The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 34
The Return of the Ring

How is Richard doing?” Brianna asked.
“Better,” Katie said. She walked to his bed and sat on the edge of it. She placed a hand on his cheek. “I think he will wake in a few hours.”
“How is it possible?” Ridley asked, standing next to Brianna.
“Zoey gave him a potion, as she gave me, that awoken his powers and allowed him to relax so he could heal himself. Zoey said that the greatest power for healing resides in yourself. She promised that Richard would be able to heal himself. That he would be okay,” Katie said.
“And you believe her?” Brianna asked. Katie nodded.
Katie sat next to Richard with her hand placed lightly on his cheek. Brianna knew that if she were able to, Katie would never move her hand away. Even though she tried hard to hide it, Brianna knew that she loved him. She also knew that Richard loved her back. If only they would tell each other.
After a few minutes of silence, Katie looked up at Ridley. “Tell me about this place,” she whispered. Her hand slide down Richard’s neck and onto his chest.
“What would you like to know?” he asked her.
“You work here?”
“Tell me what you do,” she said. Brianna looked at Ridley, wondering the same thing.
“I work as a Knight of the Seal,” Ridley said.
“I already know that. You do something else as well,” Katie said, her eyes on fire. Ridley watched her for a few moments before answering.
“I do something special for the Queen,” he replied.
“And what is that?” Katie asked.
“I... I am an artifact searcher,” he said. “I look for things that would be useful against tyrants.”
“Why were you at Hellio?”
Brianna had wondered that the entire time that they had been riding to the palace. She was afraid to ask, lest he get angry. Katie obviously wasn’t worried about him getting mad.
“I was...” Ridley said, stumbling for the right words. “I was sent there to search for something that Lord Zarha had there with him.”
“What is it that he had that was so important? And how did you know that he had such a thing?” Katie asked. Brianna remained silent as she carefully listened.
“I don’t know,” Ridley said. “It is something that holds immense power that will mark the rise of a god. I knew he had such a thing because of--”
“A prophecy,” Katie finished for him. “I have heard of it.”
“Where did you hear about the prophecy? Only the Queen and a few trusted people know of it,” he said.
“Lord Zarha knew of it. He read it to me,” she said. “He took something from me. Do you know anything about the artifact?”
“No,” he said.
“Then how were you hoping to find it?” Katie asked.
“Wait, you said Lord Zarha took something from you?” Ridley asked.
“Yes,” she said.
“What did he take from you?” Ridley asked.
“A ring,” Katie answered.
“A ring,” Ridley whispered to himself.
“Do you know if the artifact had diamonds on it?” Katie asked.
“Yes,” he said, his voice growing with excitement. “You have seen it?”
“Yes. It used to be my ring, but Zarha stole it from me,” Katie said. She looked down at Richard again. Brianna saw a tear fall from her face.
“Then you were given the ring?” he asked her. Katie nodded. “By who?” His voice shrill.
“Richard,” Katie whispered.
Ridley stood starring at her. Brianna didn’t understand what was happening. She could tell, though, by the look on his face, that something serious was going on. She opened her mouth to question him, but he started off again.
“You are sure this is the right artifact?” he asked her. His hand went into his pocket, rummaging around.
“That is what Lord Zarha said,” Katie answered. Brianna turned from her to Ridley. He had a huge grin on his face.
“I can’t believe it,” he whispered. He held his hand out to Katie. He took one of her hands and opened it. He opened his hand and dropped something into her hand. It was a small draw pouch. Katie pulled it open and dumped something out of it into her hand.
Katie gasped.
“Where did you find it?” she asked, holding up the ring and a chain that Richard gave her. He smiled again.
“I found it on the ground when we were fighting against Zarha. He must have dropped it. I found it when he was fighting with you. I grabbed it, thinking it was yours, but I forgot about it until now. I would never have known that it is a weapon from the gods,” Ridley said.
“Weapon from the gods?” Brianna asked with her eyebrows raised. Ridley nodded, not elaborating any further.
“Do you know what it does?” Katie asked.
“No,” Ridley said sadly. “But Zoey might know.”
“Why would the healer know?” Brianna asked.
“She isn’t only a healer,” Ridley remarked. “She is also one of the most educated woman in the entire palace. She is the adviser to the Queen, herself.”
Brianna starred at him.
Richard grunted in his sleep, bringing all eyes to him. Katie leaned over and placed a hand on his face again, but he did not wake. Brianna came closer, looking at him. His face was pale, but he appeared to be whole again. There wasn’t blood all over, as it had been after the run-in with the satyr.
Brianna found it amazing that they had been able to take on the satyr all together. Ridley and Katie had been injured before they fought it together. They had, somehow, pulled through. Brianna knew that Katie had done it because of Richard.
A sudden thought came to her.
“Katie, where are the cuts you had on your arm, shoulder, and thigh?” she asked her.
“When I drank that potion Zoey gave me, it opened up my magic too. It was like unlocking a closed door. The magic ran through me and healed every little bump and bruise,” Katie replied. She looked so clean.
“When Zoey comes back, in a few minutes, she will take you to a shower and give you clean clothes,” Katie said, reading her mind. Brianna nodded.
They sat in silence. Brianna watched as Katie pulled the necklace over her head and carefully placed the ring at her neck. She smiled at Ridley again. Brianna knew that Katie was very fond of the necklace.
The door opened and Zoey walked in. Three soldiers stood behind her with their backs turned towards them. They were probably standing guard over Zoey while she is in the room.
“Hello. I am Zoey,” Zoey said, smiling and holding her hand out to Brianna. Brianna shook it and smiled.
“Brianna,” Brianna answered. They smiled at each other for a moment before Brianna went on. “Katie said there is a place to shower?”
“Yes,” Zoey said, smiling warmly. She released Brianna’s hand and turned towards the open door. “Timson, would you take Brianna and Ridley to the shower rooms and give them extra clothes to change into?”
A man turned and nodded, gesturing for Brianna and Ridley to follow him. Brianna took one look at Katie. Katie nodded and smiled, quietly saying that it was okay. Brianna walked through the open door. Ridley followed right behind her with a slight frown on his face. Brianna thought that he probably already knew where the shower room was.
“This way,” Timson said, pointing with a hand down the hall to the right. Brianna took one last look at Katie, who was still sitting next to Richard, and turned and followed the man down the hall.


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