let herself fall into sleep.


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