Author: Sega Parks

Chapter 52
"We won!"

   "Good job, Davey." Dave said to his son. "You made me proud tonight."
"Thanks, dad." Davey said. "Hey, Savannah."
"Hi," said Savannah. "Congratulations on winning the game."
"Thanks," he said. "But I'm tired."
Savannah looked at Davey. He did look tired. Sweat was dripping all over his face and he looked a little bit bruised from the game.
"Do you want to go out for pizza with us?" Dave asked Davey.
"No, thanks." he said. "I'm going to a party. Are you going, Savannah?"
"Someone asked me that, but I said no because I want to get some sleep tonight."
"That sounds like a good idea." Marjorie said, pulling her daughter into a hug. "I'm glad you had a good time."
Savannah grinned. "Me too."
 The car ride home was blissful. Savannah thought about all those people wanting to meet her and being nice to her. She finally felt wanted and accepted. She had made new friends, talked to a guy who she liked, and hung out with people.
Everyone seemed so nice. She thought. Except that weird guy with the braces.
Savannah remembered that guy who called himself "And E. Fresh". He creeped her out a little bit and seemed like a jerk. He was talking to her as if he was from the hood and she felt like he was making fun of her. Like he was insulting her race. That's one person she can put on the list for people to avoid.
  "I can't believe we won!" she cheered.
"'We'?" Dave asked, amused. "So now you consider yourself apart of Paramount."
"You heard her." Marjorie said, turning around to look at Savannah. "She's now a kite."
Savannah couldn't believe it herself. She had judged Paramount so many times, not knowing the people in it. She didn't realize that it had so many great things to offer. Paramount was her new home.

                                                    The End


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