The Divine Sword
Author: Katiesue

Chapter 23
On the ground again

Richard pulled Brianna off the griffin. They had finally landed in the middle of the forest. Airlia had followed Katie’s order of taking them into the forest. Richard was ready to run back to the prison to find Katie.
“Brianna, you wait here,” he said. He lightly touched the sword at his waist to make sure it was secure.
“Richard, wait!” Brianna shouted. He looked at her.
“I have to help her,” he said. Brianna placed her hand on his shoulder.
“I will go with you,” she said. Richard looked into her eyes and saw that he didn’t have any other choice. He nodded.
“Let’s go,” he said. Brianna nodded and took the hand he offered her. He knew she didn’t want to get separated in here.
Together they ran through the forest, hoping against hope that they weren’t going to be too late.
Only a few minutes of running, Richard heard something ahead. Someone was walking through the forest.
“Probably a soldier searching for Katie,” he said to Brianna in a low whisper.
“Or us,” she whispered back. They carefully came closer to the footsteps. Richard motioned for Brianna to stay quiet.
As soon as he did so, he stepped on a pile of leaves.
The footsteps stopped for a moment, then took off in a dead run away from where Richard and Brianna stood. Brianna gave him a confused look and he shrugged. He took her hand and pulled her into a run after the running footsteps.
They dashed through bushes and trees. Whoever was wondering through the forest was probably a threat. If Katie somehow made it out into the forest, Richard wanted to limit her threats as much as possible.
They followed the footsteps for a while. Whoever was running was going pretty quick. With Brianna in tow, Richard was much slower than the runner. The footsteps faded away.
“Damn it!” Richard shouted. He came to a stop. Brianna stopped, huffing behind him.
“Who... do you... think it... was?” she puffed.
“I don’t know,” Richard said. He was only a little winded from the run. “Let’s walk this way,” he said, gesturing in the direction that the footsteps had gone.
And then they heard a scream.


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