The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 32

Katie felt like the world was crashing down on her. Zoey must have sensed the panic, for she quickly continued.
“He can heal himself, though,” Zoey reassured, smiling over her shoulder.
“How can he heal himself,” Katie asked.
“Because he is a magic man,” Zoey said back.
“He does not have magic,” Katie said. She would have known. A thought came to her. She had had magic and she had never known.
“He does not know it,” Zoey said. “When he is in my quarters, a potion can flow with his magic, making it repair all that is irregular.”
“I don’t understand,” Katie shouted over shouts.
“You have magic too, but a different kind. You have the power to destroy. He has the power to heal. If I give him holy water from our palace, he will be able to help himself,” Zoey said. Katie was jogging to keep up with her. Katie could feel her own wounds again.
“It isn’t too late for magic?” Katie asked as they reached the men and Richard. The men lifted Richard up and started to walk past the crowd. People were shouting something, but Katie couldn’t understand what they were saying.
“It is never too late for his magic,” Zoey said. “He is ‘The Healer’ from the prophecies.”
“What are you talking--” Katie shouted. She and Zoey followed closely behind the men carrying Richard.
“He is a god sent to live as a mortal,” Zoey said, throwing her hands up. Katie walked in silence. It didn’t make any sense.
Katie found herself confused. She silently followed the soldiers along a hallway, not watching where they were going. She starred at her feet, not even bothering to look at anything in the palace.
Zoey placed a hand on her shoulder. Katie looked up to see the men carrying Richard through a door. Katie followed Zoey into the room. It was a small room with a bed in the center and a dresser and table against the far wall. With the men inside, Katie felt cramped.
The men carefully placed Richard on the bed. They nodded to Katie as they walked, single file, out the door. Katie walked to the bed and stood next to Richard. Zoey walked over to the dresser and pulled a few bottled out of a drawer.
She walked over to the bed with two bottles in her hand. They were clear bottles filled with, what appeared to Katie, water. Zoey stood on the opposite side of the bed to Katie. She wore a look of concentration on her face.
“What is inside the bottles?” Katie asked.
“Holy water,” Zoey murmured.
“Is it the same thing Amerilia gave Ridley and me?” Katie asked.
“No,” Zoey whispered.
“What is this holy water suppose to do?”
“It has a few different properties,” Zoey said. She pulled off the topper and set it down on the bed. “For one, it restores magic inside someone. When you use a lot of magic, you need to ‘refuel’ it.
“Another reason for the holy water would be to awake the magic inside you. When one has magic that is hidden deep inside, as such with him and you, one needs to bring it to the surface.” She lifted the other bottle and tossed it at Katie.
Katie gasped. She caught the bottle and grasped it tightly in her hands. She didn’t want to drop it. Her wounds seared with pain again.
“Well, your magic is particularly hidden. You have used it before. But you need to drink the holy water anyways. It will be easier for you to use your magic if you drink it,” Zoey said. Katie starred at the bottle of clear liquid.
“Drink it all,” Zoey encouraged.
Katie looked down at the bottle. It looked to be filled with water. She grasped the topper and pulled it free. A slight wonderful smell filled the air around her. She smiled. It smelt like roses, her favorite smell.
“Drink,” Zoey said, as if from a distance. Katie did as she was commanded. She upturned the bottle and drank the liquid in one swallow. It tasted like the ripe berries she and Richard used to pick when they were younger.
“Wow!” Katie exclaimed.
“Amazing?” Zoey said. Katie nodded. For a moment she felt nothing. Zoey was watching her with an expectant look on her face.
Katie gasped. She felt something rolling down her face and over her body. It felt as if someone dumped hot water over her head. It ran down her face and all over her body, warming her like nothing before. She closed her eyes as she caressed the feeling. It was wonderful.
A minute later, when the feeling vanished, she opened her eyes. She felt the same as before, as if the potion did nothing but soothe her. Zoey was still watching her. She smiled when Katie looked at her with a confused look.
“I don’t understand,” Katie whispered.
“You felt the rise, no?” Zoey asked.
“Yes. The rise. You felt as if I dumped water over your head?” she asked. Katie nodded. “Then you felt the rise.”
“But I don’t feel any different now,” Katie said.
“The holy water soothed your mind. You powers will work when they are called,” Zoey said. Katie opened her mouth to say something, but Richard gave a gasp. Zoey leaned over to him and placed the bottle to his lips. She dumped it all into Richard’s mouth.
Katie watched, fearing to breathe. She knelt down next to Richard and watched him closely. His eyes twitched, but he did not wake. Katie silently watched.
Minutes past. Katie could hear her own heart beating in her ears. Zoey stood impassive, watching Richard with interested eyes. Katie made herself remain silent, not wanting to bother the woman.
Another minute past and Katie could not hold her tongue anymore.
“Did anything happen?” Katie asked.
“Yes,” Zoey whispered.
“But--” Katie began.
“Look.” She looked.
Richard was glowing.
“What...?” Katie’s voice trailed off.
His body glowed a brilliant shade of gold. Katie shielded his eyes. The light shone through her hands and into her eyes. She squeezed her eyes shut, but the light still shone through it. She stepped back, wanting to get away from the blinding light.
The light faded and Katie opened her eyes. Richard was still laying down, but his breathing was even. He didn’t appear to be any different, but Katie knew that inside somewhere, he had powers. Just like she.
“What happened?” Katie asked Zoey as she stepped back up next to Richard. Zoey did not appear to have moved.
“He healed himself,” Zoey said. Katie looked at Richard for a moment.
“How?” she asked.
“Wizards and sorceresses have that power. The power to heal oneself when they are inquired,” Zoey said. She pointed at Katie’s arm. Katie looked.
At the place where she had been hurt, her arm was glowing a pearly white color. Katie watched it for a moment, amazed. She had healed herself. She felt her shoulder tingle, and saw that it too was glowing a soft pearly color. Her thigh no longer hurt, and she gingerly placed her hand over the wound. It was no longer there.
“You see? It’s not that hard to heal,” Zoey said, smiling.
“So even if I were about to die, I would heal myself?” Katie asked as the pearl glow faded.
“There are limitations,” Zoey said.
“Like, as you said, if you are near death, sometimes wounds are too severe for you to heal. Some things are beyond the help of magic,” Zoey said.
“But Richard?” Katie asked.
“His magic will heal almost any wound, no matter how grave,” Zoey answered.
“How do I heal other people?” she asked.
“Before I teach you anything, you must know the rules of a magician,” Zoey said.
“Rules?” Katie found herself shaking. She shook with relief and anxiety.
“Yes. There are rules in which all people who posses magic must follow. There are three rules. Listen carefully as I explain each rule.
“Rule number one: when using magic, you must know when you are near to empty in power. If you are near to empty, you need to refuel. To refuel, either drink this potion, or get a lot of sleep. Easy enough?”
Katie nodded.
“Rule number two: When you use your powers, you use your strength as well. As you can see, Richard did not wake. That is because he is restoring his strength. When he wakes, he will be tired and hungry. You will have to do that every time you use magic until your body is used to it.
“Rule number three: When using magic, there are all sorts of complex problems that can occur. Before you use magic, you must know everything that will happen after you have used the magic. You must be able to predict everything that can happen from the use of that magic.” Zoey finished.
She leaned over with a wet rag and lightly dabbed Richard’s brow. Katie starred at her as she slowly took everything in. She was confused, and yet, it all made sense.
“So when can I learn how to control my powers?” she asked Zoey.
“Right now,” she said back.


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