The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 36
A Threat

Katie sat down on the floor next to Richard’s bed. She ponder on her thoughts once again.
If Richard woke in the night, would he actually remember anything that was said? Was Zoey telling the truth when she told her that he would be able to recall everything that was said in his presence?
This scared Katie because Ridley had asked her if she was going to tell him. Katie wondered if Richard would be able to figure out what he had meant. Katie wanted to tell him when she was ready. She was ready now, only she feared that he wouldn’t love her back. That fear was the only think that kept her from telling him all these years. But she had to do it before it was too late. Before he got hurt again.
She also thought about everything that Zoey had told her. Was the ring that hung around her neck an actual weapon? Would Zarha hunt her down to take it back? Well, she already knew the answer to that one because he has already had her hunted down.
A sudden thought came to her. Zarha had ordered her whole village to be burnt to the ground to get to her. What would stop him from doing so here? Would he attack the city just to find her? Was the Queen and everyone else in danger because of her?
Katie jumped to her feet. She grabbed her cloak off the end of the bed that Brianna slept on. She grabbed her weapons off the dresser and strapped them on. She figured that she had one choice. She could cause a threat to the palace and the Queen, or she could get away and lead the hunting soldiers away. She grasped the doorknob and twisted it.
Looking back, she watched Brianna’s form rise and fall for a minute. Thinking that she was making the best decision, Katie took a step into the hall. She looked at Richard for a few minutes, wishing that things didn’t have to be this way.
With one final look, she pulled the door closed, blocking Richard and Brianna from view. She took a step backwards. It was dark in the hall. She realized that she had wasted too much time sitting there thinking. She had to get out of here before the hunting soldiers came for her.
“Going somewhere?” came a voice that caused Katie to jump. Looking around, she saw Ridley standing in the shadows.
“I...” Katie tried to say.
“I understand. You think you will bring trouble to the palace and therefor bring danger to the Queen,” he said. He took a step closer. “And so you think that if you left, you would be able to lead whoever is after you away?”
“Well.... Yes,” she said, surprised that he understood.
“Zoey told me you would think that,” Ridley said. “I am here to keep you from leaving.”
“And how do you think you can do such a thing?” Katie asked, taking a step away from him and down the hall, her hand resting on the hilt of her sword.
“Because I know something that will change your mind,” he said. This made Katie stopped to listen.
“And what would that be?” she asked.
“That you love Richard,” he said. Katie remained silent as she watched him. “If you decide to leave, I will tell him when he wakes. How would you like me to tell him what you truly think of him?”
She stood still, breathing hard. She knew that he would tell Richard. He had no reason not to. Maybe she could do something to make sure that he doesn’t tell him.
“You would rather tell him and break his heart?” Katie asked him, taking another step away.
“Ah, but you see? I wouldn’t be the one hurting him. I would be doing him a favor. He would take off after you. And from what I heard Zoey saying to the Queen a little while ago, he is as important to Zarha as you are,” he said. Katie stopped again. She saw him smirk.
“Eavesdropping?” Katie mocked.
“No, just listening carefully,” he remarked.
“I see. And you think that this will stop me from leaving?” Katie asked.
“Yes, as a matter of fact I do,” Ridley said.
“You don’t know me at all,” Katie said. She turned and started off down the hall.
“They will kill him,” Ridley said loud enough for her to hear. Katie froze. “When he gets captured, and believe me, he will, they will kill him.”
“Why would they kill him?” Katie asked in anger, turned to face him. He had not moved from where he stood.
“Because he is the diamond of the moon,” he said.
“What?” Katie snapped.
“You know, the diamond of the moon, from the Book of tradition.”
Katie thought back to the book. It was hard to think about it because it has been so long since she had read it last. She scanned her memory of the book, searching for the words “diamond” and “moon”. After a moment, it came up.
“‘When the diamond of the moon comes to obtain the sword of the sun,’” she read aloud from memory, “‘it is to be connected with the weapon of the moon. The tyrant will do anything to kill the diamond of the moon before he can do this.’”
“‘If this fails to happen, which it is destine to, he will fall. The Gods will destroy him,’” Ridley finished for her. “That means that he will be killed if he doesn’t get the sword connected to the weapon of the moon. And Astroth will rule the world for years to come.”
“Richard’s sword is the other weapon of the Gods?” Katie asked. Ridley nodded. “How do you know this?”
“A bit of guess work, but if I am correct, then Richard needs you,” Ridley said.
“What is the weapon of the moon?” she asked him. He pointed at her neck. Katie looked down. He was pointing at the ring.
“That’s not possible,” Katie whispered, lifting the ring from her neck. “Zoey never said it was a weapon of the moon.”
“She is a God of the sun. Zarha is a God of the moon,” Ridley said. Katie looked up at him. He no longer had a smile on his face.
“This isn’t your way of trying to keep me here, is it?” she asked him. She felt a tear roll off her cheek. She couldn’t understand why she felt this way.
“No,” Ridley said. He held a hand out to her. Slowly, she took it and allowed him to lead her back into her room.
The room was much darker than it had been a few minutes ago. She glanced at Brianna. She was still sleeping. Ridley released her hand and crossed the room. He led her over to Richard’s bed. Katie looked at him and gasped.
He was awake.


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