The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 31

Katie looked up at the palace that loomed closer. It was amazing. She had never seen something so magnificent. There were people everywhere. They looked at the newcomers and waved at Amerilia. A few whispered to others while pointing openly at Richard.
A little boy ran up close and smiled brightly. He nudged the boy standing next to him and whispered something to his friend. Katie caught the words “diamond” and “hero”.
She smiled. A moment later, the smile vanished. She looked down at Richard. He was still being dragged behind two horses. He was still unconscious.
“He will get help now,” Amerilia said.
“Why didn’t you heal him back there?” Katie inquired. She feared, the entire ride through, that Richard’s heart would stop.
“Because only Zoey can heal him,” Amerilia answered. Katie looked at her with a questioning glare. She opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted.
“My lady,” a man on a horse in front of them said. “Where would you like us to take him? To the hospital ward?”
“No. Take him to Zoey’s quarters,” Amerilia said. “And hurry!” The man nodded. The horses stopped moving and the men jumped down. Soldiers came running from all over. They pushed back the crowd and made room for Richard. Amerilia jumped down and past her reins to a nearby soldier. Katie did the same.
Richard was still breathing, but only just. His eyelids hung loosely. Katie leaned over and touched her hand to his skin He was burning hot with a fever. She turned to Amerilia.
“Who is Zoey?” Katie asked.
“She is the personal healer of the Queen, herself,” Amerilia said. “I will introduce you to her, than I must leave. I have important business to get to.” Katie nodded.
They started walking after the men, but a voice brought them to a stop.
“Amerilia!” It was a female voice, equally beautifully sounding as Amerilia.
“Zoey,” Amerilia said with relief. Katie turned to look upon the approaching woman. When thinking that Amerilia was the most beautiful woman Katie had ever seen, this woman, Zoey, made Amerilia look plain. Her flowing deep brown curly hair cascaded around her shoulders as she purposely walked towards them. She blazing sapphire eyes gleamed in the dim light of the sun through the open doors.
She wore a simple black dress that swirled around her ankles as she walked. She had full red lips and her eyes were set. She came to a stop right in front of them. Her eyes quickly took in Katie, then turned back to Amerilia.
“I hear you brought someone here who was gravely injured,” Zoey said.
“Yes, I did,” Amerilia answered. “I had him taken to your quarters.”
“Amerilia,” Zoey whispered angrily. “You know very well that I can’t heal anyone.” Alarm rose in Katie. She rounded on Amerilia.
“I thought you said that she could heal him!” Katie shouted.
“And she will,” Amerilia said without looking at her. “She has her potions.”
“Does he have magic, Amerilia?” Zoey asked her.
“Yes, he does,” Amerilia said. Katie looked at her with confused eyes.
“No, he doesn’t have magic. I would have known,” Katie said.
“Just because you don’t know that he has magic doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have it,” Amerilia said.
“Are you coming?” Zoey asked Amerilia. Katie looked over at her and saw that she was already making her way down the hall.
“I must leave,” Amerilia said to Katie. “I have things to attend to right now. I hope I see you in the future and I hope the man gets better.”
“Thank you,” Katie said, lightly touching her hand as she walked past. She took two steps and caught up with Zoey and turned and looked back. Amerilia was gone.
She turned and quickly followed Zoey down the hall.
“Will Richard be okay?” Katie asked her.
“Yes, he will be fine,” Zoey said.
“But you can’t heal him?”


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